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Arrietti | Hind | Herd Memember by nightxfel
Arrietti | Hind | Herd Memember

Basic Information

Name: Arrietti

Nicknames: Badger, Shy

Gender: Filly

Age: New Born! 

Year of Birth: 763 of the New Age

Height: 10.3-11 hh 

Build: Light

Phenotype: Silver Dunskin Partially Restricted Fawn [Flaxen Carrier]

Genotype: Ee/Aa/nCr/nD/nZ/Ff/fwfw/nrz
Eye Colour: Brown

Design Sheet:…

Sire: Rhinestone…

Dam: Felina…

Bloodline: 100% Silverthorne ( 100% Rhifel )

Magic Type: Fire! - Born Adept! 

Skill Points

Skill Points

Speed: 5 [No Level]
Stamina: 3 [No Level]
Strength: 1 [No Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)

Magic: 31 [No Level]
Herbs: 14 [No Level]

Experience: 0


+5 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+1 strength - base bonus
+31 magic - hereditary bonus
+14 herbs - hereditary bonus

Herd Information

Herd: Silverthorne

Herd Position: Herd Member

Mate(s): BACK YOU PEDOS. AWAY WITH YOU. seriously, Mommy and Daddy will beat you into Windbourne. 

Current Location: Silverwood of Silverthorne, Rhinestone's den. 


Personality: Arrietti is a simple, sweet filly. Shy, kind, eager to please and polite, though a bit on the cautious and nervous side. She's not used to busy places, or many fawnlings around all at once- this often leads to her being very fearful in large groups. More will develop as she ages <3 

Appearance: 2 feathers in her tail, compliments of big brother Pharaoh <3

History: Born to a loving momma, daddy and grumpy brother Herne- he's still pretty pissed he has to share his beloved food source.. But lots of snuggles were to be had.

-Pharaoh - Older Half Blood Brother on Mother's Side -… -Eleanor - Older Half Sister on Mother's Side -…
- Herne - Older full brother -…
- Raiden - Half Brother on Father's Side -…
- Lane - Half sister on her father's side- purpleshadowbooster.deviantart…
-Adalia - Half sister on her father's side -…
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- Jorelle - half brother on her father's side -…
- Ild - Half sister on her father's side -…
- Arcani - half brother on father's side-…
- Felix - half brother on her father's side -…
- Tiris - Half sister on her father's side -…

Rps: Open! 

Thank you to Hayley so much for this lovely art collab <3

colors (c) HayleyWolf

I'm not sure how many of you have ever played American McGee's Alice games
but if you have
you ought to know they are working on being able to produce the third installment. 

we need to petition
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So my friends
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Go, sign, and look up the series if you haven't. I love it beyond words.
Year 762 of the New Age, Autumn
Featuring Rhinestone and Felina
Silverwood, Silverthorne


The red stag moved quietly down the trail, ears pitched forwards with alertness, nostrils flared, and brown eyes flicking about. He was on a patrol of his little patch of territory in the Silverwood. Ever since Felina's home had been burned down last fall the red stag had become extremely protective over the family... His family. He expected foul play, he wasn't taking any chances. Especially now that they had a new addition to the family, a lovely young colt. Rhine was certain that the youngster was his, but Felina was unsure.. Apparently she had spent time some with Ruibh as well. Rhine hadn't been pleased to say the least, but at the time it hadn't been his business.. But, it certainly was now.

Rhine let out a low breath through his nostrils, turning his head and glancing about. There was nothing going on and nothing out of place, everything was as it should be. Nothing had changed. Everything was alright. The stag let out a soft sigh of relief now. He still didn't know why someone would burn Felina's thicket down... It had him on edge. He was never going to let anyone hurt his family again. Especially not himself. Fel's beautiful face flashed across his mind once more and he closed his eyes, a soft smile playing upon his lips. His life, at the moment, could hardly get any better.

The red stag’s head turned, ears swiveling outwards. Now that he’d finished his little patrol he could get back to his family. Kindle, a childhood friend of the both of them, had agreed to come and watch the babies just for a little while- long enough for Rhine and Felina to take a little stroll and relieve poor Felina of her duties. It wouldn’t be long and they’d be back at it soon enough, but it’d be a nice little break for now.


Oh the way the things had continued to change. Felina had had a third fawn, a beautiful colt. He might have been muddy in color- but he was so kind. Herne they had decided to call him. Already a large boy, Fel had high hopes for him and his endless appetite. However.. Fel didn’t mind the chance for a little break from the fawns to spend proper time with the blood bay stag who had begun to set her heart aflutter more and more.. Blinking sheepishly as she hauled herself to her hooves away from the nest that had once belonged to Rhinestone- well still did. It warmed the tips of the perolino’s ears to think of sleeping alongside him. The way he laughed and played with her youngsters as though they were his own, and spoke so fondly of his own fawns- Fel couldn’t imagine a better father or friend. Shaking off her coat, noticing the way her curls were fussily messy, the doe began to try and groom them into a somewhat presentable tangle. Why did she care about how her mane looked? It was Rhinestone- she had practically had to beat him off with a stick when she had gone into labor with the muddy dappled colt.

Taking a deep breath before taking a few strides out of the safety of Rhine’s well established home, breathing in all the warm scents that came with summer. Lingering scents of her fawns filtered into her nose, but the approaching scent of the stag who seemed to run across her thoughts relentlessly. Lifting her head, ears perking as she tucked her nose respectfully, a smile playing across her muzzle as she wandered towards the scent happily. Kindle had agreed to take the 2 youngsters, while Raoh had shrugged and agreed to tag along to help the poor soldier doe- particularly with the dramatics of the speckled filly, Eleanor. Each day she seemed to grow like a weed, longer legs, her mane had begun to curl into an unruly mohawk, and her voice was no longer the squeak of a yearling. While she had grown, so had her eldest brother. The halfblood had filled out, his chest and neck beginning to grow the beginnings of the curls of an adult stag, while a bumpy knob on his forehead had begun to appear in promise that for his 5th year he would bear a horn. It was so odd to believe her son had grown so fast. Now with Herne to tag along with the older fawns, Felina found herself chasing 3 different directions at any given time. Ellie’s independent streak often lead to Rhinestone having to go hunt her down, while Raoh’s growing age meant he was beginning to seek a safe haven for himself, and while Herne was just a wee thing- he was rather disaster prone if his milk ventured too far away. Throwing fits until he could have his meal, the perolino was grateful for the chance to relax and be an adult, even if just for a short time.

Smiling brightly, hoping that they could spend a quiet day being themselves, the tired mother found herself smiling hopefully, eyes, blue eyes, scanning the trees ahead in hopes of the red stag’s appearance.


The red stag approached their little den now, long tail swishing, red rubies attached to it glinting and glistening in Grian's light. Rhine had filled out more since last year- he had lost his scrawniness and insead gained back the muscle that he had lost before he had become ill and stressed beyond belief. He could finally relax now and his health was reflecting it greatly, improving every day that passed them by.

He was the picture of a healthy stag, tall and strong...despite the burn scars that littered his red pelt. He had gotten fire thrown at him several times for those scars... until he explain they had been made by boiling water, wielded by a cave rat. He'd won the fight but he hadn't gotten away unscathed... The wounds had become infected, causing an illness to rage throughout his body. If it wasn't for Felina it would have claimed his life. But, it didn't, and he recovered despite the burns. That wasn't the first time the creamy doe had saved his life... She had done it before in so many ways... She was doing it now
The tall stag slowed, the smile upon his scarred muzzle widening as he spotted his pale love up ahead. It wasn't often that he saw her without a fawn clinging tightly to her side... He looked forwards to the next while with her, time to be alone without the children. The last day they had truly been alone was the day Felina's thicket burned, nearly claiming the lives of her children as it did so. But, the children were safe with Kindle now. They had no worries

"Good morning, love!" The red stag called, speeding up again, too impatient to greet her to maintain his graceful trot. It wasn't until he was directly before her that he stopped, wrapping his thick neck around her slender withers in a tight hug. He drunk in her flowery scent and her comforting warmth... He couldn't believe she was his.


She had seen him coming- watched as his eyes light up, feeling a smile rush across her muzzle as the healthy, vibrant stag raced towards her eagerly. The next thing the doe knew a thick, strong neck had wrapped around her. Closing her eyes, ears swivelling, before burying her nose into the ruff of fur around his neck, wrapping her own neck close to his, ears flattening submissively against her head as Fel nestled close, breathing in his warm scent. How good it felt to have someone to hold.. What would the doe have ever done if she’d never known him? Blinking sheepishly, Felina withdrew from the embrace, pausing to gently brush her nose against his, blowing a breath of greeting before tucking her nose neatly towards her chest. “Hello.” Her voice was soft and sweet, looking him over. Giving a little laugh as she snaked her head up to tug on his mane playfully, dancing a few steps away, tail flagged out behind her, swishing. Mischief glinted faintly in bright blue eyes as the doe bounced back to him, playfully shaking out her mane, forgetting about all the fuss of how she looked once he had arrived. “What shall we do today?” Fel chimed in softly, perking her ears forward eagerly, wondering what they might do next.

With the little ones gone, the perolino had promised herself to dismiss her worries, anxieties and fears to spend a day just being- her, who she was. Focusing on herself, not the proper doe she had spent so long building. Instead Felina wanted to live with the freedom she had learned in Blackwood- the carefree, strong female who had given more than one Blackwood a piece of her mind, but more importantly- one who had learned more than she ever thought she would. Smiling, standing tall and proud as the wind ruffled her mane, seeming to have slipped out of the doe she fought so hard to be. Bumping her forehead up against his affectionately, “Yup. Still the same hard head as always.” Teasing lightly, looking around her with vitality and joy, ever graceful even when away from the prying eyes of those of Silverthorne. Even her own fawns knew little of this doe- the one who played hard and was proud, mischief and energy abundant. Aside from the games they played, her little ones thought their mother was as close to proper as any doe would ever become. Rhinestone was the one who brought out the best in her, and encouraged her so much to be who she was- as difficult as that was.


“Hmmm, I dunno.” the stag stated in a pondering way, head tilting to the side slightly. “We can’t really go too far.. I’m sure Kindle will be back with the kids this evening.” he cocked one hind leg in a relaxed manner, eyes half-lidding slightly. He was a bit groggy and just very, very at peace and relaxed… Everything was just so perfect. Life couldn’t be any better.. He was surrounded by family and friends.. He had the love of his life standing right here beside him and she was going nowhere.. He was going nowhere… He let out a soft sigh of contentment, rubbing his face against her soft, sweet-smelling mane. He couldn’t be more happy…

However, there was one little thing he’d yet to do.. It’d been something that had been niggling at the back of his mind for a long time, but he hadn’t had the guts to do it yet… But, perhaps, today was the day… The two weren’t official yet. They both knew that they loved each other, but they were not officially bond as mates.. They hadn’t completely pledged themselves to one another.. But, Rhine knew that she was the only one for him. He felt no attraction towards other does any more and thus, he wasn’t participating in rut.. If he was to have a fawn this rut Felina would be the mother and no other.

The stag let out a little chuckle as the beautiful doe bumped her horned head against his racked one with affection, stating that he still had the same hard head. “I’m surprised it hasn’t gone soft yet, as much as I’ve hit it.” He swallowed back the small lump in his throat that had formed as he prepared himself for the words he was going to force himself to say. “So, Felina…” he trailed off, suddenly losing every word that he wanted to say. Instead his brown eyes just gazed into her blue ones blankly.


Nuzzling at the sides of his throat near his jaw, nipping and gently grooming against it. “I’m sure it wasn’t how hard your head is that was affected, maybe what’s inside?” She teased gently, tail swishing as she worked on studiously grooming the scruffy stag. Though his coat had improved along with his weight- Fel made sure he got groomed properly. “Hm?” The doe asked, completely focused as she nibbled along his neck and mane, before pulling away, blue eyes bright with affection and mischief. “You never say my full name- what are you up to?” She frowned at him, taking a few steps away, ears flicking back uncertainly.

“Rhinestone. What did you do?” Suddenly firm, the doe stamped a delicate forehoof, sending sparks in the air as the feisty female watched her friend, lover, confusing named den sharer. Surely kindle wasn’t going to spring some surprise on them? Or what if he had other does? Or what if he was leaving? Fear surged through the female.


The doe nuzzled at his jawline, sending a pleasant ripple down his spine. Her touch was intoxicating even in the spring and summer....but now it was autumn. It was rut. Her scent alone was enough to drive him insane. He fought the urge to move closer to her, instead letting her come to him. He need not let his hormones and even more, his emotions, get the better of him... He needed to see what needed to be said... He forced the cloud of rut away from his mind, focusing upon Felina.

He let out a little chuckle at the doe's words. "Hey now, don't be mean." He teased back before straightening up again, focusing upon her... She could see worry and fear in her eyes. She immediately asked what he had done. He let out a soft laugh. "I didn't do anything yet, darling." With those words he slid down, onto his knees, looking up at her. He was so tall that he wasn't far from her face, even in this position. "I have found that there is no other doe for me.. I have no need to take anyone else... I do not want to... You are the only one for me, Felina.. Will you be my mate? My one and only?" It felt so much like de javu... Around this time, all those years ago, he had been in this same position... He hoped her answer would be the same.


Felina stared at the stag, blinking at him in confusion. Was he.. well yes he was asking what she thought he was asking. Feelings raced through her. Hope, love, warmth, fear, nerves. He wanted only her? So many years ago.. things had unravelled much the same.. Staring at him with baby blue eyes, watching the large stag bowing to her. “I-I.. Don’t know what to say. O-of course!” the doe stammered, looking at him with round eyes. The perolino didn’t know what to do or what to say as she gazed at the blood bay stag. “please don’t bow to me, Rhi..” she murmured softly, tugging his mane gently. “You are not lower than me.” So many thoughts raced through her mind. Somehow, they always seemed to return to one another. No matter how hard it was- they always came back. Gently touching her muzzle to his, closing her eyes in the finality of the decision.

A piece of her rejoiced as the stag stood in knowing the solidness of their union- of how they were to be one another’s. It was as it had once been- minus the fawns of course. Things were complicated no matter how one looked at them, but gratitude surged through her as she whispered her thanks to the gods.


The tall red stag felt his ears grow red and he dipped his head, tucking against his chest in a sheepish way as he looked up at her, smiling cheekily. For a moment he became nervous as the beautiful doe stated that she didn’t know what to say. She… didn’t know what to say? She needed to say something! Anything! Even if she just turned him down, telling him that she wasn’t ready for a commitment when he had failed her in the past or told him she’d never want him again.. He just.. needed her to say.. SOMETHING. But, then she put all of his worries and his fears to rest as she said ‘of course’, as if she never would’ve said no.. as if she had no doubts… He felt her gentle tugging as his creamy mane and the smile upon his face grew even wider at that. He lifted himself to his feet, looming above the dainty perlino again. She was his… His now and forever… No stag would ever come near her, he wouldn’t tolerate it… He was hers.. There would be no more does for him.. no more fawnmaking with anyone, but her.. they could have two more children… Two more beautiful children. The red stag had already provided the herd of Silverthorne with many strong sons and daughters.. There would be no more, but with Felina. “I promise I will never leave you again… I will always be with you.” he stepped forwards to embrace the doe, wrapping about her, and revelling in the embrace she returned.

“I’ll always be here.”
At long last
Year 762 of the New Age, Fall
Featuring Rhinestone… and Felina…
Silverwood, Silverthorne

WC: -coming soon!- 
Year 760 of the New Age, Winter
Featuring Ekkran
Between the Gajun River and the Moonpool

The word had reached the stag’s ears that winter was tormenting those above the grounds. Good.. The silence that the icy blasts of wind drove through the wooded areas of the herds brought a pale glimmer of joy to the roan. It was his favorite season. Things were so peaceful it seemed. His paints reflected on the icy droplets that shimmied down the cave’s ceilings and walls. Each fungi had been carefully stored and placed just so about his den. Looking up at the paint smeared walls of his home. Come Spring.. It would be time for him to act. To take the fawns of the Oathbreakers. For now, he would rest, and grow stronger. That was all he could do. Lying in his nest of mosses, smudged with fading paints, the small Oakfern gazed about at his paintings.. One always caught his eye. The vibrant golden hues reflected in his own brown eyes, brightly glowing, blue smudges where eyes ought to have been, the graceful figuring moving, and the memory of an echo of laughter reached his own ears. Oh Lyn- how she would have become! Ekkran missed the beautiful soul and the years stolen from her so desperately.
Each smear of fungi had been carefully retraced with each moon, and each time of darkness when it came time to remember those who had been lost- Ekkran always took the greatest care to set afloat the most beautiful flowers tinged in the glowing blue fungi she had once smeared so gently on his face on that fateful night. Closing his eyes as he breathed in the familiar smells of his den, soothing the ache in his heart. He was safe here, her memory lived in his heart, always guiding him. Carefully tucking his hooves beneath him, the lightly built stag began to move towards the painting. His long mane had been neatly braided, and the thin and full ruff of fur that he’d grown with maturity did little to remind him of the times that had passed. Gently the stag pressed his cheek to the wall for a lingering moment- before the roan pulled away, turning towards the narrow, well hidden entrance to his residence.
Slipping between the ice cold walls, Ekkran reached out with his magic, feeling and knowing every bit of this river that flowed so close to his den it seemed one day he would surely be flooded out. Yet every time the river rose, it always just lingered around his hooves, before disappearing back into the inky black path it flowed down. Stepping forward, he pressed his hooves onto the slick surface, letting the energy of the world of shadows and rushing water flow into his own veins, a shiver curling down his spine as he felt it. Gealach needed him. The roan would train tirelessly, he would work for this mission. Already his abilities grew with each day. He could feel it. Rolling his shoulders, his favorite ability was brought to attention by the thought of the whirling ice shards overhead. Ah yes. Snow, frost, ice! Imagining the sheer thrill of it all, of the raw power winter held, of it’s white pureness that seemed to reflect so many beautiful nights of the full moon, the full power of Gealach as rain and snow and hail pelted down on the giants above the ground- Winter was the Oakfern’s best moment, their advantage and yet.. so few took it.. Weakling! So what if their hooves got a little cold or wet? They were Oakferns- the children of the beloved Mother, the Father- their god had saved their ancestors from the wolves of Blackwood with their ravenous love of slaughter! No.. Ekkran would take every step to solve these issues. Their cowardly cousins.. those who frolicked freely.. they knew nothing of the true power that dwelled under the ground!
Stomping his hooves, the mere thought of Lyn lying in the puddle of blood next to him in one of their own tunnels, the thought of so many of their families being slaughtered had sent icy rage freezing into his veins! Like an explosion beneath his hooves, where they met the rock, out exploded ice, cascading and crystallizing across the top of the rushing water for about a stride away and by that point it was so thin it broke off with the river’s current. Ears flattened against his neck as he tossed his head, rearing up and lashing out, in the same breath the hum of energy sending the thin wall of water that rolled down the edges of the caves in trickles into bits of ice. How could they not be angry when their fawns and siblings grew crazier with each generation? The rage was not just rage anymore- it was turning to madness! Did no one see this? Did no one understand how they too, were growing weaker! Their eyes could no longer handle the direct light above, their hides burned if in the sun it shone too bright! It fueled him to think of how oblivious and dumb hatred had made them all.. His anger, his resentment and need for vengeance had fueled him to become more ! Not just for him- for Lyn!
It sent another stab into his gut as the stag bellowed in anger and frustration, lashing out with his forehooves at the beautiful, slippery surface that crumbled with the strike of the sharp pronged points. “No more!” For once, the voice that came from the small roan’s chest boomed like his father’s once did, commanding authority! As the anger took form in a physical outlashing, clawing away at the stone and ice in the water and around the entrance to his home, it soon left Ekkran panting, staring blankly forward, his chest heaving. Sweat had begun to dot his sides as he heaved. “Oh Lyn..” Came the hoarse whisper, “Oh my friend.. How I wish you were here.. They stole you.. Gods.. they stole your future.. our future!” The pain practically dripped. “I won’t let them escape their punishment, their justice! You would have been so beautiful.. All the things we could have seen and done.. I miss you so much.. “ Closing brown eyes tightly, looking away in shame, tail dragging in the mess of cracked ice and pooling water, the stag sighed softly, doggedly going on. “Gealach, oh Gealach, beloved savior of our people.. Please.. Give me the strength I need to avenge our herd.. We grow weak in the mind, and smaller of body.. It’s only a matter of time until we cannot exact our revenge. Give me the strength and ability to help our brethren.. “ As though a mist was clearing, as Ekkran spoke the words- it came to him. What he could accomplish.. All of the things in his future that could become his.. Even one such as himself could accomplish these things! With Gealach’s blessing, with Lyn’s memory and laughter lighting his path.. nothing would stop him.
Icy Intentions
Year 760 of the New Age, Winter
Featuring Ekkran…
Between the Gajun River and the Moonpool, Oakfern

Someone's enjoying their winter

WC: 1000+
Year 760 of the New Age, Fall
Featuring Cesare and Aarushi
Glenwood, Glenmore


The doe had been ambling along her paths, having left her offering the previous night for the gods beneath the roots of a great old pine tree, the softly colored smoky healer’s ears swivelled. For once without smears of dirt and mire on her, her mane hanging in lazy waves and curls, with the small and vibrant foxglove flowers interwoven into it, brushing against her scarred forelegs. Fog rolled in through the morning, and clung about the tree trunks in wisps. She had spent the night beneath the tree, not wishing to accidentally follow the wrong trail with her lack of vision, but also because she was in no rush to return to the glades closer to the ruckus of rut. Royals hemming and hawing, stags fighting over the most foolish of things. The healer needed space from it all, or else she thought she might partake in rut just to get the rage out of her system. Constant orders and assumptions nagged at her.

She belonged to no one, and happily guarded this freedom. The daughter of a royal guard and a commoner whose pale coat attracted even royals, Aarushi had been the first born daughter to the doe. But then her mother had born offspring to royal stags, and elevated her siblings’ statuses above her own. It was as the gods willed it, and she would make no fuss about any such things. Moving along, sleepily yawning, the plump, muscular doe looked  sight to be reckoned with and in no rush to be hurrying back home.

Though there was plenty to be done as always, along the path she stepped every few paces to pick a bit of each plant that she saw and knew the use of, or had need of, making mental notes about where each was located along the trail and the size and estimated age of each plant, as well as it’s health.


Morning had come before the pale stag had wanted, it meant getting up and finding breakfast, it also meant putting up with Squeak's jabbering in his ears. Yawning he stood and stretched his stiff limbs, he needed to get moving if he intended to avoid the rut as was planned, the contest of strength and hormones was not something he enjoyed being near. Nor the scornful or pitying looks from doe and stag alike because of his feminine coat, oh how he despised those looks, yet they were directed at him all the same.

Half stumbling along the narrow path, he snorted and flicked his ears at the incessant, chirping of the tiny bird atop his antlers. A sharp peck to his ear was the result of his attempt to hush the little pest, as if it were not his right to leave quietly, without being bothered by others. Did the pest care what he wanted, of course not, it seemed to be Squeak's goal to make his presence known to all.

A bit further and he would be clear of most fawnlings, or so he thought, as the scent of a doe caught his nose. Why would she be so far from others? What if a raider happened upon her? Unlikely though this would be taking their nearness to the herd into account. Going against his better judgement he followed the scent towards its owner.


Ears flicking back towards the direction she had just come from, she could have sworn that she heard hoofsteps. Who in the right mind would be out here this time of year? Didn’t they have better things to be out doing? Tail swishing, her muscled body coming to a silent stop, as she turned to gather a few more herbs. More than a few does would have taken flight at the wound of someone behind them, but Aarushi preferred a fight to running any day of the week. Healer or not, the doe had been raised to defend herself. Running just gave some stags a sick thrill anyways.

Turning to face whomever might be following her, icy blue eyes piercing as a stag appeared on the path. Though pale, with a rather intricate rack, his coat’s color was similar to her own. Biting back any need to retort, the healer watched him for a moment. It didn’t appear like he would be a Blackwood, nor like he was stalking her. “Can I help you?” She asked, agitatedly lashing her tail. Why was he out here and not participating in rut? Her own scent gave her away to her utter dismay, though the stag didn’t look to be too interested in that.

The leather pouch around the heavily crested neck was filled to the brim with fresh herbs. Around the pair were all shades of leaves from the trees above, but the worn dirt of the trail peaked through. Though the doe was remarkably clean considering the business that came with the season, her long mane brushed against the wide set, strong shoulders she had inherited from her father. Blue eyes piercing through the stag, figuring out his intent and prepared to defend herself from any unwanted advances if need be.

Carefully positioned, the path wasn’t too narrow, but it was surrounded on either side by thorn thickets and brambles that tore at one’s pelt. Perhaps the stag before her was of some noble or royal birth. Royals held a powerful role in the female she was today- but maybe not such a good role to claim.


Cesare almost turned and went back the way he came, the doe was as pale as he was, and certainly was not pleased to see him. Whether this was because of the rut or his coat he wasn't sure, but if his presence was unwanted he would leave her be soon as she said to. Could she help him? Not unless she could somehow change his coat or blind every royal within sight range of him. "Not really." He glanced to the side, trying not to appear as annoyed as he felt, why had he bothered to check. "Just wanted to make sure you weren't in any danger."

He shrugged and decided it would be a good idea to go before anyone else appeared, "You don't appear to need any help, so I'll be on my way. If that's fine with you of course?" He really didn't care what she thought, but no point being completely disrespectful if she was royal of some sort, he wouldn't hear the end of it whenever he next came to visit his dam. He waited to see what her response was before he finished making his hasty retreat from rut, the scent of does clouded even his highly logical mind when near them too long.


Aarushi snorted, ears pinned. “So you come to check on a damsel in distress, then flee? What are you actually doing?” the doe demanded, looking skeptical. What kind of stag was this? Running from a doe? Snorting and beginning to gather more of a herb, the doe’s tail lashed. Why had he interrupted her if he was just going to flee like a coward? Was he scared of does? The unusualness of this incidence left the healer skeptical and if anything more, made her curious. A curious Sunny was never a good thing, as often the silvery female would dig and push until she got what answers she wanted. “Who put thorns in your tail hairs?” the doe snapped, finding his annoyance to be downright irritating. Pegging him as a royal of some sort, she watched him. Icy blue eyes scanning over him once more. He didn’t seem injured. What was the issue with this one?

Ignoring her own scent and rut, the doe knew too well that something was amiss. She wasn’t one to leave stones unturned.


She seemed annoyed by his presence, but also seemed to be curious as to why he wanted to leave already, was his behavior really so odd? It was the rut after all, what sensible pale-coated stag wasn’t hiding from the gazes of does and stags?
“Well excuse me for having a streak of stupidity, and actually thinking that just maybe, a doe such as yourself may be in trouble.” He stomped a hoof. “As for what I am doing. That is my business, and mine alone.”
Cesare stared at the doe, Thorns in his tail? since when did Royals talk like that, much less take an interest in those they considered beneath themselves. “I have to ask you something, and please don’t take this the wrong way. But are you even a Royal?” Cesare stood with his ears flicking forward and back, half expecting a long winded rant in return, about how he should know those above his place in the herd.

A royal? Her? The doe barked out a laugh, snorting to herself. “Why in the gods’ names would I want to be any such thing- nor do I happen to be such an unblessed creature as they.” The healer replied with a flicked ear, half a grin on her maw. The pale coated thing amused her with such a question, with having the audacity and stupidity to ask her such questions with such an air of attitude. It was ceaselessly contradicting and irritatingly amusing. As Aarushi continued to gather the herbs, her tail swaying as icy eyes scanned their surroundings. “Excuse the rudeness- but I don’t particularly care what anyone’s heritage is as long as they aren’t babbling out their arse.” The silvery female glanced at him lazily.


Cesare straightened at the doe's outburst, she'd found his question amusing rather than offensive, more to the point she wasn't a Royal and didn't seem to care about it either.
"Not... A Royal..." He repeated to himself. He felt the tension leave his body as her words sank in, "Not a royal." He repeated once more. A smile spread across his face at her next words, "Hah, to make such a fool of myself in front of a proper Lady." she was indeed a commoner, but she was a commoner with similar sentiments to his. Most of the commoners he'd met had wanted to be Royals, the ones that didn't care were few and far between. He dipped his head to her "It should please you to know that I am no such unblessed creature." His normally hidden pleasant nature beginning to show through the rigid and unforgiving front he always wore.
"Might I ask your name?" He smiled in earnest at the doe, a pleasant warmth had filled his frozen eyes.


“Aye that’s what I said- not a royal. And lucky you, most know me by Sunny..” the healer looked up surprised that he might ask. Refusing to give up that carefully guarded piece of information of her true name just yet, the doe remembered most stag’s and doe’s names alike. “Yours?” she asked bluntly, returning to gathering her herbs casually, tail swishing. The grumpy doe was vaguely intrigued by this stag’s demeanor. Perhaps he would prove to be interesting, not just some fool chasing his tail or a doe’s. Rut was such a miserable time- but at least he seemed pleasant as long as one wasn’t a royal. Unlike her siblings, Sunny had the blessing of a commoner status and the freedom to come and go as she pleased, and often did. Not to mention the ability to intermingle with the guards- the only status that seemed to carry any expectation from her, and even they didn’t carry much weight with her. Though she did know a few good stags in the guard.


He couldn't tell if she was relieved that he wasn't a royal or not, he flicked his ears as she spoke, so her name was Sunny. Cesare couldn't remember ever hearing of a doe with that name, perhaps it was a nickname? He was good with names but his knowledge of the herd was somewhat limited, mostly as to the names of the royals he had "issues" with. "Cesare." He said dipping his head slightly. He didn't really care who knew his name, so long as they didn't make a point of pestering him, which is generally what happened when he came nearer the herd.

Past telling her his name he really wasn't sure what to say, speaking to his family was one thing, talking to those he doesn't know or trust was another. It was one the many downfalls of being a solitary individual, in a crowd of gossips, braggarts and storytellers, he had nothing to talk about with any of them. He settled on asking her about herself, "So... Do you come out here often, Miss Sunny?" He smiled. It was an excellent start to more friendly conversation, at least he thought so anyway, he eased off of one of his legs and scraped at the dirt nervously.


The stag began to scrape at the dirt, perhaps he was uncomfortable. But that wasn’t any of her business. The plump and heavy healer flicked her ears as she nipped up a few stems of foxglove with the little pretty belled flowers to be set into a neat pile on the ground. Later she would work on storing them properly. “I travel the kingdom, but I stop at many places along the way and visit most places repeatedly.” She murmured, unused to being titled, “Miss”. The grumpy blue eyed doe snorted softly, “Do you come here often?” He seemed a decent sort, this Cesare. Not someone worth chasing off- even though it was rut. Tail flicking as she glanced at her pile of herbs, “Do you have need of foxglove?” Idiot, the stag probably didn’t even know what foxglove was. Sighing, “In small doses it helps the tired.” Sunny continued, before nosing the herbs, asking them into bloom softly, “See, the bell shaped flowers? That’s how you know what it is. If you eat too much it can lead to colic however.”


He watched her silently as she made a small pile of plants, content simply to listen as she spoke, "I imagine you must enjoy the time alone?" He liked wandering around Glenmore himself, with only the sounds of animals to greet his ears. "Ah. No." He shook his head. "I tend to stick more to the outskirts of Glenmore. Only passing this way to see my mother, she worries if I don't visit every so often." It was more or less true he came whenever Yuki wanted to see him, but also to see his uncle and what few friends he did have. "Foxglove..." Cesare blinked. "Ah, yes. I remember it as being very sweet. Mother always hated whenever I found some." He snickered. He also remembered the silly Royal that had eaten too much of it. "I'll happily take some. It doesn't grow as well near my den, takes hours to find it at times."


"Of course I do. Being alone is a choice. And ah you travel a lot it sounds like. Any particular purpose?" Aarushi murmured, nudging more of it his way. The heavy set healer looked at him, ears swiveling. Each place had its benefits around glenmore for her. There were various plants growing everywhere. The lake was a particularly wonderful place for her. She loved the water and all of its ongoing but of course as a healer responsibility bound her to certain areas longer than others. Swishing her tail, the doe sized up the pale stag.

It was different that a stag stayed away from the herd. Perhaps there was some reason though Sunny was hardly the doe to dig for such things. It was none of her business as far as she was concerned- which she wasn't very. Snorting to herself as the doe caught sight of some small ripe strawberries, before ambling over and beginning to lip at the small, sweet berries, completely at ease. Hell- Aarushi was being nice, she earned the extra little snack.


“Royals… haven’t made my life easy, my sire unknown and my dam’s family having never bred with commoners. It doesn’t make for an easy time.” Royals really did irk him, but, he should really be focusing on friendlier conversation. He shook his head and continued on, “I haven’t exactly made it easy for the Royals around my age either.” He chuckled, carefully picking up the plants and tying them in a loop of his mane, he tugged the knots firmly to ensure he wouldn’t lose the gift. Catching Sunny watching him with a curious expression, made him flush a little under his pale coat, he sincerely hoped it wasn’t visible to her. Cesare eyed the strawberries but stayed where he was, they stained his coat horribly, and he didn’t want to get too close to her afterall. “I-um, guess I should be going. It was nice talking to you, Miss Sunny.” He dipped his head again and turned to leave.
Bonding over royal disdain
Year 760 of the New Age, Fall
Featuring Cesare… and Aarushi…
Glenwood, Glenmore

Aarushi: 1514
Cesare: 1339

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