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Year 760 of the New Age, Winter
Featuring Eleanor and Ruibh
The Winterflame, Silverthorne


The filly bounced around the thicket, attempting to catch snowflakes on her tongue. Momma had said Daddy would be home soon. Well soon was nooooowwww! Where was he? Stomping a little hoof impatiently, with a little snort, Ellie looked around. It was almost dark. Pouting to herself, curly baby down tail lashing, she skulked back into the thicket. Momma was showing Big Brother how to make some yucky gooey stuff that smelled funny. Wiggling her little tail in the air, crouching as she inched forward slowly, focusing on her next victim. Pharaoh was listening attentively, lying alongside Momma, unaware completely.

Just a little bit farther.. almost there.. Now! Screeching a baby battle cry, the filly launched forward- and completely missed, launching over big brother as he ducked, and landing amongst the ashes. Rolling around in the ash, dust and soot for a moment while Momma’s blue eyes widened in surprise, watching Ellie with an amused sigh. Tsking softly, Momma towered over Ellie who tried to wiggle away before a fluffy leg wrapped around her belly and pulled her towards Momma’s tongue. Squirming, with a belligerent, “Mommmmmaa!” Yelp, looking desperately to her older brother only to find him chuckling as he worked on his own yucky stuff. “If you aren’t all clean you can’t go with Daddy tonight... Do you wanna stay home with Raoh and I?” Momma asked. Turning terrified, big brown eyes up to her mother, bleating as she stomped her little hooves. “I gunna go with Daddy!” Ellie insisted stubbornly. “Then hold still!” The doe laughed as she licked away at the sooty fawn’s face. Ears drooping, the filly made faces but held still until her face was all clean before wiggling away.

Prancing to plop alongside her big brother dramatically, bleating up at Momma, “When is Daddy gun be here?” She whined impatiently. The speckled filly was known for her dramatics, but she was sweet and energetic, and certainly a daddy’s girl. He had been on patrol all day- at least it was easier to explain it as such to the fawn for Fel than saying he might have been checking on his harem. Raoh rolled his eyes, “Be patient.” The colt snorted, while Ellie pouted grumpily, tail slapping against the ground as she watched him making the yucky goo stuff.


After the incident, Felina had agreed with him that Pharaoh needed to be kept from the fire, at all costs.  They would split their time with the children equally.  Ruibh would train Pharaoh, help him learn to protect himself since he lacked the ability to conjure magics and Felina would teach him to use herbs, a skill that could be helpful in trading if needed.  They both agreed that Eleanor still required to be around the fire.  She was pure, the flames were present inside of her, it would be cruel to deny her what all Silverthorne fawns were born with.  The couple would take turns showing her magic while the other was working with their son.

This would be the first night in many that he would teach his daughter of their ways.  Tell her of the legends that built their great herd, as his mother had done with him.  This night would be special.  As his father had done with him, he would take his daughter to the winterflame.  It would be her first trip.  Felina tried to avoid wandering too close to the flame, out of fear the Raoh would have an accident.  The young filly hadn’t had the pleasure to see the great fire up close.  Tonight she would.

Walking through the entry of their thicket, he was met by the roan fillies, impatient whining, “When is Daddy gun he here?”

“Be patient,” the golden colt frowned at his eager sister.

He couldn’t help but smile at their bickering, a sound that had become welcome and when he was away from home for too long, missed, “Eleanor, what had I told you have about your feverish behavior?” He questioned the filly in a light hearted tone, nuzzling his mate as he entered their home.  


The little filly bounced excitedly, bouncing right over to her father, gleefully bleating as she balanced on her hind legs, bracing her forelegs against his shoulder. “Daddy!” She exclaimed, little tail swishing. Momma smiled as she nuzzled Daddy, “She’s fussy all day, but excited to spend quality time with you.” Fel laughed lovingly, a patient smile across the doe’s maw. The little speckled baby teetered before giggling, prancing into a trot, tail flagged out behind her, waiting at the entrance of the thicket. “Com’on!” Ellie insisted, bright brown eyes happily gazing up at her father, rounded ears perked excitedly.

There was so much to do! Daddy had promised a big surprise for tonight. And Ruibh’s daughter could barely contain herself. Wanting to run and play and explore, the roan fawn smiled gleefully, bright brown eyes staring up hopefully. Maybe they were gonna go make new friends, or they could go adventuring, or play chase, or hide and go seek, or oh! they could always play with the flames! Ellie liked the flames, they always tickled! Tail swishing, practically bouncing with energy, the youngster stood impatiently, head held high, tail twitching out behind her.


His daughter jumped forward, hugging her small body against his.  Felina nuzzled him with a cheerful smile and laughter in her tone.  It was nice to be home.  Quickly, the filly was at the entrance of the thicket readily waiting for him.  “Com’on!” The filly exclaimed impatiently.  

He smiled back to his mate, “I guess we better be going.”  He touched his nose to his mates before proceeding forward, “We’ll be back before bedtime.”

Stepping forward, he looking around outside first before allowing his daughter to follow.  He found himself being very protective of his children, even though he had one first, he found the urge to protect his girls more than he thought he’d ever have to.  They walked forward in silence for a moment before he spoke softly, “We are going to some place very special.  A place that long introduced us to the fire.  A gift given to use from Grian herself.”  

He glanced down at his daughter still moving forward, “It’s a right of passage for young fawnlings, blessed with the flame.  My mother brought me when I was your age and now it’s my turn to take you and your siblings.”  

It did not take long for them to reach the great brightness of the Winterflame, “Eleanor, this place is to be protected.  The flames must never burn out, for if they had, we might parish.”  He spoke gently, he knew the impact of his words.  He had high hopes for all his children.  That they would become healers or firebringers… or something he never thoughts he would hope for any of his daughter, soldiers.


The little speckled roan pranced alongside her large, dark father gleefully, listening to him. Big ears perked as he spoke of a special place, delicate chest puffing up with pride at the mentions of her gift. Momma said one day she would be able to control the pretty orange and yellow flames that were so fun! Daddy sounded so serious, speaking of this place.. So focused on listening, Ellie practically jumped at the sight of the massive flames flickering so high. Blinking at it in awe, the fawn began to take a few strides towards it in delight before skidding to a halt.

Tail flagged out behind her, the very image of eager anticipation and awe, Eleanor turned to look back at her father, nodding soberly at the thought of the massive, living fire ever going out. To the filly, it seemed an impossible task for this massive wall of fire to ever cease burning. “Yes, Daddy.” she murmured, almost somberly for a moment, before promptly venturing closer, investigating. It was so big! Bouncing excitedly near the edges of it, bright brown eyes wide with astonishment, the flames reflecting in them before turning and bounding back towards her father. Playfully, the filly pranced around him, smiling. “Story?” She asked, innocently. Ellie had an uncanny ability to predict when a story might be approaching- particularly those about Grian. The youngster always loved to listen to the dark soldier telling her such stories, and loved every moment spent with him. It filled her heart with pride to know her daddy was not only a soldier- but well, he was her Daddy! It didn’t need any more explanation than that to her.

Little tail curling around his big one as they walked, the filly looked up hopefully. One day- maybe she could be strong and know all the stories like her father did! Momma always spoke so highly of her Daddy. And Raoh always got to spend time with him- Ellie loved being able to have the moment where she could have all of Ru’s attention. Momma often encouraged it, and always asked about the times and tales of the father-daughter adventures.


His daughter eagerly waited for him to tell her the tale.  He would tell her the same tale that his mother had told him, of Aeveen.  The tale helped him through his childhood, knowing that the dark doe was the giver of the flame they were responsible for protecting. He laid down beside the wall of flames and offered his tail, allowing the filly to curl herself beside him.

“The story of Aeveen is a tale of both inspiration and that of caution.  Born of our sun goddess herself, Aeveen was a demi-goddess.” He paused, “Born from the goddess mother, Grian, and a mortal father.” He explained before continuing, “Unlike her siblings, she was born black as coal.  Darker than my own.  She was very powerful and brave despite her coat.  

“Many in the kingdom believe she was foolish, which, in some way she was.  She was young and had more magic than she could harness.  She is responsible for the washed Ash plains… but where there is death, there is light.  With the destruction of the Ash plains, came the Winterflame and with it, our link to the Sun.”  

He looked to his daughter, “You have the same fire inside of you.  As your mother and I do, as our parents before us and as your children will have in them.  The flame isn’t to be tarnished.  It must be protected.  It is to be keep pure and with purity comes our power.”

Seeing the opportunity to snuggle up, the little filly bolted and curled, wiggling her little body until she was curled perfectly alongside her father, his tail draped around her and lying across her forelegs. Listening, the brown eyed daughter turned to blink up at him. “Pure?” She asked. Ellie wasn’t quite sure what purity meant- but keeping the flame was important! Right?

Ears swivelling as she watched the fire, the speckled roan looked up at her father curiously, in a way of seeing that only a youngster could seem to have, without noticing the darkness of her father in the least. He was her Dad- and no coat color would change what she thought of him. Smiling as she leaned into the warm body of her father, the speckled fawn blinked up at him, before turning to gaze at the Winterflame in awe, then back to the father she shared her roan coloration with. “I can make when big like you?” Struggling to form the right words, her sweet voice clipped some words, but for a youngster, Eleanor already showed signs of intelligence. Felina nurtured and encouraged the filly to speak as much as possible, helping to teach her new words and coax her into voicing thoughts.

More often than not, the little sentences weren’t perfect- but it didn’t stop her from trying. Smiling up at her father hopefully, “Teach me?” She asked, already excited by the prospect of being as powerful as her father when it came to her magic, as well as having the ability to use it like her mother. The pair were strong when it came to their magics, and it brought her great joy to think of being able to be like them- especially her father. Even Raoh looked up to him! Daddy was a soldier, and he was strong! Nothing would ever go wrong as long as he was there to keep them safe.

Though his daughter was young and couldn’t speak as well as some of the children older than her, he could still understand her in so few words.  She questioned the word pure, and sometimes forgot that these things had to be explained to small fawns.  “Yes, pure.” He cleared his throat, “There are some in our herd, that aren’t born with fire.  They have father’s from other herds and Adhar doesn’t feel that they are worthy of his gifts.” He knew the words sounded harsh, especially know what he knew of her brother but the matter of the fact wasn’t easy to explain, “You will find when you are older, that not all fawns are able to sit in the flames.  Some, others from different places, will burn.”

He smiled at his daughter’s intrigue in the flames.  The small hind reminded him much of himself at her age, he nodded before speaking, “Yes.  When you are older, you will be able to make flames.  Maybe even help keep the Winterflame strong.” He paused, “Your mother and I will help you learn to control your fire when it comes time to learn how.”

He stood and help his daughter to her feet. It was growing late and he could see by the sag in his daughter’s eyes that the young one was tired, “I think that’s enough for tonight.  It’s time we make our way back home.” He licked at his daughter’s forehead, “When you are old enough, I will teach you everything that I know.  And someday, you will teach your children.

The filly tilted her head at the thought of other fawns who were incapable of sitting in the flames or playing with them. However- Ellie quickly brightened as her father intoned that she would be able to control the flames with the help of her mother and father as she grew older. “I wanna!” She exclaimed at the thought of helping the beautiful, massive flames dancing alongside them. Blinking tired eyes however, the speckled roan obediently got to her hooves.

Little tail swishing, the fawn wobbled to her hooves with a big yawn, nodding and twining her tail around her father’s, before beginning to trudge after him back to their home happily. The thoughts of the future brightened, and all of the knowledge seemed so wonderful to her. Eleanor couldn’t imagine having a better Daddy or Momma, and was certainly thrilled by the prospect of all things fire so far.

He did not miss the yawn as his fawn followed behind him slowly.  The walk wasn’t to far back to the thicket and there wasn’t much for the pair to speak of.  His mate welcomed them in with a smile, nudging his daughter forward towards her mother.  He couldn’t stay the night, he had other responsibilities elsewhere, despite wanting to be there.  His mate knew this and called their daughter to her.  She quickly settled beside her pale mother, eyes fluttering open and shut, fighting sleep that was quickly taking her over.

The dark stag touched the filly with his nose and then his mate, “Until another time my sweet little flame.”
A General and His Daughter
Year 760 of the New Age, Winter
Featuring Eleanor… and Ruibh…,
The Winterflame, Silverthorne
Word count: 2600+ words

Where a certain general spends some well needed alone time with one of his many girlies <3
Such a great show of what a good guy Ru can be! Thanks so much to Fu for this rp- and y'all need to go shower that general in bacon bits <3
Fascination by nightxfel
Year 761 of the New Age, Spring
Featuring Eleanor…
Winterflame, Silverthorne

We are told, "let your light shine"- for if we do, we won't need to tell any that it does.

Where our baby's fascination entrances her long enough to hold still |D 
Silverthorne New Growths by nightxfel
Silverthorne New Growths
Year 761 of the New Age, Summer
Featuring Pharaoh… , Eleanor… and Keahi…
Silvervale-Silverwood, Silverthorne

Where our youngsters learn about flowers and new growths, where ST's next generation starts to grow up >:3 
The Path We Burn by nightxfel
The Path We Burn
Year 761, Summer
Featuring Felina…
Along the Silverwood-SilverVale area, Silverthorne

A daughter of the flame burns brightest in the darkest of moments, but does the path she trod to reach the darkness burn with her? 
Once it burns- there's no turning back, and there's no escaping our past.
Year 761 of the New Age, Late Spring
Featuring Melark and Aarushi, Mentions of Allia
Aarushi’s thicket, Glenwood, Glenmore


Curled up in her den, the heavy doe closed her eyes, wrapped around her newborn daughter, a beautiful cremello with such a delicate, fine build so very different than her own. Aarushi’s long mane for once went unbraided, lying in silky strands across the silver pine nest she had created for the new arrival. The birth itself had been difficult, long.. It scared the healer to think how close she had come to losing her firstborn. Allia had been born weaker than others, fragile and small, delicate. Though she had mewled when her mother nuzzled and licked at her, bleating softly, the little one had seemed to weak to make it through her first night. It seemed fitting she had been born at night, where Ognach seemed to be watching. Yet the filly survived the first night, and grew a little stronger, trying some wobbly steps that made the grouchy healer’s heart melt. The second night, Allia had wobbled after her mother around the glade, gleefully bleating. Morning had come and the silver cream doe had no desire to remove herself from the warm, sleeping sweet smelling little fawn.

Smiling tenderly, muscular neck rippling as she lifted her head, blue eyes looking around as the first rays of morning light filtering in through the trees. Greenery had returned in full force to the Glenwood, only adding to the delight of Aarushi. Glancing to her daughter, before eyeing her glade, wondering if it would hurt to rest just a bit longer alongside her? Surely no one could begrudge her that- she was a new mother, it was her first born daughter. They could go gather herbs and play in the flowers when the sun’s rays were warm enough to keep one’s coat warm, so that her daughter could bask in the light and have an enjoyable day. As a healer, Aarushi feared for daughter’s frailness, trying her best to keep her away from anything that could cause illness. As a mother, the silver cream couldn’t be more proud or enchanted by her first born. Nuzzling the soft baby downed forehead of Allia, a gentle, warm smile touching the grumpy doe’s maw. Such a beautiful daughter.. How could she not love her?

Melark would probably be around one of these days, the doe thought. The golden stag had said so, so she assumed he meant it. If he didn’t get here before she got up though.. Aarushi still had a job to do as a healer, and many herbs to collect and cultivate while trying to spend as much time with their daughter. Allia had already impacted the doe’s general mood so deeply. While wanting to protect her from everything and everyone, she also wanted her daughter to experience everything and to be there to experience it with her.

His hooves her floating of the renewed grass in the field, as he moved his body forward. He sighed deeply when his eyes scanned the glade, looking for that one body, that one color.
He had been away for a few days, going on patrol with a fairly new squad. His promotion to Officer certainly made he had less free time … for what he already had.

he had promised it, he had and he would keep it. Yet he couldn’t ignore the commands of his Captain as well as he commanded him to check the borders. The rumors about the Captain leaving his post were going around like a whirlwind, but melarl didn’t had the time to even think about it. he wanted to see her.

When he caught her send, he moved over to a gallop, to run towards the place he thought she would be. In the light of the sun, he saw her. And when the light broke on another coat, something small that was lying at her side, he had to gasp for her.
It was here, it was already born?! Had he been too late?
He shook his head, moved back to a trot and let out a soft rumble as announcement. he kept his distance however as he knew now each doe were so keen on having stags around their newborns. But his heart was jumping when he saw the fawn pale coat. It had to be a girl. Such a pale coat could only belong to a daughter.


The doe looked up suddenly as she heard the thundering of hoofbeats, a soft rumble of announcement as the golden stag entered the clearing. Although Aarushi trusted the guard, she found herself carefully curling her tail around her delicate little one, watching Melark with wary vibrant blue eyes. Their little one lifted her head, blinking bright blue eyes sleepily as she bleated softly at her mother, before turning drowsily to look at the much larger, fluffier stag approaching. Taking a deep breath, her ears flicking back, it took all the doe’s restraint not to snake her neck out over their little one’s body protectively, to keep her away from the stag- a new threat to her fragile daughter. Allia’s ears perked up as she tilted her head at her father, offering a soft, sweet bleat as a greeting.

Before the healer could stop her, the finely built little filly wobbled to her hooves, taking a few tentative steps towards the guard, and blinking up at him with bright blue eyes. Hauling herself to her hooves surprisingly fast, the new mother trotted up alongside her daughter. The pair shared the same eyes, only now Aarushi’s were softer, kinder. Glancing with adoration towards her beautiful little pale coated first born, then to her sire, the chubby silver cream glanced between the two. “Her name is Allia.” even the grouchy tone of her voice seemed less menacing, more filled with affection as her daughter’s name rolled off of her tongue. Giving a gentle nudge to the filly, encouragingly nudging her towards her father. “This is your father..” Aarushi murmured, watching Melark with alertness. Yet her ears were forward, ever attentive, so totally focused on her little one she couldn’t bring herself to even be grouchy. The fawn took a few uncertain steps closer, looking up at the massive stag.

Baby blue eyes gazed up at him, and although both her parents were built heavily and strong- the fawn bore a delicate refinement that one might have expected from a princess. Certainly the filly was pale enough to blend in. Her mane curled in gentle waves, giving a little smile Allia stepped a bit closer, tail flagged out behind her for balance. Bleating softly, curiously gazing at this new fawnling who unlike Momma, had thick fur around his neck, not just on his legs. He had a short mane, and black markings. He didn’t look like Momma, and he was bigger than momma. Momma said he was “father”? If her Momma trusted him- then certainly he must be safe, right? Even if he was awful big.

The little filly, even with her delicate frame, proved to be faster then her mother expected when she escaped her guarding pose and wobbled over the ground towards him. Yet it took only a second for Aarushi to follow her daughter. he didn’t expect less from the doe, being careful as she was. It had taken a time before she had warmed up to him so he was certain she would be a protective mother.

When the pale doe rolled the name ovrr her tongue, he smiled. “Soft and sweet name … like she is.” His words were soft, like his breath was taken away.
Yes, he didn’t had pale kids already, but her fine build reminded him so much to the day his younger sisters were born. Pale, young, fine build … yet his daughter had bright blue eyes, like their beloved princess god. She could be no less then blessed by her for this gift, just like her mother.

He saw the newborn baby look up to him, on her tiny long legs, still shaky. His face showed a smile again and as gentle as he could, be bended his knees to that his head would be on her level. That would be easier for such a little thing.
“Hello there.” He spoke softly before his nose touched her tiny one. he sniffed, inhaled her scent. he wouldn’t forget, remember it always.
“Such lovely eyes …”
He smiled again and looked to the ground for a second. A flower rose from it, just one, with light blue petals, just like her eyes. He took it from the ground and place it behind her giant fawn ears.
“There.” And he nuzzled her again.

“She is amazing, Aarushi.”


Aarushi watched the much larger stag warily, only a few strides away. When he spoke, a small, warm smile touched her muzzle. Tail swishing contently, the doe ambled a little closer, watching the delicate young filly who was so curious about this new friend. Aarushi couldn’t help but smiler wider as the little filly looked delighted by her father bumping noses with her, and gleefully bumped her nose against his, offering a small little bleat. When Melark put the little flower behind their daughter’s ears, Aillia gleefully bleated, wiggling the large ears before turning to show her mother, delight and excitement shining in her eyes as Aarushi smiled sweetly. “Very pretty, little flower.” She murmured lovingly to her, before glancing up at Melark.

“She is. I was worried when she was so small.. Aillia is a very delicate little one- but she’s so beautiful already, and so sweet..” The bright blue eyes were filled with maternal love for her little one. Ambling over and nuzzling at the soft little wisps of white mane, before nudging her once more towards the lowered guard. It took little encouragement for the cremello filly to wobble her way over to her father, pressing her forehead in the thick ruff of fur along his neck, snuggling right up and leaning on him as she struggled for balance in her delight. The grumpy silver cream doe laughed, ears perked. “Such a sweet little filly.. This is her first time meeting anyone aside from myself..” the new mother murmured- she’d made sure to chase any intruders away if they got too close, actually. But the healer assumed Melark knew of her protective nature of their daughter, just as protective as she was with her plants.

The filly was full of life, yet you could see there was, in a flash of a second, a little bit of weakness. Very thin frame, wobbly on her legs, … yet it wasn’t something for melark to actually worry about. he had seen many young fawn being born thin and small, including his own sister. And they are grew up into beautiful flowers.

Melark lowered his entire body to the ground, laying himself in the soft spring grass before the filly wobbled back over to him, pushing her head into his soft furry neck. He saw how she moved from side to side, finding her balance.
“Just lay down, little flower.” he softly said, nudging the fawn to the ground, so that she could nestle herself against his soft fur.

“I wouldn’t worry so much about it yet.” He spoke softly. “She’s a newborn and still need to find her strenght. She will grow up into a fine looking girl. And what can go wrong with having a talented mother.” he smiled when he looked up to the creamy doe, feeling the young fawn pulling at his manes. He didn’t mind, she didn’t hurt him at all. he would just lose a few hairs probably.

“Just take your time to go to the glade. When she’s has steady feet, you can maybe go to see if she can play around with other fawns. But for now …” He ruffled through the white short hairs of his daughters manes. So soft … “you, my little flower, stay close to your mother.”


Watching her daughter nestle against the golden guard as he ruffled their daughter’s baby down mane while Aillia tugged on the ruff around his neck and mane curiously, gentle little tugs. Aarushi’s tail swished as she nodded, smiling a small uncertain smile. “Thank you. Hopefully our little one will grow to have a good, long life, as the gods will.” She murmured softly, ambling over. It was rare that the doe had any inclination to be too close to the stag, aside from healings. Affection with others had never been her strong point- but for the moment, it filled her heart so completely to see her daughter so beloved that the doe wandered over, gently coaxing another blossom for the filly and placing it into her white mane. Pausing to let her muzzle touch the guard’s for just a fleeting moment, before nuzzling their daughter, looking happy and content.

It was good to know that Melark loved Aillia so deeply already, so proud and sure of her. But as a healer.. so many times the little ones, the fragile beauties had their lives snuffed far too soon to be returned to the gods and their worlds far away. She only could hope for the safety of their little cremello, but Aarushi knew if any dared to directly threaten her first born- there would be no hesitation to protect her, to hurt any who dared to threaten her little flower.
Fluffy Fathers
Year 761 of the New Age, Late Spring
Featuring Aarushi… and Melark… with mentions of Aillia, 
Aarushi's Thicket, Glenwood, Glenmore

Word Count: 2000+

Where our newest little Glenmorian meets her daddy, and our herbalist discovers that babies are the cutest- but only when they're hers. 

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