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Year 763 of the New Age, Spring
Featuring Rhinestone, Keahi and Arrietti
Silverwood, Silverthorne


The filly was racing down the trail, her little legs flying to carry her as fast as they could. Small for her age, and beginning to show flecks of grey and silver around her eyes and knees, flecking here and there on a rich red coat, Keahi was similar in looks to her father and mother both it would have seemed. Today her daddy had told her he had a surprise for her- she would get to meet her little sister! One of many. There were many brothers and sisters to be met- but this one was special. Her Momma lived away from the rest of the herd. Though Keahi’s mommy didn’t exactly stay close to the herd normally either.. Oh well! Her tail flagged out as she rushed along the well worn path, not pausing to play in the pretty flowers or explore for feathers or any other trinkets that could have been carefully braided into her mane or even better her sister’s!

Slowing to a bouncing prance, the fawn paused to look around. She was sure the meeting place was around here somewhere! The tell tale fallen burnt log on the ground in the clearing, surrounded by the growing grasses was the first sign of the place. Heading into the clearing, the fawn’s ears perked as she gazed this way and then that. “Daddy?” Called Keahi, tail flagged out as she wondered. Why was Daddy showing her this sibling? Was this one of the ones born most recently? The youngsters would have been born about now. So she would be young right? Was she beautiful like her big sister Ingrid? Or a beautiful palomino filly with a golden coat? Maybe the sister could control the flames already! Surely she would be special!

Suddenly, a rather large butterfly landed on the log and the hunt was on. Butt wiggling in the air, sliding rather ungracefully through the soft lush spring grass, the fawn carefully stalked her newest victim.. closer.. closer.. Whoosh! Shooting off after the butterfly, a cascade of giggles escaping her as she tore off after it- before running nearly head first into the log with a resounding “oof!”


The red stag made his way calmly through the Silver Vale, his long tail flagging out behind him. Today would be a good day, he felt. Today would be the day that Keahi met Arietti. Arietti was a bit special in the sense that she lived away from the herd. She was most likely not going to meet any of her siblings, unless Rhine arranged the meetings for her. The filly needed playmates and he could think of the perfect one, his two-year-old daughter. Keahi didn't stay around the herd too much, like Arietti. She was a fiery filly, full of sweetness and vitality. He was certain that the two girls would get along quite well.

He had Arietti in tow- headed to meet Keahi. Felina had been grateful to have a little bit of time to herself. Pharoah was five years old and practically on his own. Eleanor was three now and off having adventures with friends. Herne, however, was but a wee yearling, always whining and bleating for food.. But, a friend was watching him for a little while so poor Fel could get some time to herself. Arietti was being babysat by Daddy.

"We're going to meet your sister, Keahi." He said sweetly to the little filly. "I'm sure you love her." Arrietti was likely too young to understand anything that was coming out if his mouth, but he talked to her like she could anyways. Right about that time he spotted Keahi up ahead....just as she face-planted into a log. So graceful and majestic, just like her daddy.


Scrambling to right herself, bits of moss and rotted bark clinging to her forehead and the ends of her greyish tipped mane, the red filly stood upright, blinking over her shoulder with a sheepish grin at her father and her new sister! Shaking off the clinging bits of moss and bark, Keahi grinned up at her father while Arrietti blinked up at her father, taking a few shy steps to hide under his belly, ears perked forward though her tail tucked between her legs. The silver dunskin fawn poked her head between their father’s forelegs, bleating softly as her older sister bounded over. “Daddy!” She squealed, rearing up excitedly while Arrietti watched sheepishly, tilting her head and retreating to the safety under Daddy’s belly.

Keahi paused, peeking under her father’s chest to stare at her sister, bright brown eyes warm. Smiling as she took in the silver dunskin’s pretty white markings and delicate build. “She’s so pretty!” Keahi announced, while her sister took a few cautious steps closer, sniffing at her sister. The younger of the two sniffed at her sister before bumping her nose against her sister’s, smiling brightly, her own brown eyes lighting up. Both glanced up at their father for approval, before the darker of the two lowered her forelegs, bouncing in a similar way to a dog’s playbow, her tail flagged out. “Come play!” She giggled, bouncing this way and that, the silver beginning to show around her eyes and muzzle accenting the energy and vitality in the pretty face. Arrietti wobbled after her sister shyly, before twining her tail around her father’s and tugging him along, bleating and pausing, unsure.

“Daddy?” Questioned the older filly, bouncing into a high kneed trot excitedly. “Can we play?” She asked bashfully, pausing to try and understand- her sister was younger afterall! Maybe the younger fawn wasn’t allowed to play or couldn’t play like she and daddy normally did.


The red stag couldn't help the chuckles that slipped from his mouth as the filly righted herself, shaking some debris out of her silvery mane. Arietti quickly ducked beneath him shyly as Keahi approached. Rhine swished his tail towards her reassuringly before turning his attention back to the red filly. She was so vibrant and energetic- he didn't blame a shy filly like Arietti for being a bit intimidated. The filly squealed a greeting, hearing in excitement as she reached her father. "Hello, Keahi." He greeted his young daughter, snaking his neck out and nipping her silvery mane affectionately. He loved how almost all of his children shared his silver mane...and those who didn't have a creamy blonde one. It was quite peculiar, really.

Keahi ducked her head beneath his chest, gazing at Arietti curiously and then announcing that she found the little one pretty. "Yes she is, just like you." He wanted to make sure both daughters felt loved.. Some of his children struggled, having to constantly share their sire... He didn't want Keahi to feel the same. After some nose-bumping Arietti warmed up to Keahi immediately. They started to play, but halted to look at him, seeking out his approval. Arietti tugged on his legs with uncertainty and Keahi asked if they could play. "Of course we can play." He said with a soft chuckle. "We just have to be very careful with Arietti! She's brand new and not very strong yet. So no rough-housing! We must be gentle." With that he turned, gently pulling away from Arietti, and striding a few paces away, tail flagging out, an invitation for play.


That was all it took for the reddish filly to streak off like a little fireball, heels kicking up excitedly. Zigzagging one way, then another. Maybe they could play tag! Keahi was good at tag! Slowing to a snorting, prancy trot the silver bloody bay fawn danced alongside her father before head butting him and promptly fleeing, tail flagged out.

Then she remembered Arrietti was little. Frowning thoughtfully as she watched the wobbly silver dun try to keep up, the small hind slowed down to wait for her sister, calling encouragingly, “Common Arrietti! This way! Daddy’s it!” A smile brightened her dark face, chocolatey brown eyes dancing with excitement and love for her little sister already. An unknowing bleat answered, as the younger of the two fawns wobbled after her sister. She may not have understood the words, besides her name perhaps- but her big sister sounded so friendly and sweet! Nothing could be bad from that!

Keahi pranced away, sticking her tongue out over her shoulder at her father playfully while her sister did her best big girl trot that she could, trying to keep pace with the older hind. Occassionaly Arreitti would stumble, and Keahi would skid to a halt as though the world might end and fuss over the other fawn.

“You can’t catch us daddy!” Keahi boasted gleefully.


The red stag watched his precious daughters closely as they frolicked, letting out a soft chuckle. They really were his pride and joy. He watched as Keahi danced alongside him, a mischievous look filling her dark brown eyes. The red filly then lashed out playfully, giving him a firm headbutt upon the shoulder before whirling and bolting away, the air filled with her adorable giggling.

However, after a moment, she looked back at her wobbly little sister and began to slow down some, realizing that she wasn't going to be able to keep up. She loped along slowly now encouraging her sister. Rhine chuckled, whirling and pursuing them as well. "I'm gonna getcha!!" He exclaimed loudly as she he chased the girls down, but remained lingering a ways behind them as if he couldn't quite catch up. "But, you're too fast, darnit!!"


Peals of giggles escaped both youngsters, while Arrietti proudly stumbled after her big sister whose tail flagged out behind her proudly. Racing to keep her daddy at bay, while her newest sibling chased after her, Keahi was more than proud of herself for escaping the big look alike of her. The silvery filly galloped alongside her rather ungracefully, before turning and abruptly bleating a battle bleat. A change of games it would seem. “CHARRRRGGGGEEE!” Arrietti’s elder sister howled, wheeling and charging their daddy boldly while the youngster tottered after her, micmiking her tone in a brave bleat.

Majestically the deep red filly reared on her short, strong legs, kicking her forelegs before launching foreward. “Ticklemonsters unite!” Came the battle cry before nipping at her father’s ribs, digging her nose into his sides in an attempt to ungracefully tickle his much larger form. It might have worked- except the incredible size difference. Arrietti tried to do the same as her older sister, but with less grace. Ending up on her rump, the silver dunskin’s lip began to tremble as crocodile tears welled in big brown eyes.

Keahi paused midtickle and turned to stare at her sister in confusion. Oh no. What? What happened? A wince etched across her muzzle as the new fawn let out a trembling bleat.

“Daddddddd… WHAT DO WE DO?!” The older fawn panicked, staring at the wailing youngster intensely in confusion.


Suddenly Keahi let out a loud battlecry, whirling and charging him. Rhine's extremely dark, nearly black, eyes widened in surprise as the filly charged him. Well, she couldn't do too much harm to him. But... she was tall enough to make him nervous, if she accidentally sent a stray kick go the wrong area. Yes, that could end very, very badly. Fortunately though the filly seemed most interested in burying her nose into his sides. It was a strange feeling, not quite a tickle, but he played along with it anyways. "Noooooo! Anything but the ticklemonsters!!" He whined pitifully, pretending to try and escape Keahi's attacks.

Then, a sniffling noise drew the red stag's attention. Keahi stopped as well, looking over her shoulder in horror. Arietti sat on her rump, lower lip quivering and brown eyes quickly filling with tears that began to trickle down her face. Then she wailed. Rhine winced, quickly shuffling over to her. He wasn't really sure what had happened, but the little one was definitely upset. "We just need to reassure her that everything is OK." He licked the fawn on the top of her head in the most comforting way he could, hoping Keahi would join in the task of comforting her baby sister.


Keahi watched her father lick the fawn on the head.. That made sense. Momma did that to her when she got upset, right? But this wasn't her momma. And daddy wasn't momma. So how did one momma when they weren't a momma? Approaching with great caution, the red and silver flecked filly fell into line beside her father while the silver dunskin whimpered with soulful, deep pool like eyes up at their father. Another heart wrenching bleat as tears spilled down her pretty face. Not on Keahi’s watch! Giving the other fawn a biiiiiggggg lick, trying to do the same as her daddy, ears perked hopefully. Her sister turned in confusion and blinked, her lip trembling. Arreitti didn't know what had happened but she had fallen and it had startled her more than anything else. When her sister had looked at her it had confirmed the baby's fear that something bad had happened. And then the tears.

Now the silver dunskin sniffled, burrowing into her father’s chest while her sister kept dragging her tongue on her face. “Liek dis dab?” Keahi questioned, 100% serious though her tongue was still on her sister’s face.


The tall red stag continued to lick at the little filly’s forehead gently. Keahi approached now and followed suit, giving her sister gentle licks upon her sister’s face. Rhine smiled softly. He didn’t think Arietti was hurt- she would’ve likely been screaming her head off if she was- so he wasn’t very concerned. The fall had likely just scared the poor little thing, hence all the tears and whimpering. However, the silvery filly’s tremors and whimpers had begun to die down now. She buried her head in her sire’s chest, sniffling a bit. Keahi, however, continued to lick at the fawn’s face. Then, she asked if she was doing it right, completely serious, with her tongue still hanging out. Rhinestone couldn’t help the bark of laughter that slipped from his mouth. Keahi had so much personality- she amused him greatly. “Yes, like that.” he grinned at the fiery filly. “However, I think that’s enough. She seems to be feeling better now. She’s alright, it’s just scary to a baby when they fall.”


As the red filly took a half step back, Arrietti gave a tired little bleat, nestling against the fluffy cushion of her father’s chest. Well maybe not fluffy. But it was daddy and it was safe! Daddy wouldn’t let her fall. Nuzzling into the warmth and safety of her father’s chest and leg and shoulder, the shy youngster closed her eyes, tail curling around a foreleg. Keahi blinked at her sister’s sudden.. well.. maybe not so sudden. It was understandable she was scared of her little fall. And maybe a little pooped out. Afterall.. Tag was serious work.

The darker and older hind smiled understandingly, nodding to herself. Yes, she too fell often and hard. Some days there were scary falls and crashes- she couldn’t help it, her little legs were so very fast. Steering took practice and skilllll. Keahi had plenty of that. Just needed the practice. Or to watch where she was going. Arrietti could learn it one day too though!

“Yeah.. I fall a lot. It isn’t always scary though.” Keahi grinned goofily at her sister, ruffling the soft baby curls of her half sibling’s mane as Arrietti smiled sheepishly, offering a little half yawn bleat.


It seemed that the silvery filly was completely tired out. She buried her face in his chest and legs, bleating softly and closing her eyes. She was probably ready for some milk and a nap...or perhaps she would even sleep through the whole night. Her parents would certainly appreciate it if she did. The filly curled her tail around one of his forelegs and the red stag felt his heart melt with love and affection. She was so perfect, just like the rest of her siblings.

The red stag let out a little chuckle at his older daughter's words. "I used to fall a lot when I was younger, so you two must have inherited my clumsiness. So, if you're anything like me you'll grow out of it." He smiled softly, reaching out and giving his fiery daughter a gentle lick upon the forehead. "Well, I think that it's time for Arietti and I to head home and catch some z's. Would you like to join us, Keahi? I'm sure Fel will have some tea ready that we can share."


The flamboyant older fawn nodded, smiling brightly. “Yes!” The fawn bleated excitedly, watching as her younger sibling nodded sleepily against their father’s chest.Trotting ahead aways, waiting till the huge stag that was her father followed after with the sleepy fawn in tow, her tail linked with their father’s.
Too Much Tickling
Year 763 of the New Age, Spring
Featuring Rhinestone… , Keahi… and Arrietti…,
Silverwood, Silverthorne

It's tough to be a baby
and For Keahi
it's tough to not run head first into things
but licking fixes all 
she swears 


1. You have to post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them.
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
4. Choose 13 people.
5. You have to tag 13 people. (I'LL TRY OK)
6. You can't say you don't do tags. 
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry. 
9. You have to finish this within a week. If not, you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
10. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.

About me:
1. I'm currently attending college to get my degree in biologyyy
2. I own a saddlebred named Alvin, and he was at one time a western horse and we're turning him into a hunter now <3
3. I dig botany a lot. LIKE A LOTTT. Just started this year's garden's seeds so i can have a plentiful amount of VEGGIES AND HERBS AHAHAH
4. I'm pretty stubborn. Like really stubborn.. X'D
5. I'm really reaallllllyyy blunt X'D And sometimes this can be taken in the wrong way~ 
6. I frequently get migraines which make me very grumpy and often result in a grumbling cussing rant about noise and lights x'D
7. I love cooking
8. Sass and sarcasm all the sass and sarcasm
9. I'm a fan of "bully breed" dogs and would like to one day own a rescue pup c: 
10. Kiwi is a common nickname my friends have for me x'D 
11. The longest game of jenga i ever played was 2 hours and it was in a tournament at a different event with teams, right before hand i literally turned to my partner, shook their hand and told them it had been an honor before sending the tower falling X'D
12. I am very good at drinking games, the more i drink- the better i get x'D
13. I'm incredibly fond of arbor mist wines x'D 

Questions From Myself for those poorly tagged~

1. If you could be a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?
2. How does eating bison make you feel?
3. Soda or tea? Caffeine? 
5. Have you ever been to an aquarium? Share with the kiddies your experience if ya have! 
6. Mac and cheese?
7. Dream life go
8. If your life could be any tv show or movie series, which one would it be? Would you be a good guy or bad guy?
9. Favorite character of mine?
11. are you a cat person, a dog person or a reptile person?
12. favorite kind of shark?
13. What's your favorite plant? 

Whom I TAGGGG: without actually tagging bc bro thats so much work ad im a lazy college kid 
1) Hayley |D 
2) Hani 
3) Leaky
4) Dodge~ 
5) Tai! <3 - bc i haven't talked to you in 6ever and i miss you okay
6) Nikki
7) Bovi
8) I'm running out of people
9) im so sorry
10)omg im so sorry friends
11) such rebel much wow
12) i cant help it
13) im v lazy and v sorry 
Honesty Hour by nightxfel
Honesty Hour
Year 763 of the New Age,
Featuring Felina…  and Eleanor…
With Mentions of Ruibh
Silverwood, Silverthorne

                Fall fluttered into the woods of Silverthorne like the beat of butterfly wings. It was so subtle, but suddenly the changes were there. A perolino doe gazed at a darkening sky outside of her thicket and wondered about the life that would lie ahead of her youngsters. One son was old enough to participate in rut- though he stayed away from such activities. Her daughter... Oh her beautiful daughter. Eleanor bore her father’s telltale speckling. Her mane twisted around her slender neck in wild curls. Already her first born daughter had a mop of unruly curls of her own beginning. Soon they would need to have a discussion about what to expect for a daughter of Grian coming to her first rut. It was never a conversation Felina had been gifted to have with her mother. And her first rut had ended in blood and pain. “A mistake” her buttermilk coated mother had frenziedly whispered. She would not make the mistakes her mother made- whether the father of her fawn was actively involved in Ellie’s life or not.

                “Momma?” Came the questioning voice as a head poked out of the den. Warm ebony pools gazed up at her from the delicate dished face Fel knew to be her own. It had been the shape of her mother’s before hers. Pharaoh carried Juno’s color- Ellie her fire. “Yes, love?” Came the gentle reply as her sky colored eyes flickered to the caramel fawn, a soft smile playing across her face. Glancing at the ground sheepishly before approaching, ears swiveling uncertainly as the fawn began in a sheepish tone. “Why doesn’t Daddy spend time with me like his other fawns?” 11 words- and each one left a pang of guilt in the creamy colored mother’s gut. For the young hind who gazed up at her mother it was an innocent question. The General was always so busy- but it was because of his other fawns and his duties to the herd. His responsibility to the herd came first. But Ellie wondered if he didn’t have a responsibility to her too?

                Closing her eyes for a moment, before smiling softly, an answer forming on her lips as flames flickered to life in front of them. “Come here, my little ember.” As the normally rebellious hind trotted to her mother’s side, blinking at the flames as though entranced. “What do you see?”

                “A fawnling?”

                “Exactly and you can feel them, can’t you? The draw to them, the call?” Questioned the older fawnling.

                “But of course Momma!”

                “Then you are a daughter of Grian. And you are my daughter. You will always be your father’s daughter.” Looking at the sky wistfully, a faint sorrow filled smile flashed across the blue eyed Silverthorne doe’s eyes. “It is time I told you the truth of why we left our thicket.” Taking a deep breath. Where did one begin to explain to a fawn that her father had pushed them away because of her brother’s heritage? A look had crossed the fawn’s face, something like a mixture of curiosity and a bit of nervousness.

                Nuzzling her cheek against her mother’s strong shoulder, basking in the glow of the flames as they began to twist into the shape of a stag beneath both mother and daughter’s wills. “Yes Momma.” Said the fawn, waiting eagerly for the story to begin; Eleanor had been asking for years why they had left the cozy little thicket, why they lived so far away from her friends and the other fawns of the herd.

                “You know your eldest brother burns when flames touch him. He is not your father’s son, or even Rhinestone’s. When I met your father I was returning from a personal journey of sorts. For a few moons I hid the truth from him. But when he discovered it… He offered Pharaoh love and safety, he offered me the safety of belonging to his harem. Ruibh became the father your brother never got to have.

                When I became pregnant with you, we were both overjoyed. But Adhar has plans for each of us. And a different path your father was about to go down. He decided to follow the path of a general. And Pharaoh was a liability to not only his reputation, but his other fawns. So he chooses to do what was best for himself, his other does and fawns and his career. You must not be angry with his choice. A general was what was best for your future in the herd too. And oh Ellie, your father loves you so dearly…” the sky colored eyes reflected the flames that danced before their faces.

                Pausing to look at her youngster’s face, seeing the emotions flickering across it; confusion, hurt, sorrow and anger. “But why would he make us leave if he thought of Raoh like a son?” Fel took a deep breath. “Because he was not his son. Pharaoh will never be his son. He is not of the flame. And your father.. well he just couldn’t accept that risk. I think a little piece of your brother’s heart broke to see your father push him away.” Felina murmured softly as Ellie snuggled against her mother. Ears slicked back, thoughts running amuck at this new knowledge.

                “If there is one thing I know, little ember, it is that your father loves you in his own way. We all make mistakes. We all learn from them. That is Adhar’s way. Sometimes we hurt the ones we love most to protect the good of others. You should not be angry with him little one. It was my choices that lead him to his choice.” Closing her eyes and basking in the glow of the flames as her mane twisted in the soft breeze of autumn. “Your father is a good stag. He loves his children, he loves you. He’s a strong soldier, a general. His magic is carried through the herd. And look at you, Ellie. Your path.. it is just beginning.”

                “I tell you all of these things to know that along the way the choices we make.. will not always be what they seem to be. Adhar has a path in mind for every fawnling. You are so very loved. Your Daddy is trying his best.” Felina offered a warm smile as the young hind frowned before snuggling close to her momma. “I’ll make him see- I’ll be the best ever!”

                “You already are.” The perolino smiled as she licked her fawn. “I thank the gods for you every day- no matter how unsteady things may seem. I will always be here, little ember. And I will always love you" 
Laetita | Mare | Light Clan Citizen by nightxfel
Laetita | Mare | Light Clan Citizen
Name: Laetita

Nickname: Lae

Clan: Light - Formerly a Dark Clan Slave

Rank: Citizen - Formerly a Slave 

Magic: Healing ( White )

Level of Magic: 1 

Gender: Female

Age: 26 years of age

Breed: Pure Unicorn

Purity % : 90

Height:16.5 hh? ( on the sheet )

Sexual Orientation: Straight

- Has had 3 foals in the past, all sons *not including her current pregnancy

- none

Roleplay Tracker:
------ none yet! 

Good Traits : Simple | Kind | Forgiving | Submissive | Loving
 -> Simple : Laetita is a very simple mare. It's the little things in life that bring her happiness. Safety, plenty of food, quiet times, pretty scenes, laughing with friends. She does not need an extravagent life. 
-> Kind : Lae has a very big heart, and she's very kind. Even when she was a slave, this mare never lost her will to express her kindness through acts of giving or helping others in the littlest of ways
-> Forgiving : Dark Clan stallions brutalized her, but somehow in her big heart, this mare always finds it in her heart to forgive her captors and their actions. Never one to hold a grudge, Laetita's forgiveness is something of a gift and a curse. 
-> Submissive : Following does not bother her, nor does grovelling to avoid confrontation. By nature she's soft spoken, often going out of her way to avoid fights or disconentment at all costs no matter her situation. 
-> Loving : She manages to find the best in even the worst of characters. Everyone deserves to be loved by someone, right? 
Bad Traits : Skittish | Naive | Simple minded | Dependent | Insecure  
-> Skittish : Due to the extreme treatment she's faced in the past, Laetita has a certain fear of stallions and well.. everyone really. But particularly those of the opposite gender. 
-> Naive : Despite her skittishness, Lae will trust most others. There's always something good to be found in others.. but sometimes there isn't. She's easy to lie to and manipulate. 
-> Simple minded : This unicorn is not the smartest by any means. In fact, she isn't very smart at all. 
-> Dependent : In order to feel safe, or to be comfortable, Lae relies on those around her. By herself.. she's basically helpless for the most part. Even though this mare tries desperately not to need the approval of others and be independent, she's still incredibly dependent. 
-> Insecure : Lae has been told her whole life how worthless she is. She can easily find the beauty in others, but fails to see it in herself. 

As a filly her upbringing had been delightful, bright, warm. Her mother had been loving, and her father stern but so kind. Their little family had been so perfect. Never having known anything but the warmth that came with her mother and father's safety, she grew up a happy, loving little filly. Nothing could possibly have ruined her, right? The first born daughter to her mother and father- Laetita was adored and fawned over, showered with kindness and love. Never had she had to lift a hoof to defend herself, to worry about anything really. As she came of age, things began to change. Her magic began to well.. exist. 
But other things were growing on the horizon. Dangerous things. Dark Clan's actions were growing worse and worse. Of course, Laetita's sheltered knowledge didn't include this. But one night when a stallion stole into their home, brutally beating her father and threatening to take her mother in a 
most savage way if they wouldn't give up their daughter. And just like that, Lae's world was flipped upside down. 
And that began her time in Dark Clan. She belonged to a stallion as a slave. It was her job to serve her master dutifully. It all confused the poor, innocent unicorn greatly. It wounded her heart as the blows with each beating rained down upon her for no mistake, or the smallest of them. And rapidly Laetita would learn another lesson. Her body did not belong to her- but to the stallion she belonged. And he could take her at will. Forcing himself on her when he willed, her first foal was conceived. During this time her beatings grew less harsh. But she still faced innumerable cruelties. She birthed a son. Life continued in the bleak routine it had taken on. Try to please, if not, be beaten and hope it isn't too severe to keep you away from work. Her body soon began to grow scars it seemed. Then a second foal was conceived as the years passed. Another son. Then a third. But then.. 
When the mare fell pregnant with this foal, a threat for the safety of her youngster was made. And by some miracle she began to notice that none questioned the simple mare when she went on her errands- her disposition was known. None ever thought she would run. She'd born 3 sons here already as a slave. Taking her beatings with grace, and offering only forgiveness and kindness to her master in return no one ever thought she would be a risk. 
But the risk of this upcoming foal left her questioning things. And slowly she took that chance on an errand for her master the mare slipped farther and farther away, giving her master's name solemnly. It was for him, she was running an errand  for. Perhaps in a way it was. Their foal would have a better, easier life away from this land.. and so the scarred unicorn slipped away. But her presence didn't go unnoticed for long. Her travels were hindered by her new pregnancy. Laetita was weak. She'd never been one to have to make long trips unless accompanied by her master or other slaves.. This journey was the scariest and toughest of her life. Her master soon found out about her flight from his service. And he began to track her. 
Every day as she got farther away, he got closer to her.. and closer.. Until the Light Clan found the broken, heavily pregnant mare limping lamely towards them, desperate and terrified. Her scars were old, her coat was dull, her tail lackluster. A 2 headed stallion found her as she collapsed, sides heaving. Helping to hide the mare away and offer her protection, there was nothing her master was left able to do to retrieve his slave or foal.. yet. 
Still Laetita knows this stallion will hunt her until the day she or he dies. 

Full credit to Halloweendonkey for the ref and Monster as well ( i think she had a hand in it too? <3) either way both of them deserve tons of love for such a gorgeous character! Can't believe I won her
Sleepy Times by nightxfel
Sleepy Times
Year 750 of the New Age, Early Winter
Featuring Calhoun…
Near Loch Kerr and the Glenmore Mountains, Glenmore

Our young sleepy masked friend is not so fiercesome. But here he greened some softer grass and after much circling- a place to snuggle and sleep was made <3 

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Icon Commission : Divinityeclipse by Rhyunnan
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Nezzzzi icon is love♡
I have to smother my friends in gifts q-q
More are coming ;D
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<333 eeeeeee thank you! it's perfect - i needed a new one X'D

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