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Year 761 of the New Age, Spring,
Featuring Aarushi,
Glenwood, Glenmore

It had taken meticulous amounts of planning for the doe, preparing for her pregnancy, taking care of patients and always ensuring her herbs were well stocked and her plants tended to. The heavy, extremely rounded silver cream doe ambled along, wide belly swaying as she carried some wild flowers in her mouth, intending to braid them into her tail feathers. Her body betrayed her, and she was forced to take to one glade, travel a day to the next, wait a day, and so forth due to her passenger. Ognach knew how frustrating it was for her to be inhibited, but also knew of the immense confusion pregnancy bore her. Each little kick her fawn gave was a concern, never knowing if perhaps she would miscarry or if it was all in her imagination, the doe was surprisingly careful- even for a new mother. The tending to patients- particularly other does, had turned into a sort of uncomfortable bubbling gushy mess of excitement. What did they care if she was pregnant? Why did they want to feel her fawn kick- she didn’t want to feel her fawn kick, what if it was stuck? Does gushed about names and genders, about hopes and dreams and fairy tales and all the seems, hoping to get a reaction from the grouchy healer.

Surprisingly, more often than not- they got what they didn’t expect. A conversation, guarded, but little hints of the doe’s excitement always managed to wiggle their way through. Carefully plopping down onto the strongly scented pine boughs that made up her nest, Aarushi set about braiding the various wild flowers into her tail while pondering it all. A recent doe had commented how beautiful she looked- and how proud and excited she must be to be bearing a fawn. Asking about names, Aarushi had found a pair that suited her fancy perfectly. Though superstition kept her from giving them away, they echoed in the back of her mind, ready reminders of the day she found herself so eagerly anticipating. Who knew how soon her little one would be blessing the forest? Several dreams had come from Ognach, she was sure, ensuring her that she would learn and her loyalty would be tested and rewarded. Every month since the confirmation of her pregnancy, she had diligently left the gods their gift, and every night, prayers were sent to the gods for a healthy little one. Before the doe had prayed that the gods remember their children, and now she prayed for her own child, her unborn little one. Ognach had smiled on her with this gift perhaps, but the gods had a way about them didn’t they? Snorting to herself, blue eyes scanning her surroundings wondering when she had become such a pampered little brat as the royals she tended.

Reaching out with her maw, stretching the thick neck to grab another delicate little yellow wild flower, the doe’s nostrils flared and her ears slicked back as the bushy tailed adversary known as a squirrel scurried closer, examining the beautiful little flowers curiously. Snatching the stem of the flower away from the little bastard, rage filled her veins as she noticed the abomination had taken a turn for her neatly stacked herbs- running them right over and knocking the pile askew. Bellowing angrily, Aarushi struggled to her hooves, tail lashing as the frightened little vermin scampered to the nearest tree, the heavy doe hot on his heels, running at an awkward, thundering gait after him, screeching insults. Squeaking a battle cry as it triumphantly vanished up the wide trunk, while the soon to be mother ended up with a mouthful of bark. Rearing in outrage, the doe whirled, this way, that- where did it go?!

In that moment, blue eyes going skywards, she saw it. The bushy tail of terror. Squirrel! Leaping forward into a waddling trot as fast her heavily pregnant body would her, well developed muscles bunching with exertion as she tracked the culprit down. Waddle, waddle, waddle. A particularly full oak tree hid the treacherous beast. Snorting, circling the tree, eyes scanning it, looking for the moment that the little mutant slipped up and came down to ruin her herb stacks again- or even worse to knock them over. Pawing up the leaf littered forest floor, the healer scented the air, waiting for her moment to strike, to return the dishonor this squirrel had done onto her. Gods be damned- where were the foxes when she needed them? Melark would have had her hide if he knew she was chasing down this outrageous little monster, but they had a fawn on the way- how could she let it go? It was a danger to all around them, carrying diseases, ruining neatly organized herbs, eating perfectly delicious nuts she could be munching on! Nothing but filthy little savages. No she couldn’t risk leaving her baby alone in this world with the vermin running free. What kind of a mother would do something so despicable anyways?

Puffing up in outrage, the doe recognized her defeat.. this time.. The squirrel wouldn’t come to her and meet his just ending- but one day. One day, she would catch the little bastards. And put them all in their places. Every last mangy little bushy tailed freak. Nasty abominations, endangering the whole land with their ways of ruining this herbalist’s days. Tossing her head, kicking her heels up towards him, before beginning to lumber back to her lair, scowling the whole way, ears down. The whole escapade had ruined her good mood, and her carefully planned organization. Waste of time it was.. Mood darkened, the doe carried on her way, wondering when she’d finally get the chance to obliterate them. Wincing as she recognized perhaps she’d pushed her chase a little too far, her back protesting and her sore legs screeching at her for being such a fool, Aarushi waddled back towards her den, head hanging low as a defeated guard who lost a tine in battle. Perhaps this blessing of Ognach’s was supposed to be a gift.. but it had just ruined her ability to annihilate the squirrels. That simply would not do. The sooner her fawn was born, the better, the fewer squirrels there would be scampering sweetly on her forest floor.
Year 761 of the New Age, Spring
Featuring… Aarushi
Glenwood, Glenmore

Word count: 1000+

Squirrel bane fatty pants. 
Year 760 of the New Age, Fall
Featuring Svetlikin and Aarushi
Glenwood, Glenmore


The hefty doe had been busily at work all morning. Her forelegs were slathered in muck and grime, covering some of her scarring, while her nose and cheeks were smudged with the dust and pollen of the plants she had been attending to. Although fall had come, and with it the leaves had fallen, Aarushi felt more at peace with her plants than worrying about the trials of rut and royals. Carefully touching her nose to the spearmint plant, knowing many does would be seeking it this season- plus she enjoyed chewing on the leaves every so often herself. The silvery down that covered the leaves tickled at her nose, bringing a small smile to her face at the health of her little herb garden.

Plucking a little leaf to chew on, encouraging clarity of her mind in this time filled with idiotic demands. Lifting her muzzle towards the sky, and looking up at the cloud streaked expanse of blue visible in patches through the limited canopy above, Aarushi wondered how long she had to enjoy the peace of the morning. Her father had been busy, patrolling so as to ensure that stags did not overstep their bounds while partaking in rut. The smoky cream doe’s scent had changed with the season, to her immense dismay. Several stags had attempted to “woo” her. It had resulted in a not so nice exchange of words. Tail lashing at the very thought, she wondered why it happened when the air turned crisper, when the leaves fell, but already knew the answer. So babies could be born in the plush spring time. It still grated on her nerves to have so many rude demands thrown at her. So many stupid fights and foolish injuries to attend. Every year, the herb stocks Sunny took so long to accumulate dropped sharply as the need for them for this purpose year round rolled in. Come winter, she would need to travel to regain some of those herbs. Some were able to be replenished easily, others it took careful hunting.

Turning to face her carefully cultivated plants, Aarushi eyed her surroundings suspiciously. No squirrels could be heard chattering nearby- thankfully. Nasty little rodents. Always ruined her grounds this time of year or stole her damned nuts. It appeared to be a peaceful afternoon, she hoped. Maybe the doe would even have a chance to work on her little shelter at some point to keep it prepared for the coming winter and protect them from the weather.


The pale little Lord was keeping himself away from company this Autumn. Well, it was the same every year really, he’d stay away from the bellowing and antler clashing and stomping and behaving like animals and simply kept himself to himself. Rut was not for the likes of him, he had learned that long ago.

The creamy stagling was meandering without purpose through the outer reaches of the Glenwood, blue eyes lazily half lidded and his ears slack, not in the least alert for danger. He was simply bored of lying in his den of soft Autumn leaves and wanted to stretch out his increasingly middle aged muscles.

It was vaguely distressing for him to be growing old. He would have lived twenty years when the new Spring came; the prime of his life would officially be over.

“Not that I did much with it,” he snorted to himself, a sardonic little smile creeping up on his face. HIs own life’s worthlessness was something of an amusement to the catty little stag, because it suggested that the lives of others were worth even less. Certainly the lives of the great rutting bellowing bears of fawnlings at the centre of the Glenwood were.

Lost in his musings about the worthlessness of Royal Stags, Kin didn’t notice the scent of a doe in heat wafting towards him, nor the more pleasing fresh aromas of her herbs. So it was that he found himself almost in the middle of Aarushi’s garden before he actually fully realised what he was doing.

“Oh,” he said, stopping and peering at the doe in front of him. “Hello.”


The doe’s ears had pinned against her neck, as she whipped around to face the intruder. Blue eyes livid, and for a moment, her tail clamping tightly against her rump, tip lashing, she probably presented quite the image. Muscle and fat, or a hearty combination of the two, Aarushi scowled at this stag as he approached, before suddenly seeming to snap out of a daze. What was he doing in her glade, her garden? “Do you need healing or did you wander here without purpose?” She asked warily, noting the pale coat on him. His long mane and dainty rack weren’t very intimidating. Surely he wasn’t here for the purpose most stags came around for.

But he looked every bit a royal. The doe smelled strongly of the spearmint she’d be so carefully cultivating, and neat piles of herbs lay arranged all around it, though her garden itself was bursting with vitality even as the leaves were falling around them. No matter where he came from, or whose blood ran through the stag’s veins- she didn’t give a damn. A fawnling. no matter it’s birth, bled, grew ill, healed, and eventually died. It was the will of the gods and so it was. Rut however, was a particularly messy time, particularly for healers and herbalists such as herself. Being a female who had taken no mate had done little to help her. Stags who came to her limping of wounds tried to sway the stubborn and strongly built secret keeper, and gave up only when she coldly threatened to sit on their spawns after their birth come spring. The joys of labor, and mothers.

Aarushi had never been much of one for her social graces, most knew her by Sunny, for if they knew her by name they could connect her with her royal siblings. The blood she lacked. A guard for a father was good enough for her. Looking over the stag, ambling around him in a wide circle, ears remaining flattened towards her neck. “You don’t look like you’ve been injured..” the softly colored doe grumbled, blue eyes meeting the new stags. Why was he here?


Well, this was interesting. The doe, far from shying away, was actually grumbling at him! A little amused smile crept at his mouth, and he just barely kept himself from chuckling.

"No, I'm not injured," he replied, blinking lazily at her. "I was taking a walk and I stumbled on your garden. I wasn't aware it was here," he added with a shrug of his narrow shoulders.

As he mentioned the garden, he glanced around slowly from under his heavy white lashes. He wasn't an expert but it looked to be a fairly practical patch - he thought recognised one or two of the herbs growing nearby and they included one he that he knew calmed painful stomachs. He had no idea if the plants were grown with magic or simple herbal skill, but he didn't particularly care.

"It's a fine garden," he murmured, with another shrug. "But if you think that smell's covering your heat you've got to be mad."


“Well now you are aware it’s here.” She replied, tail lashing. As he mentioned her condition- being in heat, the way she smelled, Aarushi snorted, eyes flashing venomously. “Aye? That wouldn’t be the reason you happen to stumble into my little garden would it? And no smell covers the blasted scent.” The doe growled, turned and began to gently move her piles into neat pairs. Ears pressed moodily to her neck, the softly colored silver cream female brushed her nose over one of the fox glove plants, gently asking it to bloom. The flowers did as asked, opening their bell shaped blooms for the healer.

What could and did the stag want here? Worse came to worse, she could sit on him. He was smaller than she. Most stags flinched away from her scars, or commented on them. The royal instead chose to discuss her being in season? Gods be damned if he tried any funny business. She had finally found a moment to spare on collecting, organizing and storing her herbs and with just her luck, a royal stumbled into her garden. “Aren’t you and your own supposed to be off winning does for rut?” Aarushi grumbled again, rump towards the stag. The doe was happily alone in her garden.

Yet she had a feeling the stag wouldn’t just wander away because of her aggressive or abrupt attitude. Continueing to go about her work, the doe aimlessly flicked an ear towards him. Royal or not- she would not hurry to fuss over anyone unless they were on their deathbeds.


Sweet Oganach this doe was entertaining - at the first mention of her season her ears had gone back and her tail had started lashing. As if Kin was going to attempt to breed to her - she looked to be at least five years his junior, was over a hand taller than him and certainly wasn’t sending him anything even approaching the right kind of signals. At her last comment he couldn’t contain it any longer - the little Lord burst out into a peal of laughter.

“Me? Winning does for rut? I was right, you are completely mad,” he giggled, shaking his head.

“My dear, if you hadn’t noticed I don’t exactly have the physique for rut. Don’t trouble your hide about yourself, either, I just thought you should know,” he added, with a slight smirk and a not-so-subtle roll of his eyes. Does, eh?


Ears pinning, teeth bared slightly, the doe snapped rudely, “You royals get them handed to you anyways.” Blue eyes flashing as she lifted her head up high, “Mad I might be- but only the best are.” She snorted to herself, recalling a quote she’d once heard somewhere. Rorak, her father, had always suggested being dubbed crazy was the first step to doing the right thing sometimes. “So why are you here, then, little lord?” Her tail lashed grumpily, “Hurry up. I haven’t got all day to be spent for your amusement. Ought to sit on you for interrupting my afternoon.” The doe growled moodily.

Stalking past him, to the other side of her clearing, tail lashing like an agitated cat’s. Huffing, her bulk of muscle and plump chubbiness seemed to radiate annoyance. Being in heat only added to her irritation. The pale stag’s little peals of laughter made her want to put him in his place. Didn’t he know how rude it was to barge into a healer’s free time during rut? She had things to do, stags to nag, does to chide, fawns to avoid.

Grabbing a set of vines, she returned and began to tie the little bundles neatly, ignoring him as she tenderly worked with her herbs, happier to deal with their silence than the little lord’s sass.


The little stag couldn’t stop himself from giggling when she replied… the best were mad?

“If you think that lot by the Great Oak are the best, you might be on to something,” he replied, snorting with amusement. “And as I say, I’m here because I was taking a walk and I didn’t realise there was a garden around these parts,” he added, rolling his eyes in mock indignation, but still unable to keep himself from laughing.

He liked this doe - not because of rut, not even close to because of that - but he liked how damned offended she was getting just by his very presence. She’d twigged him as a lord, but hadn’t shown any hint of subservience or meekness, but she didn’t have the bearing of a royal - and these things combined made for one entertaining companion. Well, acquaintance.

Probably not even acquaintance, given that he didn’t even know her name. Trying - and failing - to hold back his amusement, he sauntered casually over towards where she was working with her herbs, tying neat little bundles no doubt for some Princess whose magic was too feeble to even cure herself of a cold.

“If you’re upset because I never introduced myself, my name is Kin. I would prefer not to be sat on, but if you must you should at least introduce yourself back,” he said with a wink, still giggling to himself.


The damned royal had the audacity to saunter on over and introduce himself as Kin, leaving all titles out of it. A wise choice. Ears pinned, icy blue eyes glowering at him, the healer snorted, “You don’t need to know my name. Most call me Sunny. Call me whatever you’d like as long as you stay out of my way.” The doe growled, pale hide rolling with muscle as she finished tying off the bundles and began to stack them neatly, moving sideways away from the little stag. A lord she assumed and a lord she was right about. When he got too close, the doe snapped snapped her teeth, leering over her bundles.

“Well now you know there is a garden here.” The words “Now go” went unspoken, but were clearly intended by the female. Turning her rump towards him, she moved back towards a different set of plants and began to work at pruning the dead buds away from the main stem, glancing towards the direction of the little lordling to see if he had left her in peace yet. Tail lashing, grumpily scowling, the softly colored female eyed him.  The stag seemed thrilled by her disdain and aggravation, amused and giggling like he was in on all the latest gossips.

Sighing, deciding that this Kin Lord Thing wasn’t going to leave her be anytime soon, he was probably having too much fun, the doe glowered at him. “If you’re going to be in my space, as least be useful and stack the rest of those packs I just tied up, or go sit somewhere and don’t move.” She growled, tail lashing. Aarushi had never been what one might call a social butterfly- with anyone, of any rank. It just wasn’t her thing.


He was still unable to keep his giggles under control. This doe was utterly marvellous! Kin skittered away as she snapped at him, but his mirth was still clearly visible and it was more for show - he doubted this doe would actually try to harm him, but offending her any more probably wouldn’t do him any good.
Her complete disdain for him was probably the most entertaining part - he hadn’t been treated this badly by a doe since his first rut, and he wasn’t even trying to woo this one. She had guessed he was a Royal, but that hadn’t changed anything - it was oddly thrilling to meet a creature so willing to play with fire, even if he was exactly the same.

“Very well, Lady Sunny,” he replied, adding the title with a further smirk. It was a deliberate jab - she hated Royals, she didn’t appear to be one and so she would probably be enormously offended by being called a Lady. Well, probably not enormously. Probably only a bit. Hopefully.

Quietly, he sauntered back to the bundles of herbs and nosed at one of them.

“What are these? Laxatives for lords with their heads stuck too far up their arses?”

Her ears pinned back with disdain at being referred to as a lady, the silvery doe stomped a hoof in irritation. Tail lashing, she knew the type of stag he was. Needling those around him. Snorting, blue eyes flashing as she continued her work. “If only that would be all it took, the kingdom would be a far better place for it.” The doe snorted moodily, glowering over her shoulder at the delicate little creature that’s mouth far outspoke his stature. An intriguing type for a royal, though most royal’s mouths could run a marathon their bodies would never support.

“Those are spearmint. It helps to clear the mind, has a pleasant scent and eases several respiratory issues, and can soothe stomachs in some cases. Good for pregnant does, royal or not, helps prevent nausea, stomach cramping, indigestion and a variety of other lovely things.” The healer rattled off without so much as a thought or a blink of the eye. It had taken her years to well all the knowledge of herbs she had, and during that time she had become so familiar with so many types of herbs that it almost came second nature to her. The doe scarcely thought about it before the abilities of them normally rushed to her mind.

The little lord, with deliberately exaggerated care, lifted one bundle of spearmint from the earth and added it to the pile that the herbalist had already created. It did smell pleasant, he would grant her that, and although her irritation was amusing perhaps it was enough for this first encounter.

“Well, I shall remember that for next time I’m pregnant,” he replied, before lifting another bundle, again with greatly exaggerated care, from the ground to the pile.

“Fun though this is,” he said, his voice now muffled around a third carefully transferred package of leaves, “I think I will take my leave of your garden.”

He deposited the third minty parcel onto the stack and turned his head to the irritable damsel.

“But don’t worry, I shan’t forget it’s here… and I really would recommend something stronger smelling than spearmint to hide your heat,” he added with a wink, quickly scampering away.

She was just so grouchy - and it was just too hard to resist!


The doe whirled, pawing the ground and lunging after him before slamming her hooves into the leafy debris, sending it scattering as her ears slicked back against her neck in agitation, tail lashing like a whip out behind her. “Hopefully you forget where it is, stagling.” She snapped after him, the heavy healer nodding as she watched the creamy colored little royal scamper off. Royals. Scowling, the doe turned back to her work patiently, as peaceful as could be in the plants’ company.
Royal Intrusions
Year 760 of the New Age, Fall
Featuring Aarushi… and Lord Svetlikin…
Glenwood, Glenmore

Word count: 3000+ 

Thank you so much to Fred for such an amusing rp! Aarushi's temper is only too amusing for our little lord Svetlikin, and Aarushi is ready to sit on him by the end of their meeting X'D 
Year 760 of the New Age, Summer
Featuring Caderyn and Aarushi
Near Sunny’s ( Aarushi’s) Thicket, Glenwood, Glenmore


The woods seemed to be alive with vitality this summer. The local plant life had been doing particularly well- though plants that favored dryer climates had suffered some. Thankfully, the heavily built pale doe had kept her stocks well. Carefully, Aarushi moved through the forest away from a small place where she visited and guarded the growth of willowreed. She had spent the night gathering the long stems and collected them with great care and patience. Long, thin reeds draped over her back, while the pouch about her neck brimmed with freshly picked foxglove. The stems themselves had been unharmed, and the plump herbalist had taken great care not to take too many leaves from any one plant, lest she accidentally kill them. It had been mere chance she stumble upon them, a little patch sprouting she would take care to note in the future.

Summer was her last chance to gather herbs at the peak of their prime, flowering and growing. Rut would be upon her too soon. Wrinkling her nose in disdain, a frown beginning to grow on her maw as Aarushi wondered how best to ward off this year’s participants. Perhaps a good long trip. Then again, her skills would be needed to tend to the stags unskilled enough to gain wounds from the “harmless” sparring. The guards would have their hooves full, and she would be up to her pretty blue eyeballs in lords and ladies ceaseless chatter and nonsense. Hormones, scents, everything would be changing. Bleating fawns already crowded about the new Great Oak. Huffing about the frivolity of such foolishness, and knowing that the time for preparations had come, the doe set herself to ambling closer to her thicket. It, too, would need to be repaired for the coming winter. Father had begun to slow down, and although his magic was strong as ever, he tired more quickly with each passing year. He was content with the light duties of the Guard. Nothing too hard for the old stag, but more and more Sunny worried as his ailments came to light and he refused treatment unless absolutely required or unbearable. Stags. Practically rolling her eyes, she marched on deeper into the wood.

On this particular day, her scarred forelegs were smattered with mud and stained from the grass. Her mane had been braided tightly against the crest of a thick neck, and was adorned with the little purple belle blossoms from the foxglove earlier encountered. Ears back already, the doe scented the air, wondering who might be about. Aarushi knew these woods too well to allow strangers in her midst. Pausing for a long moment, eyes up as her ears swivelled, listening to any foreign sounds. Or any unwelcome pests. Like those disease carrying gods be damned squirrels. Sunny had never enjoyed unexpected guests, even though her life had been arranged around helping others. She was almost certain there was an unexpected, and particularly unwelcome male guest somewhere near here. Tail swishing angrily, the doe tried to pinpoint where exactly this intruder might be, and what could he possibly want? Damn stags never got out of her tail hair.


Flecks of sun danced over Cadeyrn’s shiny coat as he made his way through the Glenwood, a heavy sigh leaving his muzzle as he had to bend his neck as far as he could to lick the blood from his shoulder wound. After an unexpected encounter with a Blackwood raider, one which was handled well from his side but not by his guard partner at the time, the large, dark stag had been forced to drive the intruder back by himself as the other guard was incapable of doing anything right. Most likely this “Royal Guard” was a royal trying to be something he wasn’t; useful.

Before they had gotten reinforcements Cadeyrn had been impaled in the shoulder by the cursed Blackwood’s sharp rack, and after lashing out as his so called “capable” partner as soon as the situation was under control, he had left the site to go and seek aid before another scar was added to his precious, shiny coat.
The heavy guard had heard that there was apparently a herbalist doe situated in the Glenwood. Sunny, if he could remember correctly, and if it wasn’t for the fact that a guard he actually thought capable had told him she had healed a rather nasty wound for him, he wouldn’t have bothered to try and locate her. Cadeyrn never liked having to blindly follow other’s directions, but with the other Royal Guard’s directions he soon saw the herbalist with her back turned, or at least he thought it was her, she fit the description that the other stag had given him.

Cadeyrn took a step forward to alert her to his presence, and cleared his throat slightly before dipping his head in a respectful bow. “Good day, are you Sunny? I was harmed in battle and require your assistance, if you would be so kind.” he said, a soft tone to his voice that none but does would ever hear. He knew however that coming on too strong was oft not appreciated by does, so he worded his request carefully, hoping that she was the one he had been looking for.


The noise of a hoofstep behind her alerted the doe to the stag’s presence, and in an instant she turned to face him, taking great care not to dislodge her preciously picked reeds. Large, dark, minimal scarring with a shiny coat and an open wound. Royal guard, the doe thought instantly. What fools bowed to does of no noble blood? “Good day, are you Sunny? I was harmed in battle and require your assistance, if you would be so kind.” His voice was soft. So he wanted help, eh?

“Aye.”Aarushi consented simply, neither denying or acknowledging the name he gave her.  Nodding towards the stag’s wound, analyzing it critically, “Let me guess, royal guard, some sort of patrol and something to do with the line of duty?” She grumbled dismissively. Typical wounds for a guard. He was built like a guard anyways. Assumptions from Aarushi were rarely proven wrong, she’d seen so many. But few sought out her assumptions or opinions either way. The doe moved carefully so as not to dislodge her collection, and walked straight up to the stag. Sniffing at the wound, before nodding to herself. The doe had collected some sea weed, and her father had brought some to her from the shore. It had been quite the trip, but they had collected plenty when they went last. Her stores of it were running out, but it would help to clean the wound. And her Aster Berry leaves would help to make poultice. Thick mud that coated her forelegs hid some of her scars from thrashing patients- but the rest on her chest and cheek were easily visible.

“Come.” Aarushi ordered, turning tail and heading towards her stores, tail tip swaying slightly to and fro as she walked. The stag’s rack was in velvet, and he seemed in fit shape. If not a little towards the plump side like herself. Having seen the extent of blood from the gash, the pale herbalist knew he would handle the walk to the clearing- or rather could. Hoping with little to no complaint. Stags were worst than fawns and pregnant mothers half the time, telling of their tales of triumph. “Common seaweed, aster berry leaves.. basic balm.. ought to do the trick..Or a willowreed wrap if there’s any sprain to the muscles..” She grumbled under her breath to herself, reiterating her plan of treatment. This guard had come seeking help from her, surely he did not need to have the procedure explained to him? It was relatively simple after all- guard came to herbalist, herbalist fixed the boo boo after cleaning it, poof their little ouchie was made all better. Fairly easy to understand in her opinion. Since he had been recommended to her, whoever she had helped clearly thought her skills adept enough to help their friend. Perhaps he should trust his friend’s word.

The pale doe moved ahead of the dark colored and larger stag without much concern for proper manners and etiquette, she had a job to do. Willowreeds to strip and tend, as well as checking of her stores and herb stock in general. Perhaps if his shoulder were too tender the willowreed could be used, it was fresh after all. Thinking to herself, plump sides swaying as she ambled along to allow for the stag to keep pace, but also more importantly to keep from dislodging her most recent addition to her collections. Ah yes, a few leaves of foxglove would help to give him some of his strength back as well, though not too much. Aarushi glanced over her shoulder, icy blue eyes analyzing him as she made sure he was following.


The way the herbalist doe responded to Cadeyrn’s greeting confirmed two things for him. She was the one he was looking for, not necessarily named Sunny though as she didn’t dismiss nor confirm the name. Maybe it was just a nickname that someone had given her? As she did not give him her real name however he just assumed it was a private matter. Sunny also seemed to have more to her than the prissy royal does he guarded ever so often, those who adored gossip and thought themselves smart and in control just because they happened to know who this lord or that lady was in love or who really hated each other but hid it under the surface.
That kind of knowledge was easily obtainable as long as you knew proper manners and how to manipulate someone into pouring their hearts out, but the knowledge this herbalist doe possessed, that was knowledge that he could find himself honestly impressed by. Only those patient and curious enough, capable of devoting their lives to learning the qualities of everything that grew in the Glenwood and their unique qualities would succeed in their pursuits. Knowledge was something that Cadeyrn thought very attractive.

The heavy guard kept his gaze fixed on Sunny while she analysed his bleeding wound, and grinned slightly at her comment. “Let me guess, royal guard, some sort of patrol and something to do with the line of duty?” she grumbled, and he nodded softly. “A combination of Blackwood raider and incompetent partner to be exact.” He answered, his grin turning to a frown as he would have avoided the injury if he’d been assisted right away by the other guard. The herbalist told him to come, and he followed her to where she probably kept her many materials.
As Sunny grumbled about what she would be treating his wound with, Cadeyrn listened with interest. Common seaweed, aster berry leaves, basic balm and willoweed wrap, some of the things she said were completely unfamiliar to him, but he trusted she knew what would work. He had never been to an herbalist before, in his younger days he just let his wounds heal by themselves, foolish as he was as that meant his coat scarred. The old scars were minimal yes, but they still bothered him every time he saw them. As he followed Sunny he worried a little about getting another scar, and looked up at her with a genuinely worried expression. “Would anything of what you’ve mentioned keep the wound from scarring by any chance?” he asked, the vulnerability of the question making him a little uncomfortable, but still it was something that he needed to check.


As he explained how he’d come to receive the wounds, she kept plodding along. “A combination of Blackwood raider and incompetent partner to be exact.” Well at least he had a vocabulary. His next words caught her off guard- but what did she expect from a royal guard? “Would anything of what you’ve mentioned keep the wound from scarring by any chance?” For such a large stag to look so uncomfortable and vulnerable wasn’t uncommon to the herbalist- often stags came up with more.. embarrassing questions about aphrodisiacs and their own incapabilities. The doe flicked her tail as she thought for a long moment- any wound could heal and turn into a scar. It just depended on how well he let the scar and scab heal itself. The doe personally didn’t think it would leave a scar, as it wasn’t deep enough and it was being tended.

“Depends on how well you listen to directions.” She replied, “If you can’t listen to them, then you’re gonna get a scar either way. That wound isn’t deep enough to leave much of a scar, and even if it did scar up- it’d fade away within the year.” As they moved towards the forest, they reached one of the places she stored her herbs. Vines ensnared several tree trunks, and covered various hollows within the trees, or held bundles carefully. The vines holding the trees were loose, and easy to move between, but trying to remove them from the hollows and bundles hidden to the unsuspecting eye would be quite difficult. It had taken the pale doe quite some time to adjust to this particular space’s arrangements, and even more practice at retrieving the items she made so difficult to retrieve.

With the utmost care, the doe removed the willowreed stems from her back, nosing them into a neat pile and examining the different trees thoughtfully. Aarushi had originally planned to bring the stems to her own thicket, to store for more personal cases. Focusing on a small pine with soft needles, a silver pine, the doe ducked beneath the needles before rearing up slightly to reach a small bundle of the aster berry leaves. Bundle in mouth, turning and ambling back over to the willowreed stems and setting it gently atop them with a sort of lovingness that only a herbalist could have for such a thing. Stalking over to the taller guard, she stood close to his shoulder, tail swishing.

“I need to clean this, hold still.” Her voice was low, cautious. Physical contact was always uncomfortable for the doe- but as long as she was the one administering it, the discomfort could be managed. Rarely did she allow anyone to come within her personal space, let alone touch her. Sniffing at the wound, Aarushi’s thoughts swirled in the world of healing and the best way to do so.


“Depends on how well you listen to directions.” Sunny replied, making Cadeyrn sigh softly with relief.“If you can’t listen to them, then you’re gonna get a scar either way. That wound isn’t deep enough to leave much of a scar, and even if it did scar up- it’d fade away within the year.” the herbalist continued and the large stag nodded. He was not one to neglect his coat, so the wound was surely no danger to his looks.

As Cadeyrn followed the plump doe to her thicket he couldn’t help but smiling softly behind her back. An attractive doe such as her could easily wrap stags around her hooves, being a rather desirable light colour. Yes she wasn’t the creamy shade that was often sought after but commoner stags seemed to care less about what shade of pale their does were. Now he didn’t care for that himself, but as he knew himself very well he felt the attraction he had towards Sunny solely because of her knowledge.

The herbalist doe it seemed gathered the herbs needed to tend to his wound, and as she moved close to his shoulder he stopped completely as he could feel that she was a little uncomfortable. “I need to clean this, hold still.” Sunny said, her voice revealing what Cadeyrn had felt. She sniffed at his wound making him wrinkle his nose slightly as he found it a little bit odd, but he trusted that the plump doe knew what she was doing. “How long have you learnt about herbs and how to use them? It must take a great deal of determination” he smiled, softly, his voice with a tone of genuine interest.


Neutrally the doe licked at the wound gently until satisfied with how clean it was. The stag’s rack, although covered in velvet, would impede any hopes he had of truly cleaning the wound itself. Ears swivelling to listen to him as the plump healer began to gather up her herbs, the doe took a moment to consider his words. Spoken softly, the rumbling voice of the stag had seemed sincere. But he was a stag. Sincerity was skin deep and ear pleasing. “How long have you learnt about herbs and how to use them? It must take a great deal of determination.” The guard had smiled down at her, though the doe found his compliment of determination to be nothing out of the ordinary from a stag. Taking a moment to mull the concept over, she paused to think about the question. Rorak had begun to help her when she was probably about two, and been apprenticed to a healer around three. “Since I was two or three years old.” the doe answered bluntly, “I grew up around the royal guard.” She added with a shrug of her muscular shoulders, as though it was self explanatory.

Recalling bits of her experiences growing up, the softly colored smoky cream doe could recall sitting at the guard’s practice for extended amounts of time, not only helping to heal, but watching how the wounds were dealt. Aarushi actually contained a surprising amount of knowledge about fighting, defensive and offensive movements, what wounds were fatal, code of conduct for rut amongst stags and strategy of battle itsef. Rorak had been a well respected and known member of the royal guard, and when he begun to bring the chubby, cute little pale daughter of his- no one questioned it for concern of invoking the protective stag’s wrath. Turning a well muscled rump towards the dark guard, she retrieved the little bundle of herbs which contained a premade balm within it. The scent of it was not unpleasant at least, and it was a thick green salve type of balm made of seaweed. Patiently she began to apply it evenly over the larger fawnling’s wound, surprisingly gentle for what one would expect from such a prickly female.

“Once the seaweed balm dries, I can apply the poultice. You’ll just have to be careful not to reopen the wound and it should heal within about a week or so well enough that you won’t need it to be covered. It’ll be tender and show a scar for a slim period of time while your fur grows back over it.” Speaking of scars, Aarushi was covered in them herself. One on her cheek, covering her chest, forelegs, shoulders and some parts of her neck. The healer knew plenty about all things related to her job, and made a point of constantly learning more. Experimenting with different herb combinations on her own wounds when the chances arose, so as to better allow herself to be more more frugal in the herb use with others while getting the optimal results needed. Despite being so involved in the guard, she’d never settled down with a mate, never even allowed to physically express affection towards her. Just wasn’t her thing, she supposed.

Watching the balm as it begun to dry the doe stood patiently, tail swishing slowly, gaging the guard’s reactions and intentions.


Sunny responded simply that she had been learning about herbs since she was three, adding that she had grown up around the guard. Cad faintly remembered having seen her around before, though they had likely passed each other unnoticed many times.
He watched her as she applied the balm to his wound, causing it to sting a little but not enough to bother him. The plump doe told him how he should care for his wound, and the part about it making a scar, at least for a short time, made him wince slightly. “Okay, I’ll be careful” he said simply, worried on the inside that his pelt would get another blemish.
Cad distracted himself with the information about her growing up around the guards though, and tilted his head a little. “How come you grew up with the guardsmen? Was your sire a royal guard?” he asked softly and carefully, not sure if that was something she did not want to speak of. His own father struck a chord with him, so he knew how sensitive it could be.


Shrugging off the question, the silvery doe avoided it carefully. “Just be careful with that wound. Do not worry why I grew up under the circumstances I did.” She said, watching the stag. “You’re done with your treatment. Inform me if any things show up such as burning, stinging, swelling, pus, the whole like.” Aarushi murmured, turning and promptly beginning to go back to work tending the flowers nearby as though nothing had happened. The dark guard was certainly an interesting sort. He asked a lot of questions- but he didn’t seem a royal himself. Who would know what would come of this meeting, if anything at all? She was sure the squeamish stag would be back if anything upset his wound, or if he received another regardless.
Heavy Hitters and Healers
Year 760 of the New Age, Summer
Featuring Caderyn… and Aarushi…
Aarushi's Thicket, Glenmore

Word Count: 3000+

Aarushi heals Caderyn, and Caderyn tries to get all the info he can  <3 huge thank you to Silver for such an amazing rp! 
Year 760 of the New Age, Winter
Featuring Aarushi and Melark
Glenwood, Glenmore


The doe lifted her nose sleepily, startled by the feeling of warmth alongside her back. Ears pinning, blue eyes flashing to look over her shoulder, almost startled to see Melark alongside her. Blinking, before suddenly recalling the night’s events, Aarushi winced inwardly. His scent clung to hers, and she shifted uncertainly. Well this would be an interesting morning, she was sure. Turning away from him, tail wrapping tightly around her tucked legs, the healer glanced out across the pristine snow. With a little sigh, the smoky cream hauled herself to her hooves, retrieving her packs and going to gather herbs. Sniffing the air, and then spotting the bright red berries, the doe headed for the holly bush and began to pack away some of the plant into her bags. It only showed in the winter really. Glancing over her shoulder, eyeing the golden guard’s sleeping form, Sunny truly was at a loss as to how to handle the whole.. situation.

Ognach had asked her to attempt to conceive a fawn. And it had been an uncomfortable task. Stags rarely touched her, nor did she ever seek out their attentions. This whole thing made the doe want to crawl into a hole somewhere and hide. What did she do now? Thank him for his time and send him on his merry way? Snorting to herself grumpily, the doe’s tail lashed as the thoughts irritated her. No.. Melark seemed the moral type. She expected he’d want a part in any fawn they had created’s life. The whole issue of spawning the thing still existed as well.. Perhaps bringing these things up would be a good idea.. But then again, it was a pain in the rear to have to acknowledge doing the deed. But the smoky healer had done it for the god she loved so dearly. And if he wanted a fawn, he could have it. Sighing to herself and resigning to the whole situation, deciding might as well not to pretend to be something she wasn’t and handle it how she handled everything- to the point. It was gonna be what it was gonna be.

Turning, the doe headed over to the edge of the glade to look about it. Spotting some Elderberry, and ambling over to gather the fruits and flowers, careful to avoid all else of the plant. She didn’t need to deal with any of that accidental ingestion. Perhaps if she were lucky she could find some Salamander’s Tongue. Aarushi imagined she’d need it. Maybe a colt would please Ognach, and gods knew that she was better built for bearing sons anyways.. Wrapped in her own thoughts, going about filling the rest of the room in her packs to the brim with any herbs she could get to, almost forgetting the stag was there, though his scent clung to her, tickling under her nose as a reminder she tried to ignore.

You could easily say he had been drifted away by the previous night. This far away from the herd, he didn’t had to focus on different things, no, there was only one thing: Protecting the doe he was going with as guard.
Yet then you had something as the rut to just change it all.
It was the sound of moving branches and things pulled from it that woke him up. He blinked against a few strong rays of sun before he saw the pale body of the doe going from bush to bush to pick her herbs. It was then he fully remembered what had happened. Spoken about an awkward moment.

No, this was not his first doe he had mated with, yet the main situation was different. Most of the rest had either asked him for his favor … in one way or another. This situation … was maybe more delicate.
The golden stag sighed deeply before he unfolded his legs, shake of that leave that was hanging in his rack before he left the covering of the tree they had been sleeping under. The first snow was here and there melting under the light of the sun, opening a few patches of leftover grass.

For the first time, he didn’t really knew what to say first. Just a goodmorning, pretending there was nothing? Or talk about it … He could remember her shaky body which had made him clear this was her first time. It could be scary, but he was a careful father. Nobody would touch his fawns. But that didn’t mean he already knew what to say to the blue eyes herbalist before him.
He scraped his throat and started to move eventually. He could hear the small layer of snow cracking under his hooves when he walked up to her.
“Sunny?” came out of his mouth, he didn’t know what else to say.


Glancing over her shoulder, ears pricking at the sound of snow crunching under hoof, she looked at the golden stag as he approached her. Melark seemed to be being quite careful. He called her by Sunny still.. He would be the father of her first fawn.. Maybe he ought to know her real name. Maybe. It played across her mind, blue eyes focused on him as she watched him approach. The way he said her name was more of a question.

Giving him a skeptical look the doe nodded, “Yes?” She replied carefully, head held high. Perhaps feeling so vulnerable had made her edgey.. or the whole situation. Nonetheless, the doe would not fall in a puddle at any stag’s hooves. Aarushi was not one for fancy words, and expected no love from any stag. The healer had never expected to bear a fawn in truth. “If you’d like to say something, I’d say it before I go back to gathering my herbs.” Grumbling the words defensively, ears flicking back as the smoky colored female glanced back towards her mostly filled packs on her hips. Snorting to herself as the scent once more hit her so abruptly. Damned musk of stags. Clung to everything. All the doe wanted was her normality. But even such a blunt doe as herself, one seemingly uncivilized could sense the delicacy of the situation as it began to unfold. Her intelligence was often underrated, but.. This whole thing made her uncomfortable. It was new. There would be responsibilities, perhaps even expectations of her that Aarushi would have happily fled to escape, just to retreat to her gods.

Then again, the doe was anything but a coward. Returning his gaze boldly, the heavy female’s mane had started to become unbraided, and finding the excuse to look away once more, she set about finishing unbraiding it. It hung in heavy, wild waves and tendrils down her neck. Tail lashing, the scarred female watched him warily, like a deer watching a pack of wolves, ready to react. Clearly tense, but bold and brave as always, refusing to flinch away from the stag or his words as he approached her. A heart was a heavy burden, and Sunny kept hers carefully hidden away. The whole emotion thing had never been her preference in handling matters when logic was so much easier. Assuming they had conceived a fawn, being a mother and father would be quite the responsibility and they at least ought to be able to communicate. Particularly with regards to the help she would need learning how to do the whole.. “Mothering” thing.

She looked at him, her face pretty … harsh, if he could place a name on it. There was no trace anymore of the shaky doe he had seen the previous night, nothing of the sacred and sky look on her face. Her blue eyes were looking straight at him, while they had been avoiding him this night.
He swallowed when seeing her look and he suddenly fell so small as a young fawn. Was she blaming him? Was she angry at him? he had never seen a doe look at him like that after … well, you know, right?

“Yes?” She replied carefully, her head held high. Much higher than it had been during the darkness.
“If you’d like to say something, I’d say it before I go back to gathering my herbs.”
The words came out with a sudden feeling of defense and Melark took a step back. Backed down by a doe. He never wanted to hurt one … angry, yes, he could, he knew he could, but hurt one? never … There would always be discussions, struggles, nothing would go so smoothly as dripping honey.

Maybe she didn’t wanted him by her side. Maybe she didn’t wanted him at all and was it just … a fling? A one night fling, one to forget.
But what if she was in fawn? Would he see his child? Would he even know it from nearby or a distance. The skin on his shoulder shivered … maybe this was not the time.
He raised his head, but kept his easy face … almost relaxed.
Maybe this wasn’t the time to talk about it ... yet?

“Are there other places you want to visit?” He asked then with a more or less firm voice. Damn, he hated this so much. What if she hated him because he didn’t asked anything about their … meeting? What if, what if … He snorted and flicked with his tail.
He looked at her, those blue eyes … they were beautiful.


The doe watched as the stag took a step away from her. “Aye. I have somewhere along the way home I need to stop.. Herbs for spring and fawns.” She muttered, tail lashing. Perhaps she was being too harsh, too defensive.. But how did one start this conversation? Clearly the golden stag was playing it safe. Giving a defeated little sigh to herself, glancing at the sky above, before glancing to the stag. “Are we going to talk about last night or no?” The doe glanced away quickly, uncomfortable with the topic, before plowing into it with all of the grace of a tree fall. Not very.

“Look, if you don’t wanna be around if there’s gonna be a fawn, don’t expect me to be okay with that. I don’t know how to be a parent. And I don’t want for a fawn not to know it own’s father from a tree stump.” The doe grumbled, for once expressing some sort of emotion. Kindof. Close enough. Not really, but it was an attempt right? It was more than she normally said. Aarushi refused to meet his eyes, staring hard at the ground, ears pinned at her neck. “I get it if you want nothing to do with me, I’m not exactly the perfect doe for Glenmore- but the fawn, you really don’t have an option on.” She said with a sudden firmness, looking up at him stubbornly.

Perhaps the smoky silver doe wasn’t the ideal doe to have a fawn by. But the healer didn’t expect anyone to find anything about her enjoyable, didn’t expect to be loved or wanted. So help her, to any who stood in her way, if they tried that nonsense with any fawn by her... Maybe the guard just wanted a fling, to move on, find better does. It wasn’t her place to figure that out, it was her responsibility to care for any fawn that could result of their actions. Fidgeting uncomfortably, ears pinned defensively, she couldn’t decide whether to be bold and defensive or to make an attempt at being more delicate about the subject.

Taking a deep breath, the doe nodded to herself. Glancing up, frowning slightly, her voice hesitant and highly uncertain, guard down for a fleeting moment. “I would really appreciate it if you would be around though.. I’m not asking you to be my mate or any of that.. I just could.. really use the help if I.. uh.. am..” She couldn’t finished with the words in fawn. His fawn. But nonetheless. Looking away, warmth flooding to the tips of her ears and all over her scarred face. Honestly, Aarushi didn’t expect the stag to have any romantic feelings towards her. A friend during the times approaching would be needed more than ever.. and as much as she hated to admit it, she did need such. Wishing that she could melt away like the snow was doing beneath the sun’s rays, the healer was fumbling for words and at a loss for understanding the situation. Truly, no clue what to do.

“Aye. I have somewhere along the way home I need to stop.. Herbs for spring and fawns.”
Great … he thought. He waited for a second … hoping she would actually start to say something. Yet just on the moment he thought she wouldn’t, the doe looked up to the sky and spoke again.
“Are we going to talk about last night or no?”

“Look, if you don’t wanna be around if there’s gonna be a fawn, don’t expect me to be okay with that. I don’t know how to be a parent. And I don’t want for a fawn not to know it own’s father from a tree stump.” She grumbled. Those words caught him by surprise. He looked at her a little bit shocked. Was she serious telling that? Yet he knew, that she didn’t knew him. She probably never heard about him. he was just … a guard, one of the many. Who would know the name of a guard with no real title, except for being the one that left his herd …
“I get it if you want nothing to do with me, I’m not exactly the perfect doe for Glenmore- but the fawn, you really don’t have an option on.”
Melark snorted. Her voice was so firm and strong, like she was obeying him to be there. He was a little bit surprised by the harshness of her words and he flicked with his tail.

“I would really appreciate it if you would be around though.. I’m not asking you to be my mate or any of that.. I just could.. really use the help if I.. uh.. am..”
He had enough, time to stop that babbling.
He took a few steps and jumped right before her, his head high up, legs straight, blocking her way.
“Stop it …” he said.

“I will be there …” He breathed out the air he had hold for so many minutes and relaxed his body a bit. “I am always there for my children. Yes, I am a guard … and I shall maybe not be there every day. I can even die each day, if Oganach wants me at his side, but …”
He lowered his head a little bit more, like he was defeated.
“I am always there and protect what is mine. You are maybe not my mate, but you carry something from me. And so, you earn my protection, for what’s it worth.”

He took a step back and looked over her. Yes, she has scars, yes, she was not such a fine build doe, but she wasn’t ugly with her blue eyes and pale coat.
“I am not such a stag that leaves his kids to be raised by their mother’s alone. Any doe having my child can ask my help, even if they already belong to someone else. they are of my blood and my responsibility as well.”
He sighed deeply. “Regardless if I would bind myself to one doe in the future, those doe’s are the mother’s of my sons and daughters … Something I treasure more than anything.”


The doe pinned her ears aggressively the moment the stag stood in her path, glowering up at him, thinking about giving him a good nip. Listening to his speech, the doe eyed him up and down, tail lashing. Snorting, icy blue eyes flashing as she lifted her head higher, defiant, before looking away for a moment. He spoke so fondly of does who carried his offspring, and it startled her more than anything. Regardless, the doe huffed, “Good, then we won’t have any issues with you being a father.” Stepping around him, tail lashing. Perhaps she was pricklier than usual due to the discomfort of the whole situation. The doe couldn’t deny the nerves already humming with her, the vulnerability of the situation made her want to hide. Feeling cornered and confused, the doe did the only thing she knew how to do- protect herself mentally. Head lowered uncomfortably, ears plastered to her neck, tail lashing the whole while, the grumpy female trudged back towards the way they had come.

If Melark wanted her affections, or for her to even understand or accept any, he’d have to help her along the way. Sunny reflected on the whole concepts of affection. She’d never had a stag cuddle up alongside her at night, nuzzle her or share mutual grooming, touch her in any way of affection. Emotions had never been the doe’s strong suit, and the whole situation made her want to shy away, but she was too stubborn for that. Feelings the doe had never known throbbed in the back of her mind, and soon the smoky cream found her whole body tensed like a spring. Taking a deep breath, shaking her head stubbornly, the muscular female didn’t know what she even wanted right now. Perhaps the issue laid in the fact that she didn’t know anything about motherhood. Sure, delivering a fawn was easy, but having one? It was all new, and frankly terrifying to her. Aarushi couldn’t admit it- but she was truly terrified.

Giving a frustrated sigh, the doe stomped her forehooves, into the ground, giving a little rear, long mane trailing against her neck. Refusing to look back, if the stag wanted to come he would. She wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t, if he simply gave up on her. Most did. Aarushi was in a fooler mood than usual, prickly and defensive- it didn’t take a genius to see just how scared she really was, that the doe was avoiding being scared by being defensive instead. It was easier, and something she understood. Pausing to begin collecting some scotch pine needles and cones, ears pinned, refusing to look away from the task at hand.

He looked at her, seeing her troubles face. Expression from fear to anger moved from one side to another, something that even scared him a little bit. He knew shy does, he knew strong does, but he never meet a doe that was troubled with herself. Trying to be strong a tree, while inside, she was as soft as the grass.

“Good, then we won’t have any issues with you being a father.”
She passed him in a flash, her tail lashing. She acted nervous, prickled, … like she was still deciding to accept him or decline him. He sighed softly. He had no clue what to do. He even fell a little bit desperate by himself now. It had always been so easy and smooth going that he thought it was always like that.

Maybe the sight of her struggling with the idea or feelings made him feel a little bit better. She had a hard time to … not only him. Yet still, he couldn’t suppress that feeling of guilt. He had placed her in that position, if he had been stronger to his mind … But that was all too late now.
So when she moved, he followed her, from a few meters distance. he didn’t wanted to place himself too close to her, he didn’t wanted her to feel more uncomfortable.
He saw her collecting stuff and he snorted softly. He had no idea what to do …


She could hear the stag following her, but he did not speak. Maybe she was being too harsh. It wasn’t his fault she didn’t understand any of this, and that it had her so ramped up. Glancing up, a pale, greyish stem coloration caught her eye. It couldn’t be? A snowlily? Trotting over to it, examining it carefully, the doe found herself delighted by the rare flower’s appearance on such a confusing day. It was an addictive plant, but a very rare one as well.. In very small doses it was more readily used, giving its users great strength. Though it did make them a touch.. insane. It did work with charm making she’d heard. And the healer was loathe to leave any rare specimen such as this unharvested. She needed the stamen of the plant, however. It was such an odd thing, really, as it only flowered in winter- though this one had yet to come into bloom.

Glancing behind her to see the golden guard following, the doe’s ears flattened guiltily. Aarushi knew she had been too harsh, too abrupt with the poor stag. It was her fault for having tempted him, or tried. Blue eyes returning to the snowlily, a certain softness falling over her. “It’s snowlily.. It’s quite rare, a very powerful little flower..” she murmured softly, off handedly. Should she coax life into it’s bloom? It was a rare chance to collect anything from the winter blooming plant, and it preferred to live high up in the mountains.. Perhaps another healer had retrieved it and planted it? She knew many grew addicted, blind by the stamen and power it provided. It was also poisonous. Tail flicking, the doe’s bad mood seemed to disappear, too interested in the flower to pay any heed to last night, or it’s consequences.

A slight, rare smile played across her maw as she gazed at the flower, enjoying it’s beauty. Sending the tiniest bit of magic, hoping to coax it into a bloom. The doe found herself completely enthralled with the little thing, barely aware the guard was even alongside her as she lowered her muzzle alongside the greyish plant.

It was her sudden movement that dragged him out of his ‘dark grey’ state. He pricked his ears and raised his head. His tail flicking from side to side. Had she heard something? Was there somebody around. He listened for sounds and tried to smell something, but there was nothing.

When he looked back at Sunny, he saw her staring at … something. Curious as he was, he snuck by, hearing her mumble things.
“It’s snowlily.. It’s quite rare, a very powerful little flower..”
He mainly her rare and little flower. But when he looked at the greyish plant, he didn’t saw any flowers. There were buds on it, just a few.
He carefully looked aside him, seeing how the harsh mood from the doe was melting like snow now she had seen something special and rare. He could imaging this was something special for her, by the look in her eyes and every herbalist probably wanted it.

He then fell something strange, like a tickling on his skin. It was like he could see the energy floating in the plant. He inhaled. She was using magic, trying to make it bloom. But he could feel that the flow of energy wasn’t strong enough. It wouldn’t make the flower bloom.
He bit on his teeth and flicked his ears a bit. Did he needed to help? She would probably be disappointed if she couldn’t take this one home. Maybe it came into bloom over a few days, but then another herbalist would maybe take it.
He lowered his head a bit and sniffed shortly.
“May … I assist?” He asked carefully. He didn’t wanted to make her angry or nervous again. Her face was now standing on curious and relaxed that he would like to keep it that way.


Hesitant to accept help, even from a close friend, the doe eyed him. “If you wish..” she murmured softly, as though afraid to disrupt the steady flow of careful magic she was working on weaving into the flower. An apology formed on her maw as she glanced at the beautiful little poison flower. How could any not adore such pristine power? Not yet in bloom, but rapidly growing into it. Little by little the bloom began to open, and her blue eyes lit up at the sight. She wondered if that was what a pregnancy was like vaguely, and then glanced at the stag trying so hard to do right by her. Melark wasn’t anyone worth being angry with. He had good intentions to have said the least. Ognach would have been pleased, would he not have been?

Sighing softly as she turned her attentions to the flower, a curious expression on her face as thoughts mixed and churned over in her mind, awaiting the stag’s reaction and actions in general, the healer looked almost peaceful as she did such.

“If you wish..” She murmured and he couldn’t suppress and small smile. He focussed on the flower, it strain of energy he fell flowing, supported by the magic of the pale doe next to him. The flower was almost there, just a little bit. The guard focussed and pushed his own energy in the same stream to give the flower it’s last push. The flower opened his leaves like it was hit by the first ray on spring sunlight.

Yet the golden stag couldn’t hold himself to see how far he could go and went on to the second flower and gave it it’s push. Two other flowers opened their leaves before his and the doe’s eyes and then he made it a rest before he would lose his energy.
He inhaled deeply and gave a flick with his tail when he looked at the open flowers.
“Gorgeous indeed.” he said on a soft tone and he looked aside him, with a big smile on his face to the pale doe, to await her reaction.

The doe couldn’t help but smile as the flowers blossomed slowly before their eyes, her blue eyes alight with warmth as she regarded the plant. Tenderly, she began to move the soil away from the roots slowly, with great care before picking up the stem and lifting it into her carrying pack with the same gentleness she might nurture a newborn fawn. Once contented with the position of the flower, Aarushi looked at Melark, looking sheepish. “T-thank you..” she mumbled, before adding, “I’m sorry for early.. for being so harsh and everything.. It’s not your fault..” She offered an uncertain grin, “I just.. haven’t.. really ever had to deal with a morning after talk or any of that..” Her cheeks were warm, and she hoped that the guard would forgive her behavior. It wasn’t his fault, and her own behavior was reflecting poorly of her, she knew. Not that she often cared, but the silver doe would need him, as much as she was loath to admit that.

He saw her smile on her face and melark feel a warm feeling inside. he had been able to make her smile!. Tender as she was, she moved the soil around the plant, picking up the stem to put it away. her actions were soft and sweet, like she was caring for a newborn fawn. She would do great …

“T-thank you..” she said with a sheepish face.
“I’m sorry for early.. for being so harsh and everything.. It’s not your fault..” She offered an uncertain grin, “I just.. haven’t.. really ever had to deal with a morning after talk or any of that..”
Melark could only chuckle and raise his head to have a soft and warm feeling in his eyes.
“Don’t worry about that.” he said. “I think I was foolish as well when I got my first fawn … even when it’s different.” He flicked with his ears a little bit, showing he remember some embarrassing things.
“But I mean what I said, I shall be there, like I was and still am for all my fawns.”

The pale smoky colored healer nodded, tail swishing faintly. “Thank you. Are you ready to head back? We can talk more later. We have plenty of time.” Aarushi murmured, looking away from the golden guard to gaze at the way home. She was ready for a long rest, for a nap and to curl up and think about herbs for a little while. Things were certainly changing. Ognach only knew what he had in store for her- but this guard was apart of it now, whether he was ready or not.
Morning Madness
Year 760 of the New Age, Winter
Featuring… Aarushi and Melark…
Glenwood, Glenmore

Word count: 4000+ 

A wonderful rp with Jian, where we learn Aarushi prefers plants over people, and our beloved little grouch struggles with the concept of being a mother- and what exactly it entitles :'D 
Keahi|Filly|Silverthorne by nightxfel
Basic Information

Name: Keahi

Nicknames: Keahi, Key

Gender: filly

Age: New born <3 

Year of Birth: 761 of the New Age

Height: predicted to be about 12 hh like her momma 

Build: Light

Phenotype: Grey (Silver Bay) Restricted Fawn

Genotype: Ee/Aa/nZ/Ff/nG/fwfw/nRx

Eye Colour: Brown

Design Sheet:…

Sire: Rhinestone…

Dam: Prilla-Vada…

Bloodline: 100% Silverthorne

Magic Type: Fire

Skill Points

Skill Points

Speed: 7 [No Level]
Stamina: 3 [No Level]
Strength: 0 [No Level] (Build Cap: 5 points max)

Magic: 16 [No Level]
Herbs: 9 [No Level]

Experience: 0


+7 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+16 magic - hereditary bonus
+9 herbs - hereditary bonus

Herd Information

Herd: Silverthorne

Herd Position: None yet- too young, aspires to be a firebringer

Mate(s): nope too young

Current Location: Silverthorne- travelling with her momma

Raiden - Half Brother( on sire's side ) -…
Lane - Half Sister ( on sire's side ) - purpleshadowbooster.deviantart…
Abellona - Half Sister ( on sire's side ) -…
Keefe - Half Brother ( on sire's side ) -…
Ingrid - Half Sister ( on dam's side ) -…
Ophelia - Half Sister ( on sire's side ) -…
Adalia - Half Sister ( on sire's side ) -…


Personality: Keahi is a free spirit to say the least. She's the type of filly who wishes only to befriend others, she's kind, friendly, optimistic, outgoing, supportive and adventurous. Though she never crosses the line between adventure and mischief, she has the "girl-next door" personality about her. Always good humored and having grown up with an undeniably kind mother and father- the little filly still struggles with being bullied about her coat. The dark coloration of her coat often induces other fawns, fillies and colts alike to point her out, make fun or her or exclude her all together. If they don't- sometimes their mothers will. Yet Keahi always makes a point of forgiving them, and always trying to show them kindness nonetheless and harbors few grudges. Happy in all things, always eager to go on adventures or travel with her mother despite the hurt that others' actions may cause her. Because of this, the filly has a small aversion to crowded places, and is much more comfortable running after her mother and big sister to go help gather herbs rather than stay in the vale surrounded by so many others. More to come as she ages <3

Appearance: Born with a dark blood colored dappled coat, and a silver mane, Keahi's dark coloration is not favored within Silverthorne. However as she ages, she will also begin to grey out as her mother did. Loves all sorts of trinkets and collects them with her mother as they travel, particularly fond of stones and feathers. 

History: Keahi was born to Prilla-Vada. She has an older sister, Ingrid. Rhinestone, her father, is very loving. Both her parents are kind and supportive, despite the otherwise difficult times she faces socially ahead of her, has a very peaceful upbringing. 


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