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Melindriel | Doe | Chubby Princess by nightxfel
Melindriel | Doe | Chubby Princess
//look at the princess
I tried to make her look a bit on the awkward side
because weight is hard to carry man B( and look good with it in Mel's case 


oh btw <3 this baby girl will be staying with us for a little while, until some plots come to a head c; 
Borrowed her info from miss Leaky <3 

Basic Information

Name: Melindriel 
Gender: Doe
Age: 13
Year of Birth: Year 749 of the New Age 
Height: 9.2hh 
Build: Light-Medium (FAT)
Phenotype: Palomino Max Part Restricted Smoky Fawn
Genotype: ee/Ata/nCr/Ff/fwsfws/rzrz
Eye Colour: Brown
Design Sheet: Festive Fawnling Designs 2014: Batch 39
Sire: Aidare (Sable Buckskin Partially Restricted Fawn - Ee/Ata/nCr/Ff/fwfws/nrz)
Dam: Aailya (Cremello Partially Restricted Fawn - ee/Aa/CrCr/Ff/fwfws/nrz)
Bloodline: Glenmore
Rafe  - 
Older Brother
Magic Type: Light

Skill Points

Skill Points

Speed: 5 [Basic Level] 
Stamina: 3 [Basic Level]
Strength: 1 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)

Magic: 14 [Medium Level]
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+5 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+1 strength - base bonus
+11 magic - starter bonus
+1 magic - lit - 400-999 words - The Right Motivation
+2 magic - training/sparring with a Fawnling of higher level

Other art, not by me
Headshot, by HayleyWolf

Herd Information

Herd: Glenmore
Herd Position: Princess
Hoofmaiden: Saibh 
Mate(s): Calhoun
Open for Rut? Please consult this journal and send a note, comments will be ignored.
-1st son (open to be played)
-Raijin (to be played by Nixxyi 

Other family
Lord Darius


Melindriel's most important thing is herself. From a young age she has been aware that she didn't have the pristine white coat adorned with spots or the captivating blue eyes that all does desired. Instead, her darker stripes were a disappointment to her family. She strives to behave in the appropriate manner and earn the approval of her parents (though she'll never be anything compared to her older brother). She is wholeheartedly dedicated to pleasing her mate and raising their children. In her own way, she loves them, though her definition of 'love' is different to what others would describe. 

Because she lacks conventional beauty, Melindriel puts extra focus on her appearance. Deep down, she is quite insecure and jealous of other females but does her best to hide these insecurities - reminding others of her lineage whenever they get so bold as to insult her beauty. 

She understands the importance of commoners - the royals need someone to rule over, after all. She will be courteous (though often condescending) to those of lower ranking she meets, however she has high expectations of their behaviour and will reprimand those who step out of line. 

Melindriel was very thin as a fawn - too thin, in fact. Her Mother prevented her from playing bouncy games with other fawns, transferred the fawn to a high energy diet full of berries and other wonders her father would grow (since a malnourished daughter would not bode well for his reputation) - but the young Princess remained a lanky thing. Many would tease her (fawns being the most upfront source, whereas adults kept to whispers), saying she looked like she'd just escaped from Blackwood, so Melindriel made it her mission to learn about politics - who could and who couldn't speak to her in a derogatory manner, and what the appropriate method of dealing with them was. In some cases, she could turn the Guards on them (particularly if they were a Commoner) whereas other cases required subtle retorts (particularly if they were a fellow Princess, or Lady of an important family). 

Both her parents had high expectations of her - especially since she hadn't been blessed with adorable white spots, like her own mother. Mother who would train her frequently to be the best Princess she could be, frowned on silly behaviour and tried to find a skill for the young doe to make her stand out (in a good way). If Melindriel could prove herself somehow, she would be highly desired as a mate. Since she didn't have the desired blue eyes or spotted coat, her mother steered her more towards behaviours; singing, magic, herbs etc. She did well, and to this day can both hold a tune and apply herb knowledge, but there was nothing that she particularly excelled at. 

The year she was destined to be betrothed, they made the discovery that her previous magical lessons had cultivated her power and she could achieve a subtle glow. This gave the illusion of a lighter coat, and implied that she was far more talented in magic than she actually was (a desirable trait at the time, since it wasn't a secret that Glenmore magic had been dwindling somewhat). 

Neither a happy nor a sad betrothal, she has since lived in a form of happiness. She constantly seeks her betrothed's approval, if he told her to jump, she'd ask how high. She constantly searched for a smile or sign of approval, some sort of proof that she'd grown into a good princess - by pleasing him, she gains honour for her own family and reassurance that she was fulfilling her life's purpose. 

After having her first child, Melindriel was pleased to see that she'd finally, as her mother's hoofmaiden had phrased it, 'got some meat on her bones'. Proud of her now feminine figure (all the right curves in all the right places), and her perfect little son, she found herself with a renewed confidence. Melindriel dared to poke the edges of what was deemed socially acceptable - transferring some of her subtle sassiness to Guards, an occasional Duke or (even rarer) an unimportant Lord. 

But this reserved cheekiness phase was sort-lived. Much to her disappointment, she kept getting more and more meat on her bones until her figure was a little too round. This extra weight brought the same amount of bullying with it as her lankiness had as a fawn - though it was less upfront, and more gossipy/overhearing catty whispers such as "Is she, like, always pregnant or something?" Thus, she returned to her more reserved, introverted self. Part of her blames her second son for her plumpness, as he was born during this time, and as such she holds him to impossible standards. It also coincided with the destruction of the Great Oak, and her (now former) hoofmaiden planted the idea that his 'lightning rump markings' was a sign of Oganach's displeasure. Melindriel knew that she'd been acting rather audacious, and her negative state of mind led her to believing these foolish claims. She grew bitter towards Raijin and although she did love him, she could not express this. 

A year later, Nuala's radioactive tree-growing stunt healed some of Melindriel's bitterness and she is now learning to love others, starting with healing cuts/bruises on her son. Melindriel still struggles with her magic, especially when casting it on those she isn't too fond of - she specialises more in blockbuster effects and enhancing the magic of others (as both of these can often be for her own benefit), but  

Following the birth of her first daughter, Melindriel has become more self-conscious of her weight as she needs to be a good role-model for the young girl. She is paranoid that her weight gain has reflected negatively on her mate, and displeases him.  Thus, she endeavours to exercise on a regular basis and restricting her diet (tasking her unfortunate hoofmaiden with the job of 'coach') in order to lose the extra weight and maintain the ideal shape. She must do this in addition to staying on top of the social scene AND raising fawns - gosh, the life of a Princess is hard, isn't it?
Hopping on the band wagon once more <3


Felina| Doe | Herd Member by nightxfel

Our beloved fireball, mother of Pharaoh, Eleanor, Herne and Arrietti, Fel will only have 1 more fawn! 
Sadly however, she is already spoken for and will be taking this rut off to be a busy mommy!
Spoken for by -  Rhinestone|Stag|Silverthorne|Firebringer by HayleyWolf

Pharaoh | Colt | Herd Member by nightxfel
Our now sexually mature half blood hunk, who will not be taking any does- however! - should a doe need a stag to claim a fawn as his, he would, he will also speak for does who do not wish to partake in rut! 

Eleanor | Filly | Herd Member by nightxfel
Too young! However she is open to love interests and young bucks befriending her! 
Remember she will be a firebringer when her time does come, and as such will need a worthy mate! 
Her father is the general Ruibh,  Ruibh | Stag | General by fulociraptor

Keahi|Filly|Silverthorne by nightxfel
She will grey out- but no she is not open! 

Guys, no. Babyyy. Brand new Baby. 

Arrietti | Hind | Herd Memember by nightxfel


The Grouchiest Healer in All of the Kingdom- Aarushi
Aarushi | Doe | Herbalist by nightxfel
Ahahahahaha, no. She has a certain pale coat in mind though. c; 

Lord Calhoun the Masked
Calhoun | Stag | Lord by nightxfel
He is definitely open! 
For this rut, I will allow him 2 stripey babies. 
He is definitely open for does of royal blood! No squiffies or pies for him though :( 

Melindriel | Doe | Glemore Princess by LeakyTrain
//Her ref will be being updated soon, however for now she is staying with me!
She is not open for this rut! 
But next rut, perhaps! 


Ekkran| Stag | Fawntaker/Guard by nightxfel
Open! He just wants nothing to do with babies after the baby making
and pretty much detests rut and claiming does
so a wham bam thank you mam and off our boy would be
//he is open to squiffies and pies


Nightshade I Doe I Healer-in-training by nightxfel
Be patient! She's not open yet :( 
She is open for love interests//unless they get their booties kicked by her brother
Year 762 of the New Age, Late Fall/Early Winter  
Featuring Aarushi and Aedan
Glenwood, Glenmore


The first snows had begun to fall upon the ground. A light dusting of the frost across the leaf laden ground marked the first signs of change amongst the forest. With a particularly wet summer, worries about the winter nagged at the back of a certain grumpy healer’s mind. She’d already thrown herself into every last bit of work that could be done in each of her glades. Rebuilding dens with her increasing magic, storing and organizing herbs, helping the sick and wounded- anything to keep her mind off of the dark stag who had shattered her daughter’s future. Breathing in a crisp breath, the feeling of the morning air filling her lungs, Aarushi slipped out of the den. Dawn had just begun to settle across this glade. Already clouds stormed the skies above it would seem. Today would not bring the beautiful weather that helped the plants with their patterns of growth. Once her sides had sunken in- but only for a brief time. Meadowgrass had begun to supplement her diet and return her to her husky, round state.

Reaching out with her magics, feeling the vines that ached beneath the frost, Aarushi sighed, a puff of breath billowing around her maw. She’d constructed this new frame for her den last night. Now it just needed to have the vines wound between the young saplings and bushes that had begun to grow. Encouraging the vines to slowly snake out from their place of peace to wind between the young trees and bushes, binding them together tightly, bit by bit. It was a process, but by midmorning, a thoroughly tired doe had accomplished her goal. The den’s walls were tightly pulled together so that no wind or rain could wiggle it’s way through them. There was a wall on each side, with a wide opening on one side. The leaves had been twined together above, the branches twisting together to form a canopy of it’s own. Where grass had once been, a divet formed with earth magic, making a shallow dip. New mosses had begun to grow on the cleared floor of the dwelling.

Her stamina had been getting better, looking around her, Aarushi was filled with pride at her newest creation. Each glade had a little different home- but this one had been her best yet. Walking from flower to flower, the silver cream gently encouraged little blooms of each one, nosing this one and that, tail swishing contently. Busy busy busy, the doe took a small roughly hollowed piece of tree limb that had been carefully been filled with honey- it’d cost her plenty of bee stings for it. But removing the leaf “lid” and placing it outside under the morning light, basking in the cloudy, frosty morning, while lapping at some of the sweet liquid. It’d been a delightful morning thus far. So far she’d managed to avoid rut. As though jinxed for even thinking it, the doe heard a stag bellowing in her direction, crashing towards her scent.

Ears pinning as she lifted her amber liquid smeared muzzle as the great brute pranced into her clearing. Eyes narrowed as the silver cream clamped her tail between her legs, staring at the intruder with venom. “Can I help you?” She asked rather rudely, even for her. His eyes had ran over her whole figure, settling for a disturbing amount of time on her rump. “Most certainly honey.” The bright bay purred, sliding a few strides closer.


Everything he knew was in turmoil. Though he hadn’t been present at the great upheaval that autumn, the after-effects still reverberated through the herd. The Guard was split between those who had defended their King and those who branded him a traitor even before his lineage was called into question. Between that and the loss of their stoic, level-headed bear of a Captain… tensions were high. The Kingly candidates all tried wooing guards to their camp with promises of favors and promotions, which only fractioned the Guard further.

Aedan had given up his title because he so loathed the games of politics and alliances. Now such nasty business had followed him to the guard. Why couldn’t he escape it? Why couldn’t he just keep fawns safe and make does happy and have the occasional friendly spar and have the world leave well enough alone?

To that end he went to visit Sunny. He couldn’t keep her fawn safe- he’d already failed at that- but he could try to make her happy. She’d finally recovered some spark of herself and he would give everything he had to see it grow into the flame it had once been rather than flicker out. The stag suspected there was a long day of hauling branches and pulling weeds ahead of him but it was worth it.

Aedan pinned his ears as he approached and saw a big bay looming over Sunny in a way Aedan didn’t like at all.

“You think she’s your honey?” he growled, coming up behind the stag. “I’d have to disagree, and I think she would too.”


The sharp eyed doe watched the normally cheery guard approaching with his ears pinned, surprised by the growl that left him. The big bay must have been surprised too as his head lashed around to stare at the other stag, his own ears pinning. “I don’t think she’s spoken for- so it doesn’t much matter, does it, pastycoat?” The bay growled as the silver cream scowled, before nodding in greeting to Aedan, glowering up at the bay. “I do happen to disagree, I’m no stag’s “honey” rutbrain.” She growled, moving to push the leaf back on her honey and going to tuck it back into a safe niche while the thick bull’s ears pinned, snapping at her. “You ought to know your place, doe.” Whipping to face Aedan he glowered, “and you? You ought not to interfere with matters that have nothing to do with you.” He hissed while the healer turned back towards the pair.

Snorting, the bay stag began to nudge Aarushi, pressing his shoulders to try and herd like one would sheep. “Don’t touch me.” The silver cream growled, ears pinned flat against her neck, teeth bared in a warning. The bay didn’t pay heed still, and as he went to nudge the heavy female along, he ended up with a nasty bite to his neck, the doe rearing up angrily and stomping her hooves while the stag stared at her, rage filling in his eyes.

Shoving past him before he could retaliate, Aarushi trotted over to stand beside Aedan, tail still tightly clamped, though the tip lashed like an aggravated cat’s. This was why the doe hated the thought of belonging to a stag. Or one of many. They were rude and pushy and well, dumb as they were big. Not to mention those attitudes? Why couldn’t she just have a peaceful morning pulling weeds and working on her glade with her pale friend? He had promised to help her remove the weeds from around the blackberry bush, and to help drag some of the heavier limbs out of the way on the path. They didn’t bother her- but if a wounded fawnling tried to maneuver them..

Aarushi glanced to the stag at her side, “I know this is just how you wanted to start your morning.” she grumbled under her breath grumpily, ever sarcastic before muttering, “I didn’t think it would do to have him spreading rumors if I left him tied up in thorny vines.” She frowned, almost pouting. The thought seemed more and more appealing as the oaf stared, pawing the ground angrily.


Aedan snorted wryly in response. “Oh I’m always happy to start out my day by proving to idiots that they’re idiots.”

He took two steps towards the big bay and lowered his rack. As one of the lighter officers on the force, he had spent a great deal of time training against opponents with the advantage of size over him and this rude fool didn’t intimidate him.

“Consider her claimed, brute. Do you plan to challenge me for her?” he barked.

He saw the stag weighing it over in his mind. Clearly he didn’t like the fact that Aedan showed no signs of being intimidated. Aedan held his cocky attitude and hoped he wasn’t making a miscalculation himself. He didn’t think he recognized the stag as a royal, and he knew he wasn’t a lieutenant in the guard. Chances were, he outranked this stranger. But if Aedan was wrong about that…

Evidently the stag had decided that outweighing Aedan was advantage enough, and he charged forward faster than his bulk seemed like it would allow. Aedan danced aside, landing a scraping blow across the stag’s shoulder as he passed and whirled around to face him again. That kind of speed probably indicated training, so this stag could very well be a new guard that Aedan hadn’t met yet.

The stag forged ahead again, and this time Aedan stood his ground. There was a sound like splitting branches as their racks collided, and the bay surged forward. Aedan let him push forward, forward…. and angled him into some exposed roots, catching a hoof and tripping the heavier stag. The bay landed sprawling in the dirt, the wind knocked out of him.

Aedan placed the point of a tine against his neck in the universal signal of ‘consider yourself defeated’.

“The doe’s not yours for the taking. Move on.”


The doe watched, ears pricked in interest. If she had to deal with rut- the only piece that the healer had ever taken an interest in was the fighting. Her father had been a guard, and her granddaddy had been a guard before he turned butler. Tilting her head in quiet intrigue as she watched Aedan and the bay brute clashing, the sound of racks colliding like that of tree limbs snapping, but never once did the heavyset fawnling bat an ear. A smirk touched her maw as the pale guard claimed his victory- before lifting her head proudly, ears pinning back to her neck and a firm frown replacing the amused smirk. Watching as the bay sprawled before bowing his acknowledgement, frowning like a colt who had been told he had to stop playing with his friends, “Very well.” He muttered, tail lashing as he slunk off, casting angry glowers over his shoulder. Sunny vaguely wondered if he was looking back to see if his pride was still in the dirt where he’d left it.

“Shall I practice my gleeful squalling over your endless bravery?” the doe snorted, cocking an ear before turning back to the work at hand. “Thanks anyways.” Tail lashing as an end to the subject, the silver cream looked over her neatly kept glade. Still not just as she would like it.. Wandering over to the blackberry bush, lowering her muzzle to begin fussing and pulling up the crab grass near it, or any other weeds that she could sink her teeth into. Redirecting the nutrients towards the blackberry bush before she plucked the stubborn intruders. “You don’t look like you got hurt?” Came the hesitant question. Aarushi would have been beyond angry if the fool had gotten himself hurt protecting her “honor”- personally thorny vines probably could have done the same job, in her opinion. Yet, already the intoning of her Grandfather Faust echoed in her ears about being considered tainted. Then again, when had she ever given a single f- flying squirrel, yes she definitely meant flying squirrel and not any other cuss word. Dirty little vermin..

Lifting her muzzle, wandering over to assess the pale guard, ears pinning as she ran her eyes over his limbs, pausing to double check here and there, her mane a tangled mess occasionally falling in front of her scarred face and eyes.


Aedan tossed his mane in that way that was either endlessly alluring or very princesslike depending upon who was commenting. “Worry not, I’m fine. I know you could have shown him a thing or two yourself but he looked like he would taken it rather badly. Besides, I think we both know that the outcome of you healing my injuries after a scrap is superior to what I can do in tending to yours.”

He glanced her up and down but she seemed to worse for wear. She didn’t even seem shaken by the encounter; if anything she looked like she might be annoyed that Aedan had stepped forward to her defense.

In an attempt to silently atone for what she surely considered an overstep on his part he followed her lead and began pulling crab grass from between the cultivated herbs. After a few uprooted mouthfuls he decided that he should probably offer an actual verbal apology, but before he could utter it he realized that he’d gone after the same bunch of grass that she had and that their faces were in rather closer proximity than they’d ever been previously.


Just as the does teeth clamped onto the grass, warmth brushed her face and suddenly bright blue eyes were right next to her. Releasing the pesky weed in haste, moving to release it she brushed her muzzle against the pale guard's and warmth flooded her cheeks and ear tips. Pulling back abruptly, bright blue eyes going wide as the healer stared at the pale guard in something that might have been akin to shock or confusion or downright embarrassment. Opening and closing her mouth a few times trying desperately to find words. Stags were a new thing to her even after her daughter, brushing muzzles with one? Never happened. Nope. It had completely caught her off guard. Clearing her throat, trying not to look as though that accidental occurrence was the first time that had ever happened. The healer steamed herself, expecting laughter or some sassy remark from the stag as her blue eyes shyly darted away from his face, head lowered uncertainly. "I-uh.." Blinking, trying to force her mind to work Aarushi flicked her tail tip, fidgeting.

Despite her flood of emotions and confusion- a faint inking of.. Enjoyment? Seemed to follow in the incident's wake and stealing herself for the worst the doe hesitantly reached out, ears flicking back slightly as the silver cream tried to gently reach out towards him- that's what you were supposed to do right? It ended up resulting in her promptly bumping her forehead into him in something that was more similar to a head butt than a cute "it's okay" gesture. Trying to save face the doe dove for the crab grass out f embarrassment, sure her cheeks would catch on fire at any given moment. Ah she probably looked stupid- he was probably thought this was just a stupid joke..

What did it matter? So they had brushed noses- Aedan had brushed plenty of does muzzles with his she was sure. didn't mean anything to him probably- so she shouldn't let it get to her.. Right? Looking like an awkward yearling, staring hard at the ground as she forcefully yanked the pesky weeds up, though her ear tips were bright red by now, and the doe couldn't bring herself to meet his eyes.

Aedan blinked as Aarushi pulled away- he wasn’t surprised that she moved away from the intimate closeness, but rather by what she did next. She didn’t yell at him or snap or jerk away. In fact she seemed at a loss for words.

He was about to make an effort to fill that verbal emptiness that was yawning between them when she leaned forward and bumped heads with his.

If it were any other doe he would have sworn she was trying to say “It’s okay,” but this was Sunny.

Of course, he would have expected Sunny to move away or explain herself. The doe standing before him was blushing and averting her gaze like a bashful filly with a crush.

But Sunny… Surely not. Surely. There was no one in his acquaintance less likely to have a crush on someone. A crush on him.

Surely not.

And yet there she stood, eartips pinkening by the moment.

If she didn’t look so damn uncomfortable he would have laughed.

Instead he smiled and closed his eyes, lowering his head as well. “Funny thing about rut. It makes everyone do strange things sometimes. Things they didn’t mean to do… or things they wish they could do but otherwise wouldn’t.”

He’d given her the out; she could blame it all on the hormones of the season if she wanted. Or she could tell him what she was thinking; that was up to her now. He just barely allowed himself to hope that he might be reading this right and he might have, somehow, earned her attention as something other than a student and friend.


The doe listened to him, mulling over her words for a long moment. Processing, the thoughts churning like murky waters after a stormy night. But the stream of thoughts running through her head seemed to be crystal clear. Sortof. Close enough for her.

Looking away, the doe’s ears flicked back against her neck, scarred maw frowning, “Not everyone needs rut as an excuse to do something they want to do.” She muttered, blue eyes sharpening, as though expecting him to laugh at her, to ridicule her or announce she was acting like a dopey filly. Her voice had sounded firm- though inside her stomach might as well have been made of worms and rotted wood for how flimsy she felt with nerves, waiting his words and response.

Taking a deep breath, the silver cream forced herself to continue weeding away the crab grasses about the bushes. No matter how the doe looked away, Aarushi couldn’t deny right now he was all she saw. Her tail tip lashed, ready to guard herself, her feelings. They were fragile, and just newly accepted- though perhaps they had been growing to buds and blooms for a longer time than she’d liked to have admitted.

Losing her daughter had made her see the other silver linings in her life. Aedan had happened to be one of them- as much as she allowed herself to think of it of course. Sunny was an independent doe- didn’t need no stag!

But the scarred doe peaked up at him, ears flicking back, looking beneath her lashes, the feeling of vulnerability in her own glade something so unusual to her that she had half a mind to turn and promptly leave the stag standing there by his lonesome.

But no. Aarushi waited, looking vulnerable and utterly dangerous all at once. Ready to pounce if he flared her temper, curious to see his reaction. The doe couldn’t bring herself to move or to say anything else, but stood waiting. He’d proven his loyalty so oft, among other things.. Pushing the lingering whispers in her mind away- waiting to see what the pale guard truly thought.


Aedan watched her carefully for a moment, trying to tell if she was jesting. Her answer was so unexpected… and yet he’d come to expect the odd bit of unpredictability from the doe. It was a part of what made her so interesting.

And now she looked strung tight as a tendon. Evidently she wasn’t sure if he was joking either. Or perhaps she was unsure about where to go from here as he was. Well, if she was uncertain right now she was in good company. She was so different from all the other does he’d met he mulled for the thousandth time. He couldn’t tell how she’d react.

“Very true,” he said finally. “I don’t need the haze of rut to see you for the talented, interesting, capable doe that you are. I certainly don’t need it to notice your blue eyes and your pink nose and your long lashes…”

He stiffened, instinctively preparing to be popped in the nose for that last remark until he remembered that she wasn’t brushing off his attention. In fact, she seemed to be doing the opposite. He cracked open an eye to peek down at her and see what expression graced her face.


Sharp blue eyes widened as he spoke of sweet things, her ears pinning back suspiciously. Her cheeks felt like they might have been on fire. Tail lashing, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to bite him or not. What was that.. weird.. heart racing thing. Why? Aarushi was in perfect health. The silver cream had never been one to fall prey to any stag and their words. Snorting uncertainly, pawing the ground, Aarushi stared at the ground as though it might mystically give her the words she wanted. Giving a small nod, the doe swatted him with her tail instead, “You missed some crab grass.” Came the stiff scolding, before grumbling, “That’s good to know you think I’m capable- considering I was the one who taught you.” Surely any other doe would have been appalled to hear her defensive sarcasm to the poor pale stag.

Slowly however, her expression softened as she decided the stag was being genuine. Aedan wouldn’t try to use her like a joke, would he? Nodding to herself, the female gave a slow, hesitant smile and lifted her head a bit before pausing, muttering grumpily. “uh. You’re nice to be around.and.. I don’t get sick of you.” Close enough to a compliment right? The whole.. feelings thing wasn’t exactly the doe’s strong suit. “I like your face too.” She muttered, before promptly turning towards something she knew much better than feelings- plants. Plants were good. Plants were simple. She didn’t headbutt plants and get confused when they spoke to her. They didn’t make her heart beat faster. Yes. Plants.

Offering him a genuine smile over her shoulder, looking unguarded for a fleeting moment, it brightened her whole face as icy eyes glanced to the building she had made that very morning. Stiffling a yawn, the healer stretched. “We have work to do inside still whenever you finish your weeding. We have to organize. I might need a nap.” the silver cream was beginning to feel the pull of exhaustion of so much ongoing this morning. She’d been “claimed” by Aedan. Rather saved. Though Sunny expected the pale stag wouldn’t speak of it to anyone. Most of the morning had been spent exhausting her magic and toiling away at the overgrown glade, while tearing apart her old den and building a new one in it’s wake. Aillia would have been proud, and more than amused at the thought of her mother’s silliness. Feelings had always been the pale youngster’s speciality, she’d been sensitive and sweet. Luckily having gotten her father’s calm disposition it seemed.. A pang in her chest reminded the healer of her longing to bring her little one back. But being with Aedan.. he’d done so much for her..


Sunny’s entire demeanor was as conflicted as he’d ever seen it. Was she unsure about him? Or just about how to respond to the situation?

Evidently it was the former rather than the latter because she responded with sarcasm rather than violence and something that might have eve been a compliment. He almost giggled aloud at hearing that she ‘liked his face’, but for once in his life was wise enough to let the thought go unspoken.

As was her wont, she immediately moved on to the business at hand. He should have noticed her tiring earlier, and he kicked himself for the oversight. Not that she would have backed down or anything had he pointed it out.

“You go take your nap,” he told her, not bothered a bit at being bossed around. It was her den after all, and she was the one with the master plan in her head. He had no doubt it was more sophisticated and orderly than anything he could dream up. “I’ll finish up the weeding and await further instruction when you wake up.”

Any other day he would have promptly taken his leave and gotten to work but today he paused first, and offered her a goofy conspiratorial smile. “Sleep well, Aarushi. I’m not going anywhere.”
Your face isn't so bad
<bYear 762 of the New Age, Late Fall/Early Winter
Featuring Aarushi… and Aedan…
Glenwood, Glenmore</b> 

Headbutts happen. That's the same thing as hugging right? Close enough <3 
Year 762 of the New Age, Late Fall
Featuring Aarushi and Lord Knox
Glenwood, Glenmore


The heavy silver cream moved through the brightly colored forest, her head lowered faintly. Aedan and Lune had helped her to return to one of her own glades, but for now her father officially resided with her. Pain laced through her heart, but she had a job to do. Carrying all sorts of pretty flowers, all wild ones, knowing that her daughter would have loved them to bring to the place they had marked for her Aillia. Perhaps this little giving would reach her with the gods. Closing sharp blue eyes as she ambled along, breathing in the strong scents of rut. It disgusted her to even think of. Few knew of her loss. But it was all Aarushi could do to be strong, to hold on. Her beautiful little one was watching over her wherever she was, and she lived on in her heart of hearts. Pausing at the base of the massive sycamore, looking up at it’s feeling bark, to the little mound raised beneath it. Gently the doe began to place the colorful flowers layer upon layer over it, encouraging them to bloom their brightest with her magic. “For you my little flower..” the doe whispered softly.

Giving the upturned dirt one last lingering look, she turned away and began her way towards her home. The smell of flowers lingered there, and the ones who had begun to die had rolled to either side of the small sloping mound. Aarushi continued towards the path. With some encouragement from Aedan she’d begun to eat an extra lush diet of meadow grass to gain her weight back, and Lune had suffered through helping her untangle her mane, while her father had bowed his head and cried with her.

Her nerves were raw, her temper worse than usual. It hurt so much to know her daughter was gone- but Sunny had never been one to just drift and become a shell of who she was. No, she was still there, hanging on. Every day was a fight the world around her would never get to see. Tending her glades, helping the injured, doing her best to return to living this life. Tears might have flowed along the way, but the doe was on her way to recovering either way. Turning suddenly, Aarushi heard someone crashing through the woods. Ears pinning, the silver cream lifted her head, sharp blue eyes scanned the trees around her.


It was a beautiful day to be alive... The air was brisk and alive, charged with energy. Winter would soon be arriving with it, bringing with it the cold and the snow. Knox could already feel the chill in the air, burning his nostrils as he breathed in deeply. Rut had fallen upon them this season, but things had died down a little... It wasn't so intense and chaotic. Knox had to admit he was quite proud of himself. He'd taken nine does in the rut so far. True, six of those does were commoners, but three were ladies. He hoped for ladies out of the commoner does and strong Lords out of the royals. Next year he would be more picky about who he took. Less commoners...more royals.

The young buck cantered briskly down the trail, ringed ears perked forwards and long tail whipping about his striped hindquarters. He was in a fairly decent mood today...but it never took much to crush his good moods. It would likely be ruined at some point before the afternoon. He didn't try to move quietly through the forest- he had no need or want to hide. So instead he just trampled through carelessly, without a worry in the world... For the moment. He simply trotted along, the grass beneath his feet growing to reflect his good mood.

As he breached the top of a hill, looking down, he recognized a familiar face. Ah, great. His good mood would surely be ruined shortly. It was that damn hateful silver doe that had meandered into his Glade that one day, asking for directions. Bahhhhhh.


The sight of the striped lord who had tried to deceive her left a bad taste in the doe’s mouth as she frowned in his direction. “Go about your day stag- I want none of your royal bullshit today.” Aarushi glowered, blue eyes sharp as her tail lashed, calling out the words as a warning. Her mood was beyond foul. The healer wanted to be alone not dealing with some royal, pampered brat. Particularly not one with such a lack of intelligence or ability as this mongrel.

Continuing to amble towards him, following the path towards her own glade- up the hill. Her senses were on high alert. The silver cream didn’t trust him or his antics and attitude. He was the type of bully who she thought thoroughly needed to get his pretty little face stomped on a few times to be taught a lesson- one that daddy didn’t punish the one doing. Ears pinned, head held high, her scars seemed to stand out. The rawness of having been visiting the fawn she so recently lost’s grave had left her with an attitude that even a nasty little cavedweller would think twice before messing with. Huskily built, she pulled herself up to her full height. Watching him as she moved to approach, Aarushi lowered her head only a bit. This lord brought trouble wherever he went. There was nothing for the doe to deal with here. He would only invoke her temper on a good day- and today happened to be a bad one.


Knox's ears perked forwards with surprise as the hefty silver doe immediately addressed him, stating that she wanted none of his bullshit today. A loud bark of obnoxious laughter slipped from the buck's scarred lips. "Oh don't you?" He asked with humor. The fact that she was already being so hateful and snappy towards him amused him greatly. He trotted down towards her, steps bouncy and defiant. "Well I'm afraid you don't have much choice, commoner, I wish to irritate you today."

He trotted past her then circled around to fall in line behind her, staying close to her but far enough away that he was out of striking range. The doe had some serious muscles, if she kicked him it certainly would not feel good. He'd definitely still be feeling it the next day. "So I'm guessing you're as grouchy and bitchy as ever on this beautiful, glorious day, hmmmmm?" He cooed cockily, just trying his best to piss her off.


The doe watched the stag as he moved along her peripheral vision, choosing wisely to stay out of striking range- but that didn’t stop the doe from flattening her ears out and wheeling towards him, heels snapping out in his direction when he strayed near her. He said the word commoner the same way someone might refer to shit. She didn’t have a choice. “You’re most certainly right, little stagling. Now go play with someone more your own league, and leave me be.” Sharp blue eyes bore into the striped lord, practically willing him to move along. The silver cream grated her teeth, struggling not to chase the irritating little brat off. He didn’t need to hear her gods be damned story, her losses- he just needed to leave her be. Aarushi wasn’t one of be played with- particularly not when she longed for her solitude so much. What would this little inbred know about real loss anyways?

Closing her eyes, trying to tame her aggression. He’d been happy to push her buttons, of course expecting that Daddy would probably come rescue his sorry excuse of an ass. Tail lashing, the doe broke into a brisk trot, muscles rolling beneath a polished pelt. As she struggled with her temper, vines began to creep along the ground and the trees limbs began to bend towards the pair, rustling the leaves on a breezeless day. This little shit with his damned attitude! What would he understand? He’d never lost a child- never hurt so deeply. Too proud to express her need for solitude or why, to express that moments before she’d been so near tears leaving her little one’s grave adorned with flowers, all that Aarushi could do was hope to dodge the fool and restrain her urge to teach him a lesson herself.


Knox slowed slightly, making sure that he was totally out of striking range. The hefty doe had lashed out at him, a clear warning. He didn't really care. He was in a bad mood- the mood to give someone hell. He continued to prance after the big doe, ears perked forwards with mock happiness and a smug grin upon his scarred lips. "But I have no reason to pick on those in my league." He stated with humor. "Which is why I'm picking on you instead. It's much funner and much more necessary." He moved closer to her, still out of range but close enough to get on her nerves and stay in her peripheral vision. He was taking way too much enjoyment in this... He was just TRYING to make her snap.

Vines and flowers grew about his feet as he pranced along after her annoyingly, snickering a bit to himself as he did so. There was just something about the hefty doe that was so fun to annoy... Her reactions to his taunts and navd were priceless. The young striped Lord was pushing her towards the brink of snapping and lashing out at him, but he very well knew that already. He was still going to do it.


The stag pranced along like a stupid filly entering her first rut, growing little flowers all around his hooves. “Last chance.” She growled, ears flattened against her neck, the scarred female baring her teeth. “Except the fact that your breeding is nothing but inbred idiots. Go away! There is no purpose for this badgering.” The doe rumbled like the thunder in the distance before a storm crashed. But the moment that the lordling pranced a bit too close, began to speak in his jaunting voice, it was like something clicked and suddenly the vines began to crawl up the stag’s legs, the branches nearest him winding around him. Slowly the thorns crawled up around his legs, braiding themselves around him, holding him in place, away from the doe. Ivy followed the thorns. And the silver cream stared as she realized what her magic had done, the tree branches and shrubbery that could reach had begun to follow the pattern of winding themselves around the lordling.

Bright blue eyes were cold as she stared at him, venom brimming in those eyes. “I am not a defenseless doe who you can taunt. You know nothing, lordling. Your father ought to be ashamed of you, and your mother should know of your disgrace.” The doe snarled, slamming her hooves into the dirt. Her heart hurt, knowing how horrified her daughter would be to see the anger rolling off her mother in waves, the intricate beauty of magic used aggressively and defensively against someone who knew not what he had coming.

Her daughter had always been the kind one. The one who would have said how sad it was about Kerras, who would have felt empathy for him and whispered words of forgiveness in her dying breath. But no. The beautiful cremello fawn had no breaths left to take, her little chest would never rise and fall with the breath light as a feather.

What did this stag know? He was no better than any other royal.


The dark stag's ears perked slightly with curiosity as the doe growled something at him. Last chance? Humph. How cute. Would she really be bold enough to lash out against him- a Lord? He doubted it. However, this silvery doe was absolutely full of surprises. She snapped at him verbally, calling him inbred and telling him to go away. Well, that wasn't what had surprised him. She'd been snapping insults at him ever since he came across her- for good reason, of course.

But, what really surprised him was when the vines began to sprout from the ground and wrap themselves about his long limbs. The thorns quickly followed and he choked back a cry of pain as dug into his flesh, drawing blood. He writhed, trying to free himself but only make the thorns slash into him harder. Then came the ivy. Leaves of three.... let it be. Oh no. Anything but that....anything but poison ivy. He could already feel the itching beginning.

His ears swept back against his skull, head jerking back slightly at her harsh words. They hurt, cutting into him deeper than any thorn could. They tapped into his paranoia- his worry that his parents were disappointed. That he was a failure. But, he had this coming. He still blamed the doe- how DARE she assault a Lord!- but her actions had not been out of the blue. He said not a word, simply glaring at her with brown eyes full of hatred. Oh how he itched.... But, he was too stubborn to even speak to her, nevermind ask to be freed. After a moment the itch became unbearable. "Release me, peasant, or you will regret it." He snarled.


Breathing a sigh out as she shook her head, before glowering up at him defiantly. “What will I regret? Teaching you a lesson for picking on a doe who just lost her fawn?” Aarushi snarled, the vines tightening as her rage rolled within her. “What will you tell Mommy and Daddy? How this nasty, awful mourning mother chased your poor pretty hide down and gave you nasty itty bitty cuts? You think your blood is so superior? Fine. Use your own damn magic to get down. Or apologize. And mean it.” The silvery cream stood, shoulders squared, ears pinned, tail lashing. She could have made a guard proud with the sheer fearlessness she showed, for the knowledge that physically she was as strong as her magic as well. Even if she released him, the brat would probably send the guards to her anyways. Aedan and Lunemyr would know that the doe would have done nothing unless severely provoked.

Staring down the stag, Aarushi shook her head. Faust would likely track her down and give her ear a good firm bending. The thought of her mother and her royal siblings danced into her mind. It disgusted her to think that stags like this were let to behave as they pleased. He reminded her of Svetlikin- but Kin had a jovialness to his pale hide. And that lord had never dared dance too close like this stag, never sought to anger her to the point of no return. Knox had gotten what he wished- the healer was angry. He had invoked the wrath of a doe with the power of healing, but who also happened to have a wide berth of knowledge beside just that. He deserved to be taught a good lesson. It wasn’t her place to teach it- she’d stepped over her boundaries. She’d just wanted to be left alone.

“All I wanted was to be left alone.” The doe said coldly, looking up at Knox with piercing blue eyes, shooting daggers. It was true. All she’d longed for was solitude. He couldn’t respect that she’d asked to be left alone not once, but many more times.


The young Lord couldn't help but be caught totally off guard by the silvery doe's words. She lost her fawn? This was not something that he had known... He hadn't noticed the pain on the hefty doe's face.... He hadn't noticed any of his surroundings. He wasn't observant. But, when she told him that she had lost her baby... His face fell and his whole demeanor changed. Guilt chased the anger off of his dark face. His eyes dropped to the ground, now avoiding her icy blue ones. Ouch... He felt like a monster now... Even if she was a commoner losing a child must be a horrible thing to go through. He'd never experienced the death of a fawn, but he knew of those who had....

When he lifted his head he met her eyes once more and bit back his pride. "I am very sorry for the loss of your fawn." He was sorry about that. He wasn't sorry that he had antagonized her, but he was sorry that he had done so at such a bad time... But she didn't need to know that. "And I am sorry for antagonizing you at this time." His ears laid back, but in an apologetic and submissive way rather than with anger or irritation. He meant what he said and hopefully she would release him now... He was itching like mad... Could princesses heal poison ivy? He wasn't too sure. "I will tell nobody of this situation. I simply got myself tangled up in some thorns and ivy." Had it been any other situation- had she not lost her baby- he would've been screaming for the Guards as soon as she released him.


The doe scanned his face, frowning. Giving a mighty sigh and shaking her head, “As am I, lordling.. as am I.” For a moment, a look of vulnerability danced across her face before the scarred healer lifted her head and scowled at him. “Very well.. I would suggest seeing a healer to help with that before they get inflamed.” Tail lashing, before an ironic smile touched her maw, cold eyes turning away as she went to a nearby bush. “Lucky for you, or unlucky for you- I happen to be one of those.” She’d become one of the best healers in Glenmore. And despite a not so sunny disposition, the doe was a damn good healer. Scuttling from tree and shrub to flower and vines, soon enough the doe released him, and presented him with a neat little bundle of a salve. “Apply it to the welts.” Turning, the silver cream lifted her head, waiting to see him go. “Now off to your royal glades, you have no place in my wood.” Rumbled the doe, tail tip lashing as her ears pinned in a warning once more.


The striped buck bad to bite his tongue as she gave him more attitude. Oh how he longed to put her in her place...but unfortunately he wasn't in the situation to do such. Besides, he still felt sorry for her for losing her child...and he did feel guilty for being such an ass to her during her time of grieving... She brought him a little bundle of salve, instructing that he put it on the welts. He took it from her and then turned as she demanded that he leave. He didn't thank her or apologize further, just turning and quickly trotting away before she could change her mind.
Thorny Mistakes
Year 762 of the New Age, Late Fall
Featuring Aarushi… and Lord Knox…
Glenwood, Glenmore

Bad timing, thorns and posion ivy whoopsies
Featuring Rhinestone and Pharaoh
Summer, Year 762 of the New Age
Silverwood, Silverthorne


Things were different now. There was tension in the air around the newest thicket. It hung thick like a cloud. The mottled grayish muddy colt had brought it with him when he was born. It was assumed Rhinestone had sired the fawn, but his mother wasn't sure. She doted on her baby as she had done to he and his sister, but the stress of being between the two stags was apparent at times too. After the fire had almost killed he and his sister, Raoh had begun to wonder if he ought to leave his mother's little band. Ellie would be growing into fire magic soon. And so would his little brother. All of them but he were unaffected by the flames, but he still remembered the heat and the pain it had promised that night. Those flames would have devoured him, the golden buck was sure. Looking out across the plains, ears pricked, wondering when his mother's.. What did he even call the blood bay? A mate? Perhaps, for now that title would do. When would he be here? Rhinestone had offered to spend a little time sparring. Ellie had pouted, demanding she get to tag along, but the perolino mother had insisted the speckled filly stay and help her with the newest addition. Grayish brown eyes ran over his surroundings, trying to think. There was much to be grateful for even if he couldn't partake in much of the joys of the herd. It was simply what the gods had willed it for him was all. He had survived this long, if Adhar had wanted him those flames would have consumed him then and there. End of story. Flicking the black tail tip, the colt quietly gazed into the woods.

Maybe the mountains would be safest for him when he grew older. But either way a stag of Silverthorme, halfblood or not, would need to learn to fight at some point or another or risk being burned alive. "Rhinestone?" Called the colt who was nearing maturity more and more with each day. Soon he would be an adult and the other colts his age would be fighting for does soon- but he would not. He would never take a doe for rut, have fawns of his own. It wasn't his path.. It hurt the youngster just thinking of the possibilities he would never be able to have, but not because others could have them but not him.. he'd always dreamed of them. The gods had a different path for him though. Halfblood meant a lot of promises that the colt knew he would keep.


The red stag trotted briskly down the overgrown trails of the Silverwood, ears perked and tail flagging out cheerily. He was headed to meet up with Raoh in a little clearing, to work on some sparring. The colt needed to learn more self-defense tactics and how to beat off the predators. His mother could easily teach him the same things Rhine could, but the perlino doe had her hands full with the new addition to their family. Things had been a little tense since the colt's arrival. The problem was... they weren't totally sure as to who the fawn belonged to, sire-wise. Rhinestone had been certain that it was his, but Felina had told him she was uncertain. She had spent some time alone with Ruibh too.

The red stag shook his head, clearing his thoughts. He didn't need to stress himself out, not right now. He needed to be bright and cheerful both for himself and for Pharaoh. The poor colt was already stressed enough as is, he didn't need any more piling on top of his withers. Rhine felt immensely sorry for the large, scruffy youngster. He would always be different, set apart from his siblings. He wouldn't have the same opportunities as them.. Everything was so different for him.

Rhine's ears pricked forwards now as a voice called out to him. "Hey, Raoh!" He called in return, pushing his way through some shrubbery and vines. He quickly stepped through into the clearing, spotting the golden youngster up ahead. He slowed as he approached him, a welcoming smile upon his face. He was glad that Pharaoh had grown to accept him... They had become nothing but closer since the fire and it seemed that the red stag was finally gaining the golden colt'e trust.


Looking towards the large silver bay, Raoh’s golden ears pricked for a moment, before flicking back easily as he listened to their surroundings. Standing up straight, the colt ambled closer and inclined his head in great. “Hello.” Murmured the colt. “Where do you want to start?” Pharaoh was always about getting his things done, even if he was as easygoing as he was. His mother fretted but the colt simply did. He had big plans to accomplish one day. When he’d learnt of his heritage.. It had changed a few things for him. There were things he had to know, things that had to change. Rhinestone would help to begin to train him, and the golden colt knew he must push more. Looking at him, the colt wondered vaguely what his rack would grow to be in a few years. That time was coming faster and faster.. Raoh needed to find the safety of a home away from the magic and fire.

Looking at the scars on his mother’s mate’s face, the gray brown eyes were cool and calm. “Is there a best place to start? Mother has been teaching me what she can, but she’s busy with the little ones. Ellie’s begun to grow more and more entranced with fire.” The last sentence may have given an inkling of how aware the buck actually was- but it also may have just been a regular statement. Offering an easy grin, chuckling to himself, “All the other colts used to brag that their fathers taught them- but my mother taught me and I’ve done fairly well in our play fights.” The colt laughed. Even with all of the dread and gloom hanging in the air like a heavy smoke, there would be light in his life. No matter what, there was always more beyond what they merely saw.


The colt was always so blunt and to the point. Rhine wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing.. It would certainly come in handy at times, unless a subject needed to be treaded lightly upon...that might be a problem.. Rhine had been hoping for a cheerful greeting from the brawny colt but instead got a simple 'hello'. Oh well, better than nothing, eh? The golden colt then continued to go on and question where they should start. "Well, it depends on what you would prefer to do, really. Your speed and stamina could use some working on, but we could focus on strength as well. If you'd like to fight then we'll go with strength.. Otherwise we could perhaps take a long run."

He smiled slightly at the colt. "No there isn't really a best place.. You kinda just... start. Pick something that you would like to improve on the most and go from there." The red stag let out a hearty laugh as Pharoah stated that his mother had taught him and that he had done well under her tutelage. "Your mother is a force to be reckoned with, never doubt that. I wouldn't want to make her angry." He winked at the cold good-humoredly.


“Why don’t we try sparring. Might as well start with what we’re aiming for.” the colt murmured simply, gazing at the blood bay, offering him a small chuckle at his joke about his mother. Felina was often too worried about the strained relationship between herself and him to bother being angry with him- but Raoh wasn’t the one to bring that up. Smiling off handedly, “Aye- I wouldn’t forget that if I were you either.” The buck took a deep breath, taking a few strides back. “Let’s try this out.” He murmured.

Pharaoh squared his wide shoulders, he might not have been the biggest stag yet- but for his age, he was huge. Apparently his mother produced very large colts, as his little brother was rather large too. Lowering his head slightly, the colt bunched his muscles- before leaping, and at the last second flicking his head even lower- trying to hit the stag in the chest. The colt Was inexperienced, but he was going to try his best to try and understand, to learn. Even if it wasn’t for things he wished to discuss openly. Pharaoh kicked out with his forelegs, ears flicked back as he wordlessly worked, eyes set stubbornly in a look much like Felina’s once her mind was decided.


Rhine felt some relief flood throughout his body as Pharoah chuckled slightly at his little joke. Good, good! He'd gotten a laugh out of the big colt, that was an accomplishment for sure! He'd been worried that the joke would elicit nothing but a blank stare... But that hadn't happened so all was good. He dipped his head. "Alright, that sounds like a plan." He stated, squaring off his wiry body in a fighting stance. The tall red stag let out a little chuckle. "Oh believe you me, I'll never forget it!" Hr exclaimed light-heartedly.

Pharoah made the first charge, coming at him hard and fast. Rhine saw his plan before he could completely act upon it. The colt was young and inexperienced... He had much to learn. Rhine leapt out of the way, avoiding the bulky colt's attack. However, he did feel the thrash of a foreleg hitting squarely upon his chest. He hadn't missed completely. Rhine let out a soft grunt at the impact, now whirling and proceeding to charge the pale colt, forelegs thrashing and teeth bared. However, he was ever careful.


The colt’s ears pinned as the blood bay danced away, managing to land only a foreleg against the stag’s chest. Turning sharply he watched as the stag came at him teeth bared and forelegs thrashing. For a moment the golden youngster recognized the difference in sizes, and quickly decided to utilize something his mother had shown him. It might be messy and it might leave him sore, but if it worked- it would knock the wind out of his opponent. Fearlessly, the buck charged forward, straight at the larger stag, lowering his head at the last second, and ducking his head in between Rhinestone’s forelegs, aiming for a rather ungraceful headbutt to the stag’s lower chest. Pharaoh felt the scrape of hooves against his back, and his ears rang from the harsh contact. Baring his own teeth the scrappy, stubborn son of Felina disentangled himself from beneath his opponent, his rump facing the stag, he bucked out his hind hooves, already feeling himself losing to the much stronger stag.

A bit of Raoh was surprised at how strong Rhinestone actually was- he was always all smiles and butterflies around the perolino doe who had brought their paths together, and although the stag was tall, the black maned halfblood didn’t put together how good of an opponent the stag actually was. Another piece of him refused to give into any battle- even if he knew he was losing. That didn’t matter to the colt, this was how one learned. A well practiced fighter like Rhi was going to have the upperhand either way. His own chest heaved with exertion- he wasn’t used to having to fight so hard, and a piece of him loved the thrill of the battle and contact. His mother hadn’t lied when she’d told him there was a certain energy to a battle you didn’t know which way it would go.


Pharoah returned the charge and Rhine mentally faltered, afraid of hurting the colt, but did not allow his large body to stop. Pharaoh would be furious if he went easy on him. The golden colt's tactic, however, caught him rather off guard. The colt headbutted him directly in the chest, knocking the air out of his lungs. The red stag's hooves clipped the youngster's back, much to his dismay. Was he okay? Had he hurt him? It seemed that he hadn't- Raoh was still going strong. The golden colt lashed out, back hooves connecting with his chest and knocking out any breath he had regained.

The red stag had no choice but to falll back, staggering and catching breath. "Damn!" He exclaimed breathlessly before turning and facing Pharoah again. The kid certainly packed a lot of strength!! He had to admit that he was definitely impressed. Rhine circled around again, prepared to attack once more or vice versa. Pharaoh definitely held a lot of fighting potential in his young body. The red stag lowered his head and awaited an attack.


The blood bay stag circled him, preparing for their next round. The young buck’s ears pinned as grayish eyes watched the much larger fawnling, circling, though his exertion had begun to show with sweat on his flanks, by the heaving in his chest. Pharaoh would not give up, not yet. Taking a deep breath, this time, the golden youngster prepared himself to make the first move. Pushing off, charging boldly forward, teeth bared, lashing out with his forehooves- mimicking the movements he had just witnessed Rhinestone do. What did he have to lose? It was a sparring fight- he was here to learn.

In the back of his mind, a picture formed. A certain black and white speckled stag he’d once called father. A stag who had torn his world apart, who had hurt his mother. A general now- and a lacking father as far as Raoh was concerned. He would prove Ruibh wrong. Ellie might love their once father, but Raoh would never forget the things that had been said and done- he would push himself harder. Hurting his mother, hurting his family, forcing them away from their home- breaking his mother’s heart. Finding a new energy in the need to prove that darkling wrong, Raoh’s determination steeled, despite the ache in his muscles, the heave in his breathing. Although not quite as tall as his mother, he was solid for his age. Planting his hind hooves, balancing as he lashed out boldly with his forehooves, aiming for the other stag’s shoulders in a flurry of blows- hoping one would land. It had worked for Rhinestone, had it not?

Refusing to give into the exhaustion that the youngster knew nagged him, stubbornly persisting.


The blood bay stag reared high into the air, flinging his head back to protect it from the golden colt's onslaught of blows. He returned the lashes as if they were a gift, though he kept his legs low. Pharaoh was much smaller and he did his best to avoid striking the colt in the face. He could feel his blood beginning to boil- not with anger, but with competitive spirit. His mate's crossbred son was giving him an impressive fight... He was having more of a struggle than he had expected to. He marched the big colt blow for blow, both of them fighting a bit more aggressively than they likely should.

Then Pharaoh changed his tactic around, now lunging and lashing out at his shoulders. Rhine leapt away, avoiding the blows that had not ceased to rain down upon him. "Alright, alright!" He said as he danced out of Pharaoh's reach. Rhine himself was only slight fatigued, but he could see exhaustion scrawled across his young opponent's face. They needed to stop soon or he'd run himself into the ground. "I believe that's all for right now, I'm growing a bit tired." It was a lie, but the golden colt didn't need to know that.


The colt skidded to a halt, his sides heaving. Looking up at the big blood bay as he took grateful breaths, steadying himself as he watched. “Alright.” Murmured the pale dunskin breathlessly. Although Rhinestone had clearly had no intent in hurting the youngster, Pharaoh was surprised by just how strong he clearly was. Perhaps there was more to the wiry stag than he had thought originally. Smiling faintly, the greyish brown eyes glanced away. “I need to get stronger..” He mused, looking up at the sky. There was much for him to do. Pharaoh wouldn’t be welcome as a soldier in this herd- Ruibh had made that clear. He was a halfling. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t find a purpose in living. Felina had been forced off the path she wanted to live because of him, had sacrificed for her first born son. He was grateful, many of others would have simply.. well burned him. But instead, he lived.

Lowering his head, the youngster nodded. “Thank you.” Swishing his tail slightly, the burly son of Felina watched Rhinestone, listening, waiting. “It’s kind of you to lie for my sake, but you don’t need to.” He murmured, glancing over the sides that weren’t even heaving. Pharaoh was mature for his age, having become observant and ever aware of the risks surrounding his existence.


"You are already strong, Raoh." The red stag said with a soft smile, stepping closer to the big colt now. "You will only grow stronger as well, with time and experience." He gave the burly colt a gentle nudge on the shoulder, in a fatherly way. He really was quite fond of the creamy colt...and he wanted him to like him. Sometimes he worried that Pharaoh disapproved...but really the colt was probably just afraid that happened with Ruibh would repeat itself again. He'd suddenly find his father figure gone from his life and his mother heartbroken in the process...but Rhine was never going to let that happen.

He let out a soft sigh as Raoh picked up on his little lie. "You're welcome." He said in response to the colt's gratitude, but chose not to say anything about the lie. "I'm sure that your mother has some nice tea brewing by now. Let's head back for a break and return in an hour or two, eh?" With that the red stag turned and began to lead the way back to his home.... Their home.
Maybe you aren't so bad afterall
Featuring Rhinestone… and Pharaoh…
Year 762 of the New Age, Summer
Silverwood, Silverthorne

Where our beloved romeo has to deal with his juliet's son <3 
And we realize they aren't so bad afterall perhaps c; 

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