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So wow, got a premie! Anyways, so for my baconling lovelies, just outta curiousity whose you're favorite of mine? <3 Comment why? <33 

7 deviants said Felina
2 deviants said Eleanor
1 deviant said Pharaoh
No deviants said Aarushi/Sunny


Of Lights and Lives by nightxfel
Of Lights and Lives
You are the light of my life
And I will always be here to light your way, even in the darkest of times

Art trade with miss Hayley <3
Hope you like it dear!

Year 755 of the New Age, Fall 
Featuring Felina| Doe | Herd Member and Rhinestone|Stag|Silverthorne|Herd Member by HayleyWolf
The Vale, Silverthorne
Minx|Doe|Point Splinter Windborne|Herbalist by nightxfel
Minx|Doe|Point Splinter Windborne|Herbalist
So I recently got this wonderful girl, whom many of you know I'm sure as none other than HayleyWolf's old Minx. Well, we decided I would take her <3 Long story short, so welcome to the herd of my little doelings ( i'm really getting to be quite the doe collector :'D ) 
Please excuse the awful picture, I was playing with styles ;-;

Basic Information

Name: Minx

Gender: Doe

Age: 13 years old

Year of Birth: Year 747 of the New Age

Height: 9hh

Build: Medium

Phenotype: Bay Dun Restricted Fawn

Genotype: Ee/Aa/nD/nRn/fwfws/nRx

Eye Colour: Brown

Design Sheet: HayleyWolf Bacon Design 

Sire: Unknown 

Dam: Dahlia ( NPC, herd member, deceased)

Bloodline: 100% Windbourne

Magic Type: Air

Skill Points

Speed: 5 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 19 points max)
Stamina: 4 [Basic Level]
Strength: 3 [Basic Level]

Magic: 6 [Basic Level]
Herbs: 5 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+4 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+2 strength - base bonus
+1 speed - starter bonus
+1 stamina - starter bonus
+1 strength - starter bonus
+3 magic - starter bonus
+5 herbs - starter bonus

Herd Information

Herd: Point Splinter of Windbourne

Herd Position: Herbalist

Mate(s): None

Molly Darling - Minx X Jeet Fawn Design ( By Jeet l Stag l Scout proof of breeding:Charm and Substance )

Current Location: Westhaven, Windbourne ( tending to the wounded )


Voice Actor: Nani…

Personality: Minx is a tough little lady, and a different one. She can have conflicting personality traits, coming across as aggressive or demanding to strangers, strict even. But upon getting to know someone with some depth, they can determine that she has a heart of gold beneath that. Intending to be kind, with a love of helping others, sometimes her temper can get the better of her. Minx really wants to help, to reach out and to love. Even with the intent to love, the hatred for the main herd is strong in her heart, increasing an urge to fight. The doe naturally was born a rebel and a fighter, known to disobey orders when it suits her, and well, not fighting wears on her mentally. Her existence is one she fights for with independence, with the fear of never walking again looming over her. Thoughts churn on her mind, wielding stress on her, feeling weak and vulnerable, limited many times- it can lead to her being a tad on the snappy side. Determined never to be reliant any anyone else, the doe is stubborn as they come. Fear over her daughter's sire is another thing, one she doesn't quite understand, how a main herd stag had come to sire her first fawn, but nonetheless loves her daughter unconditionally. Really wants to have a forever and ever, accompanied by a happily ever after.

Appearance: 3 scars on her lower flank to her rump, a scar above her hind left fetlock, and a scar across the top of her hips falling down one flank. 

History: ( Borrowed from Hayley! )
Surprisingly, Minx was born into the main herd. Her childhood was as most were, filled with happiness and play. Everything was normal with her parents during this time. Everyone got along, everything was just fine and dandy. 

Things didn't start going wayward until she was about four years old. She was fast approaching her 'teenaged', as we would call it, years. With this coming on, rebellion quickly followed. Her parents' stern and strict rules and behavior did not go over well with the little rebel. In fact she hated it. She rebelled in every way she could, sneaking off to go flirt with the colts, or just ignoring her parents and pretending as if they didn't exist. I suppose that you could call them a brat.

With these times, the urge to fight also came. She would often get in skirmishes with other does- not genuine bloody fights- just spars or brief displays of dominance that usually ended up with the two just walking away from one another. 

Then the monumental day came that would change her life. She was wandering along the outskirts of the main herd when she spotted another fawnling. It was someone that she didn't recognize, which immediately made her insanely curious. So she went to check it out. She soon found out that was a Point Splinter doe, one of the splinter groups that kept to themselves, separate from the main herd. The fact that they were no longer connected to the main herd made the filly curious. She wanted to be like that.. Like a nomad of sorts, living in a smaller group of fawnlings... Plus, that meant she didn't have to deal with her parents any longer.

It was in that moment that Minx knew what she wanted to do... She wanted to go and join the Point splinter too. She went to her best friend, a young filly her age and tried to convince her to join in too. It would be so much fun! Rebellion seemed so fun to the youngster... But, alas, Colby wouldn't come. So Minx just gave her a few quaint words and then pranced off, never looking back. She never even told her parents farewell. -I don't need them.- she'd thought. -I can take care of myself.-

She was accepted into the Point Splinter herd- which she quickly learned mainly consisted of does- with open arms. her training began immediately and by the time she was into her fifth- almost sixth year of life she'd become a strong warrior. She wasn't the strongest though, of course. She was only a newbie. 

Throughout the next year she learned how to defend herself by sparring with the older, more experienced soldier. Things were going well.. Soon she would graduate into a soldier, at the age of ten. But, then everything changed.

The day that things changed was just like no other. She started off by checking the border with another fawnling. Then she noticed something odd. Three fawnlings stood in the distance, close enough to the border to make the bay dun roan wary. She thought that she recognized one.. But, she wasn't certain. Being as nosy and aggressive as she was, always looking for a fight, she made her way forwards to investigate who the three were.

As she grew closer it became obvious that they were not Point Splinter fawnlings... They were from the main herd.. and one of them Minx knew. Her own fawnhood best friend, Colby,  was there with two others. Minx's ears flattened to her skull but a grin spread across her face as she opened her mouth to say something... But then they attacked. 

The fight was open, but Minx gave it her all.. She was lucky to get away with her life... Thank the heavens for that... But, she didn't get away unscathed.. The only major wounds that she had were those on her legs... and they were severe indeed. A bone in her cannon was badly fractured, and her leg was gashed up. When the gashes healed they formed horrible scars that made her very self-conscious. It took a long time of laying still and having to be babied for that leg to heal... And when it did she knew she'd never be able to fight again. 

This was when her hatred for the main herd fawnlings began.... All because of Colby, really. It's unfair for her to judge all of the herd... But, that's what she did.

So what good could she be if she couldn't be a soldier? Other herd members told her that she should be a herbalist.. She'd always been good with plants and was fond of nature... At first she was reluctant... But, what else could she do to serve her herd?

So a herbalist she became.

Art By Others: ( Seriously guys, go check some of these artists out, they deserve some lovins! )

Old Ref - Minx|Doe|Point Splinter Windborne| Herbalist

Random Doodles - by HayleyWolf!

Headshot Raffles Finished 

Portrait Sketches

Minx for HayleyWolf

Fawnling: Minx by xX-Icy-Xx
Charm and Substance

Role plays:
To be updated with more soon! Definitely open to buddies <3 

+2 herbs - collab lit - new friend  ( HayleyWolf )
+1 herb - lit/pic - Guilt ( HayleyWolf )

-Has difficulty with her hind leg, which causes her severe discomfort at some points in times, and can be a source of grumpiness and irritation, as well as stiffness and difficulty putting weight on it 
- Loves little trinkets of sorts, often adorns her mane and tail with them
- doesn't believe in Gods
-harbors some pretty rough feelings towards all main herd folk
-can get pretty tired after a long day of chasing Molly-Darling around, particularly with her hind leg <3 
Year 760 of the New Age, Fall
Featuring Aarushi
Glenwood, Glenmore

The smoky cream doe moved carefully through the wood, following the well-trodden grooves in the ground beneath her hooves. It was well into the night, with only a sliver of moon shining down upon the forest around her. Aarushi’s ears flicked at the softest of noises, the leaves rustling in a gentle breeze, or the pitter patter of rabbit’s feet across the leaf padded ground. She had taken the time to carefully uproot one of her foxglove flowers, and carried it in a gentle grip in her mouth. Blue eyes constantly moving, as she wondered if there would be anyone about at this time in the night- let alone this time of year; the does were mostly snuggled up with their stags, and the stags were busy protecting their does and fawns. Trying her best to limit the noise of each step, she approached one of the oldest oaks present in the forest. Not the Great Oak of course, but an old one. Carefully the doe set aside the floor along the intricate lacework of the old tree’s roots that stemmed and dived beneath the rich earth.

Golden hued leaves had begun to form in little huddles around the tree’s base; moss covered one side of its old, weather worn trunk. Lowering her head, and sending out a silent prayer to the gods, closing her eyes as she basked in the enjoyment of knowing the gods still lived in old beasts such as this. One of the old matriarchs of the forest, many of the surrounding trees were probably her babies, Aarushi thought. She wondered if the tree was proud to have left such a strong progeny behind in its wake. Many of the surrounding trees were maples, tall, healthy and strong as their mother. It brought a small smile to the Earth magic user’s heart to know such magic still flowed strong in the veins of the forest she had always loved, even as a fawn. Gently nosing aside some of the discarded leaves, the doe began to scrape a little hole into the ground with a forehoof, her heavy feathering clinging to the dirt that form a little pile near the small hole. Touching her nose to the bottom of the hole, to ensure she had not scraped the precious webbing of roots, she turned and carefully picked up the foxglove. With the utmost of care, placing it into the little hole, adjusting and fidgeting until content with its placement and finally taking a half step back to examine the little offering.

Perhaps the gods would know she still listened by this leaving, or perhaps this young newly budding Foxglove could keep the elder oak company, while brightening its day? Aarushi did not question why she left such precious gifts, she simply knew it in her bones that she needed to. Looking down at the little plant, lit dimly by the moon above, new buds waiting to open, her own eyes reflected silver as her coat shone brightly with health beneath the sky’s light. Finally, reaching out and sweeping the soil to its original place and around the foxglove until its own root systems were completely covered and secure. Taking a deep breath, feeling the calm of the cool night flooding into her veins, while the energy and beauty of the surrounding wood soaked into her skin, sweeter than honey, Aarushi felt the first steadiness of her own magic. Reaching out, like little roots of her own, a soft blueish hue she imagined, coaxing and praising the little plant to come forth, to share its blooms with the world, to smile up at the gods and the old mother. All the while, sending prayers and thanks to their gods, for forgiving their princess for her infidelity, for blessing them with another Great Oak when the previous had splintered and been struck down. The whole herd was abuzz with the great news of the return of the incarnate of their goddess.

This night was so beautiful; the doe couldn’t imagine any other more perfect moment to show the gods that she still remembered them that even in her own fairy tales, there were flowers through the hardships and troubling times. Surely there was magic flooding in the veins of the very forest around them. Every piece of it, from the healthiest saplings, to the fawnlings that frolicked and lived for the gods, to the elder trees whose branches had begun to sag, their trunks beginning to crack, obeying only the oldest and most untamable of the gods. Every moment amongst this forest was a blessing that the gods gave to them. Even the most humble, ugliest of does must surely realize that they had the will of the gods to even exist- there was no need to complain for personal reasons. The logic of those around her may have been lackluster at best, but Aarushi continued to believe with her whole heart in the will of the gods, of the forces at work constantly changing and ruling over them. It was terrifying and awe inspiring, to think that such powerful beings might be watching over them, might be guiding them.

Even if none were, the power and magic that ran through this forest at its core, was even more awe worthy. The smoky cream doe lowered her head in reverence, as she took these moments to send up silent prayers, promises and thoughts to the forest around her, to the trees sky, ensuring that she would continue to live as she always had, at peace amongst them and their own. Perhaps it was better for her this way, with some distance from the main herd, but plenty of interaction. The freedom she was given was like that of a fairy tale as well, like a story her mother had told her as a fawn. There had been a wild doe, which had lived amongst the woods, tending to the forest around her. Her mother had threatened that one day, if she had not behaved, she would end up like such a doe. Even though Aarushi had behaved, the smoky cream doe had made this fairy tale on for her own heart, and made it come true.
Fairy Tales Always Have Flowers
Featuring Aarushi | Doe | Herbalist
Year 760 of the New Age, Fall
Glenwood, Glenmore

When a certain herbalist finds inner peace in the quiet of the night and leaves the gods a small token~
Featuring Lunemyr and Aarushi
Autumn, Year 760 of the New Age
Glenwood, Glenmore

The weather had finally decided to give them some rain. Pale, and comfortable in the cool drizzle, the pale doe marched about her little garden. She’d spent so long tending to it with such love. Covered in muck up to her belly, splattered all over her legs and muzzle, the doe looked like something does would warn their fawns of looking like- lest no stag love you ever! Snorting to herself, her mane messily braided back and adorned with a variety of odds and ends flowers and thorns, the doe could have easily passed for some kind of forest monster.

Taller than most does, and chunky too, Aarushi still carried a pale coat that was deemed desirable- and would have made some sturdy sons had she the patience for courtship. Happiest tending to plants and squirming, writhing, bloodied patients who needed her help, the doe was no delicate flower. Tail twitching, she marched to her most recent upshooting of plants, a tall dusky cattail plant that had taken to the marshy soil near a small pond not far from her thicket. Nodding in approval, Aarushi couldn’t been more pleased. Easily taller than her at the shoulder, it had made good progress.

Allowing her mind to wander, the herbalist stood near the plants, enjoying the pleasant hum of the rain as it smattered down her pelt, beginning to work away the muck and grime from her coat and maw. Thankfully she and her father had repaired their little den before the storm had rolled in, so he could rest away from any chill he could catch from the rain. Though the older stag insisted he would be fine, his daughter worried about his health. Afterall- he’d begun to show the signs of aging heavily. She wished she could have saved him from time- but no one was safe from the ever moving stream of it. It took as it pleased. It had been tiring work, convincing the vines to weave through the saplings and into the growth, and taken even more work to flower the thick stemmed plants along the bottoms of the saplings, but the plants were happy enough to blossom and send a good scent into the air. Plus helping stabilize the soil and suck away any excess moisture needed.

For a long moment, the doe just stood in the rain, content, muddy, and near her herbs- at peace. What more could she have asked for? Her father was attended, she was fat and healthy, her herbs were in proper shape, no squirrels had disrupted her thicket in almost a solid day and a half now. Life was good.


The pale stag limped along silently in the pouring rain. Oh, how he adored the rain. It felt so good pouring down his back, washing away blood and grim, soothing his aches and pains, helping to cool him off.

Rut had kicked his ass all over the place and the sad part.. the sad part was that he hadn’t even been participating in it. He’d been breaking up the battles that got too hectic. When the stags started to tell huge lumps of flesh from one another’s necks, aiming kicks at their opponents head, Lunemyr decided that enough was enough. The stags were taking it too far. So he’d intervene, as always, and get a good battering for it.

Today’s fight had just consisted of two stags duking it out, but their blows got worse and worse. One stag was hit in the temple and knocked out for a few moments before rising back to his feet, staggering. Lune had decided that was enough and had gotten between the two. The still strong had battered and beat at him before giving it up and going home.

Lune had called it quits for the day and limped along his way. He wasn’t seriously hurt, he’d just been delivered a kick to the knee that would make it crampy and sore for a few days. He’d also received a couple of cuts and bruises nothing major.

Oh, how silly rut seemed to the pale stag sometimes. Beat your brains out just to breed with a doe and produce a fawn. Many stags didn’t even care about the fawn that would result from their desire, only thinking about the making</b> of the fawn. Ridiculous. The stag scoffed with irritation.


Ears flicked back as a noise disrupted her serenity. Snorting, the doe turned to see an invader wandering past her thicket. Perhaps he was too enraptured in his own thoughts to notice the heavy doe coated in muck and mire, either way she cared not. Her eyes focused on his wound. A limp? Twas the season for getting maimed however. Few wounds surprised the doe anymore.

“Hey!” She called out to him, ears flicking back as she frowned, “Are you alright?” Her voice was soft, painful to her ears as it broke the steady rhythm of the falling rain. His scent was dulled by the fall of rain, but the musk that came with rut was all too familiar. The doe’s own scent was clinging to her annoyingly, as if in bold letters exclaiming she was unclaimed yet. Aarushi trotted over, sloshing in the mud. Tail twitching, ears swivelling as she deciphered the noises around them. “What happened?” The doe asked, examining it more closely. “I’m an herbalist.” she added quickly, trying to avoid touching him as she lowered her head to gaze at it.

Chubby body poised away from him, the doe was already formulating different things to help the stag- whether he would accept help or not was still unannounced. Pale for a guard, Aarushi thought. Her father had had a dark coat himself, but she was not one to judge for appearances. One never knew what lay on the inside, plus- she wasn’t exactly the most desired delicate daisy out there.


The sound of a voice wrenched the pale stag from his thoughts. He blinked a bit, lifting his head and pricking his ears. He didn’t hear anything for a moment.. Then the voice came again, inquiring whether he was alright or not.

He turned his head to meet the blue eyes of another smoky cream fawnling. She was a rather hefty doe. But, she had a very humble look in her eyes. He liked her right off of the bat.

“I just broke up a rut fight is all, miss, I’m quite alright” he smiled slightly, but couldn’t help but be a bit relieved when she stated that she was a herbalist. “Oh, good!” he exclaimed, not being able to help himself. “Do you think you could help me?” he flicked an ear at her. Lunemyr wasn’t a stag to be above help if he knew he needed it. It didn’t really phase his pride too badly. He didn’t mind to ask a commoner for help. He was only a lowly lesser royal himself.

“What’s your name, Miss?” he questioned her, ears flicking. He had picked up upon her scent and knew that she was unclaimed, but he had no real interest. As long as she didn’t get too close his mind would continue to reign over his instincts.


“Aye, I can help. It’s what I’m here for.” The doe replied, hesitating about her name. Hating to share something so personal, she shook her head, “I’m known best by Sunny. You are?” she asked, turning and beginning to trudge through the muck towards a small stack of plants carefully balanced on a root above the ground- to keep them clean of muck. Tail swishing softly, Aarushi’s ears flicked as the rain poured over them. The pale stag seemed a good fellow. Of common birth, it was uncommon for stags to retain such a good nature. “Caught the tine to the knee?”

Frowning to herself as she mulled over the damage to his knee. It wasn’t too serious, but would present him some discomfort. Good that he had sought help, joint injuries tended to be some of the most uncomfortable even when they were minor. Tail swishing. He would probably need a willow reed compress, and some rest of course. Stags rarely thought well during this time. “Avoid fighting over the next few days, and light patrol.” Aarushi added. “And keep it clean. Have you cleaned it yet?” She asked, knowing the mud would make it difficult to keep clean. Most stags didn’t often take the best care of their wounds.

Shaking out the long, messy braided mane that clung in thick strands to her own thick neck and broad shoulders. Moving her nose to nudge the different herbs with great care, similar to that of a mother with a new fawn. Aarushi ambled back over and sniffed at the wound, eyes wandering over it several times. Every bit of information was important in keeping the wound properly tended. The stag seemed like a good one and one she would gladly help again. His apparent kindness was abnormal to her.


Lunemyr limped slightly along behind the fellow smoky cream. He tried his best to look proud and mighty, but really he was just tired and ready for a nap. He wouldn’t say this though. He’d soldier on.

“My name is Guardsman Lunemyr, miss.” he dipped his head at the heavy smoky cream doe. She seemed like a very humble doe. He definitely felt very relaxed about her, like he didn’t have to prove his worth. That didn’t mean he wasn’t going to hold himself proudly, though.

He let out a little chuckle and a sigh as she asked him if he’d caught a tine to the knee. “Unfortunately. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.” the pale stag grumbled, shaking his head. “Fellow stags get so bent out of shape during rut. It’s ridiculous if you ask me.” he shook his head again, but now he was flashing back to the encounter he’d had with the buttermilk doe mere days ago. He hadn’t acted himself around her… But, then again she’d flirted with him. He’d never been flirted with before, of course he’d be a little vulnerable!

Light patrol… Great. That meant he’d have to take it easy while the other guys worked their rumps off. He’d probably just have to stand near the Oak and stare at everyone to make sure that they weren’t up to anything. Ugh. Boring.

“No, I haven’t cleaned it yet.” the stag let out a little chuckle. “I didn’t really think about it, I was just ready to get home.” He shuddered slightly at the almost painful sensation of her nose gently touched his leg to investigate the damage. He flinched slightly, but didn’t pull away. He just hoped she’d hurry up so he could get home.


Sighing to herself, the hefty doe gently began to lick at the sore wound. Between licks she managed to grumble, “Make sure to keep it clean.” The taste of blood left a metallic tang on her tongue, and her ears flicked to the sides as her nose became smudged with some blood. Once she was content with the cleanliness of the wound, Aarushi moved a bit away to inspect it with a sharp blue gaze. “Nasty time of the year, rut is.” She commented, before giving it another sniff. Good- it was still healthy. No infections had set.

Ambling back to her herb piles, the smoky cream female took a few leaves into her mouth, aster berry leaves. A favorite of hers, before placing them apart from the others, she glanced back at the guard. The wound wasn’t too deep- but it would be tricky to keep a solid poultice on if he intended to keep his duties active as the joint bent and moved often. Frowning for a moment in thought as she set the other herbs down before going and retrieving willowreed and a small selection of common seaweed. Grabbing a few other odds and ends herbs to help in the making of the balm, her tail swishing as she did.

The rain continued to roll down upon them, and the doe took a moment to lift her muzzle so that the rain might cleanse it. Shaking her coat to rid it of excess water, Aarushi turned towards him. “We ought to get somewhere dry, so that the poultice can set properly. I’ll probably place a wrap around it as well, until it heals so as to keep it clean. The less you do the better the wound will heal- but doing nothing all day will be tedious, but..” Heavy shoulders lifting and lowering in a small shrug, a small, hesitant grin touching her mouth which was normally set in a frown or scowl, “At least there will be plenty for you to watch and keep entertained by.”

Aarushi took a moment to scan beneath a large pine, trotting over- which was quite a sight in and of itself. Although she was heavy, she moved with surprising ease and confidence, though her belly swayed, her flanks and shoulders were well toned with muscle. The soft pine bed was dry and soft, the needles above sheltering the little space. “This should do.” She murmured, before trotting back to her herbs and retrieving the ones she would need. Rarely did the doe rush, but Aarushi wished to get the kind guard out of the rain and muck. It would make the whole process much easier for all involved. “If you prefer you could lay down, the process could be somewhat tedious, and the more rest the better.”


Lune bobbed his head in agreement. “Yes, rut is definitely nasty. I don’t see the point in all of the fighting.” he let out a soft snort of irritation. “It’s quite agitating, really.” he looked back to the doe, flinching slightly again. “Alright, I’ll make sure to keep it clean… I imagine infection of a wound on the location of a joint is definitely a bad thing, eh?”

The pale smoky cream stag fell silent again as he watched her bustle about in her herbs, probably looking for something specific to give him. He wished that he knew more about herbs.. They seemed very interesting, but he didn’t see himself having the patience to work with them.

When the other smoky cream said something about going to a dry place he nodded in agreement. “Yeah, I say you’re right.” he glanced about, stepping forwards to follow her as she started forwards. She directed him towards a large pine. He nodded his head in agreement, it’d be perfect.

When she stated that she preferred he lay down he obeyed, flopping rather ungracefully upon the bed of pine needles, stifling a small sigh. How comfortable they were! He held his injured leg out in front of him so that she could work on it.


Rolling her eyes as he plopped onto the needles before them, she gave a snort. Tail lashing, the doe went to work. Carefully she began to apply the balm to keep it clean and help it heal, before wrapping it with aster berry leaves and willow reed, a go to combination. Though aster berry leaves weren’t as common as willow reed was, they were quite useful. As she did each thing, she was as gentle as possible, sure to be careful. Like a mother with her fawn- until she opened her mouth. Aarushi glowered up at him with bright blue eyes, “Come see me if it starts to sting, feel unusually warm, or if you get wounded. Again.” She ordered firmly.

The hefty doe nodded, pleased with her work. For a moment, a grin touched her maw before vanishing as she looked over this new stag. Perhaps they could become.. Nope. No friends. Friends were trouble- they got ideas and made problems and fussed, took effort away from her plants too. Head swinging her ears flattened against her neck as her eyes narrowed as she sighted a squirrel. Disgusting little bastards. Tail lashing, Sunny sighed irritably. She couldn’t go kill it. Guards were sensitive souls about their fluffy tailed friends. It was “barbaric” they insisted. Well it was bloody barbaric when the little fuzz balls brought their grubby mitts all over her neat herb piles and stole her nuts, always making noise in her forest. Wastes of space, really.

“Do I need to check in on you? Or should I trust you can keep your nose to your own business for a few days?” Aarushi asked firmly, eyes still focused on the squirrel. Rage and agitation soon becoming obvious as her ears were plastered against her neck while her tail lashed. The rain poured down. It was a wonderfully dramatic scene for squirrel stalking.


Lune fought back the urge to wince again as the potion was poured into his wound, seeping down deeply and stinging in the process. He tried his best to not look like a sissy, which he wasn’t, but… He seemed to handle the little wounds worse than the big ones that gushed blood.

The pale stag bobbed his head at the other smoky cream. Tingles, heat, or re-injury requires another check-up. Got it. He could remember that, right? Ugh, he’d have to report to the others and see if he could get out of patrolling duty for a few days… That would definitely hurt his pride. Oh well, he’d get over it and work twice as hard when he did.

Lune’s ears flicked back slightly as he watched Aarushi glare at the squirrels. He fought back a small bubble of laughter that attempted to climb up his throat. It was obvious that this doe was not a squirrel-lover like some of the does who kept them as pets.. This doe seemed very, very different.
Lunemyr clambered to his feet, slowly and carefully, then shook himself off, sending some water droplets flying. “I can take care of them.” he said, flicking an ear at her slightly. “I won’t let them get in infected.. If something comes up I’ll be back in. Thank you very much for your services, Miss.”
Knowledge doesn't mean nice
Featuring Lunemyr | Stag | Royal Guard and Aarushi | Doe | Herbalist
Autumn, Year 760 of the New Age
Glenwood, Glenmore

+3000 words 

The meeting of mr. Lune with our beloved local squirrel hater
Not everyone can be a tree hugger all the time 
And it can't always be sunny c; 

But hope you guys enjoy! <3 Will be posting a bunch more later today! 
Fairy Tales Always Have Flowers by nightxfel
Fairy Tales Always Have Flowers
So I kinda couldn't resist a doodle of my chubbub, Aarushi. So I tried more of a type of illustration like you see in some fairy tales, plus I was on my laptop ^^; so this isn't the best, but I still really like it! 

Year 760 of the New Age, Fall
Featuring Aarushi | Doe | Herbalist
Glenwood, Glenmore

Made with DeviantArt muro



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Thank you for the watch! <3 
nightxfel Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
of course <3
Colboltz Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
Gonna take some getting used to but I like it :la:
nightxfel Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
thank you <3

horseanimegirl101 was from when i was a youngster XD 
and a little crazy but that's okay XD 
jouroo Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch! It is very much appreciated :aww:
nightxfel Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
no problem c: 
Ameythst Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
thank you so much for the watch <3 !!
nightxfel Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
any time love! <3 (:
decors Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
*follows Dodgers bidding and slaps in the face with bacon*
nightxfel Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
-is slapped in the face with bacon- 
is the bacon at least cooked? 
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